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Love Island

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by playboy69, Jun 5, 2017.

  1. If I’m honest it won’t happen but Tasha and Andrew both going I wouldn’t mind as both are quite dull and I don’t think the show would change much if they did leave.
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  2. I can see Tasha's head turning at some point, there's no way they're making it past Casa Amor in my opinion.
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  3. DAS


    I think you need a couple like them for casa amor to work to be honest. You need to have some “strong”/“longer term”/“serious” couples before going in.

    Why would you keep ikenna or Amber who are now moreorless single now? their partners are headed towards coupling up with each other and they don’t really have any other interests?
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  4. I think Jay will be out for the boys.

    Is it normal for them to do it just on the public. I thought the public vote was to get the bottom 3 then the islanders would pick. I guess it is a way to protect Ekin-Su.
  5. Yeah that's how they used to do it, they always got the islanders to decide, IIRC. My cynical side thought that maybe they were happy with who were the bottom two this time so they didn't need to manipulate who went.

  6. They are really going out with these names this year.
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  7. Aren't they just.
  8. New girl just makes me think of Kinga.
  9. Hide the bottles!
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  10. Great to see Tori Kelly making coin.
  11. Ekin-Su really does deserve all the deals, promos and collabs after the ground work she has done for this series, not monotone Gemma.
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  12. Ekin-Su is a reality TV revelation.
  13. I think Ekin-Su is probably my favourite ever islander?

    Also Jaques is not into Paige at all, sure he’s not?
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  14. Ekin Su is always serving main character and good for her!
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  15. Ekin Su just gets it. She knows how to make good TV and how to get a bite, she reminds me of Maura in that sense.

    I do feel like she's putting on a complete act and not particularly interested in any of the guys and that makes me love her even more.
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  16. Ekin-Su’s face when she was talking to Jacques, stunning and devious at the same time. Shades of Megan Barton-Hanson.
  17. Also, Ekin got a bit too much heat about the Gemma comment last night. Yes, she shared it but it was brought on by Dani’s foolery and there’s no way Gemma wouldn’t have shared it had it been the other way around. Don’t even get me started on Luca- he lives for drama and is the first of the boys to stir things up.
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  18. Ekin continues to deliver
  19. This episode is classic.

    That Tasha is annoying and way over the top.
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  20. ^ It was a good one! Yeah Tasha is annoying. She's incredibly insecure.

    Ekin-Su should be allowed to win by herself.

    Big red flags from Jacques. I don't like him.
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