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Love Island

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by playboy69, Jun 5, 2017.

  1. Rob


    All I found was some straight porn that my eyes can't unsee. Assuming there was more a few weeks ago?
  2. They all seem insufferable as per usual but I'm sure I'll watch and enjoy it. Often it's the people they shove in later on in the series that I end up liking.
  3. It’s basically unverified stories about female influencer-types going to Dubai and being paid vast sums of money to be degraded at parties/extreme sex work. There was a nasty site a while back set up with the sole aim of exposing influencer-types who got involved in this sort of work which, putting aside the extremity/illegal nature of some of the things that they were required to do, just seemed to be an excuse to shame and humiliate the women further. Much of the recent stuff on Twitter appears to be an extension of this shaming/misogyny (this tends to be the lens through which the stories are told) rather than anything constructive/cautionary so I wouldn’t bother seeking it out.
  4. I think the twitter account or at least the tweets have been deleted.
  5. Also just went looking, they’ve been deleted.
  6. The way this is framed as a way to target and harass the women in unsurprising, but what do they think the influencer 'lads' are doing between PT sessions?
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  7. I don’t think I’ve another summer of watching Love Island in me.
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  8. I think I’ll give this year a miss honestly. Last years felt like a chore to watch.
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  9. There girls introduction videos .

    I’m stanning Indiyah and Amber already .
  10. Is Laura still presenting? No offence meant but she doesn't really seem to fit the show quite like Caroline did.
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  11. New format you can now vote on the App who want to be coupled up with on Day 1

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  12. I find it hard to sympathise with someone “struggling to find love” when they’re only 19!

    Anyway, as always, I pretty much despise them all so far but I’m sure I’ll have my favourites in a few weeks. It’s always more interesting once a few get chucked out and some newbies enter.
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  13. Gemma is coming across awfully and twitter wants her gone and I love it.
  14. Yeah Gemma came across terrible, she’s the only one I disliked. The rest were either fine or forgettable. I’ll also probably have favourites in a few days.
  15. First episode of Love Island I've ever watched and for reality TV contestants I'm kind of shocked at how dull they all are. One girl walked in and I thought, finally - someone who looks a bit feisty and like she could have a bit of personality. It turned out to be the presenter.
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  16. ADM


    There’s a couple of things at play for sure. For some, it’s age. You notice too they really don’t know what to do when they’re in a ‘set-up’ setting with Laura Whitmore, then there’s them being hyper-aware of the situation and how this is their audition to be the next Molly-Mae or whoever.
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  17. Is it not way too soon to be bringing in 2 new girls to ‘shake things up’ when they’ve barely been in couples 48 hours and… who cares at this stage?
  18. Yeah, this. Everyone is way too aware of the show, the shows format, the cameras, etc. so it’s barely reality these days and more like a reenactment of something we’ve seen time and time again.
    Perhaps if they changed the format each series but they rarely do anything different.
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  19. I love how every year the original girls get annoyed at any girl bombshell coming in. But love the guy ones.
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