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Love Island

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by playboy69, Jun 5, 2017.

  1. I can see why he would find Gemma annoying and why she would find him annoying. I bet they used to have massive rows.
  2. Ekin-Su for the win - she just gets it!
    I find Indiyah and Dami pretty cute, but so many of them are annoying. Tasha wasn’t annoyed that Andrew’s heart rate didn’t increase, she was just annoyed that she didn’t make any of the boys hearts race.
    Paige needs to run - Jacques has so many red flags - calling her pathetic, telling her to eff off, thinking that she owes him anything just because he opened up to her. I think Gemma can be quite entitled and rude but Luca is coming on so strong so I don’t blame her really.
    I’d like to see more of Antigoni and Danica, and Charlie should be next to go. That performance was hella cringe.
  3. Danica being rejected at every corner

  4. This hasn’t yet scaled to the heights of the show’s peak of 2019, but it’s already a far better showing than 2020 and 2021’s seasons.

    That being said, the boys are largely insufferable across the board at present - helmed by Luca and Jacques. As it stands (and I appreciate a lot will change), Indiyah and Dami to win, with Ekin-Sue and Davide claiming second place. The former seem like a genuinely great couple, and are very likeable on top of that, and the latter are some of the best contestants the show’s had in years, with an oddly compelling dynamic.
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  5. Who's going to stick together after Casa Amour though? I don't feel any of the couples are particularly strong this year? Indiyah and Dami perhaps. The rest...?
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  6. I’m really starting to go off Paige her relationship with Jacques is not cute at all he’s a walking red flag and I didn’t like how she came across last night with isolating Danica from the girls chat came across very mean girls even if she didn’t attend to . This clip on twitter going viral she’s getting slated bad .

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  7. I can definitely see Indiyah and Dami staying loyal to each other after Casa Amour . Potentially Gemma and Luca as well but if there’s a guy that is Gemma’s type brought in I do think there’s a chance she could sway . The rest of the couples it’s definitely up in there on whether they would stay loyal or not .
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  8. The fucking music they play for the re-couplings!
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  9. Even Gemma's face is like... What the fuck?
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  10. So dramatic! They've literally known one another for 3 weeks now and they set these things up as if they've been married for 25 years.
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  11. Gemma’s facial expression was giving “I know you’ve just caught us talking about you but if I don’t look at you, you can’t call me out on it”. That scene was uncomfortable viewing.
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  12. Was Ekin and Davide’s date the best one in years?!? I think so!!!
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  13. I feel like it’s fairly obvious Charlie and Danika will be gone tonight.
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  14. Poor Danica really deserved better. I can't believe we're probably going to lose her and still have the likes of Tasha in there.
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  15. I think most will stick together actually. I could see Tasha going for someone else.
    I can see Jacques getting it on with other girls but coming back to Paige. He knows they do well in the public vote.
  16. I think this is the way it will go unfortunately but I’m really hoping Danica stays , poor girl hasn’t had a proper chance yet at all .
  17. It's like X-Factor/BGT sob story music. Possibly even worse than that. Surely they can find a style of song that suits the mood better. Although it does make the whole thing seem a bit camp.
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  18. Paige’s nice girl act is fully slipping at this point because what’s her issue with Danica.
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  19. She's had it in for her since she spun in on that clam shell.
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  20. She has more of an issue with Danica’s general presence than she does with her man calling her pathetic, it’s… sus.
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