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Love Island

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by playboy69, Jun 5, 2017.

  1. Ekin-Su is bombshelling in a way we haven't seen since the mighty Maura. Crying over coffee are levels of petty I aspire to.
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  2. This series is SO MUCH better than the last series probably the best series since Series 5 of Amber/Maura every episode this week has been entertaining.
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  3. Neckin-Su is too much, it’s hilarious! This series is shaping up to be a good one.
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  4. Ekin-Su had me howling last night. Crawling around on the floor, kissing the Scottish guy then demanding Davide make her food.

    On another note, I love how they spend the whole day in the garden in their bikinis and shorts talking to each other. Then they make a big thing of getting all dressed basically go out and sit in the garden again and talk to each other.
  5. upload_2022-6-17_20-22-6.png

    Erm. She has a story?
  6. Davide & Ekin Su are such high camp. Fantastic television.

    Also, for everything people said about Gemma at the beginning, she has shown a lot of maturity with her advice. I low key love the constant changing friendship/enemyship between Ekin Su and Gemma.
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  7. Ekin Su carrying this series with the drama, it really makes me laugh.
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  8. Ekin Su and Gemma aside, everyone else is still pretty dull. I don’t much like the new girl but she seems like someone who will stir up trouble. I’ve no idea why I’m still watching at this point. I feel like they need a guy in there who’s going to mix things up as it’s the boys who are the least interesting. Even the whole Gemma storyline of “he’s my ex” fizzled out very quickly.
  9. "Getting ready for a big night..." (of sitting in the garden and talking).
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  10. Ekin vs Amber tonight I’m ready !

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  11. The spit task…..

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  12. Fully here for Dami and Indiya.
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  13. Same there spark is so clear compared to who they are currently coupled with .
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  14. The public really like Gemma Island then.

    Also asking for drama and then not voting for Ekin-Su.
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  15. Ekin Su isn’t going I reckon she’s probably top out of the bottom 3 girls and scrapped the bottom 3 . I see Amber going out of the girls .

    Out of the boys I’m leaning towards it being Ikenna going .
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  16. I think this is also the right way to go with things, if a bit shitty for Amber.
  17. They'd better keep Ekin-Su!
    Ikenna definitely needs to go, I don't think he was really suited for Love Island.

    I like the idea of Dami and Indiyah together.
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  18. Amber just seems slightly too cocky for her own good. She should go.
  19. Ekin Su in the bottom 3 is giving me flashbacks to Big Brother when the public would vote out the best/most popular characters.
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