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Love Island

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by playboy69, Jun 5, 2017.

  1. Liam’s two dates made me cringe, but the two new girls seem good so far.
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  2. And now we have to watch the ‘new girl enters villa and does morning work out with guy whilst girls watch on and bitch’ trope. I swear this happens every series.

    Why do I watch this rubbish.
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  3. Ekin-Su is going to be an icon we haven't seen since Maura.
  4. I’m enjoying this so far! I’m only catching up but can’t believe Andrew saying Tasha wasn’t in Luca’s top 3? Low key all the boys give me snake energy other than Ikenna and Dami.

    And I actually like Gemma? She’s stunning but also sooo awkward which is a fun mix.

  5. Gemma's eye-rolling and visible frustration when speaking to strength and conditioning guy on the first night cemented her as a favourite for me.

    Ekin-Su is a scream. I love watching her vamp it up.
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  6. Yawn. I'm so tired of this show/format and these people are dull, sorry. Way too self-aware. I can't be bothered watching any more.
  7. This series has actually stared a lot stronger than last series . Not the ex coming in !

    Ekin Su has been the perfect bombshell so far as well .
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  8. Yeah it’s not been MASSIVE dramas but the couple of little bits of tension already seem to have started sooner this year.
  9. I love Dami and his non-sensical mumblings and one facial expression.

    The Twitter hate towards Gemma feels a bit much considering she hasn't actually done or said anything that bad so far. I guess she has a certain queen bee/Regina George vibe that might rub people up the wrong way.
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  10. Ekin-Su a great addition.

    It's probably me being old but 3 of the boys looked absolutely identical to each other so it's slightly helpful one of them has left. I kept getting confused as to what was going on from getting Luca/Liam/Andrew mixed up.
  11. Some of their conversations make me want to die.

    On Fridays episode Tasha said to Andrew “we needed a test for our relationship” on day 5?
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  12. “What’s your type then?”

    “Someone with a tan”

  13. Okay but this is funny?

    I can’t figure Davide out, but I’ve turned right off Luca. He gives me bad energy.
  14. Despite the show kind of centering around Gemma. Apart from maybe on the first two days shes not really done much.

    Like it's almost by accident that she is drama and storyline adjacent than anything she's doing herself. She's a bit boring really.
  15. I kinda live for miss Gemma having zero charisma and being over the whole thing, yet still having the show centre around her. She is absolutely gorgeous though, she's like a mix of Madison Beer and Megan Fox.

    I have high hopes for Jacques, I feel he's going to be new levels of fuckboy.
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  16. Ekin-Su is iconic, the way she effortlessly stirs the pots.
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  17. Ekin Su carrying the series on her back currently, she’s great .
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  18. When they win a party… it’s just the same as every night. What do they get that’s different?
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  19. New islanders usually.
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  20. Ekin Su’s head turning at any new boy entering the villa is so funny (and relatable).
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