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Love Island

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by playboy69, Jun 5, 2017.

  1. Ekin was the stand out star all series so I'm very glad she won.
    Luca was one of the most miserable contestants I've seen.

    I think Tasha and Andrew are the only couple who will last any time. Andrew especially seems smitten.
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  2. So, next year ITV2 will have 2 series of Love Island and Big Brother.

    I just hope they do go ahead with an older cast Love Island and hope they don't ruin Big Brother by filling the house with social media influencers and Tik Tok stars.
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  3. So Ekin-Su and Davide got 63.7% of the vote compared to Luca and Gemma with 14.5%, Dami and Indiyah with 11.8% and Tasha and Andrew with 10.8%. The absolute bulldozing of the competition.
  4. I’ve got to say, my favourite thing out of all of this is the pure love and admiration Ekin-Su will feel.

    Coming out to 1.8 million insta followers? Tick.
    Destroying the other three couples in the public vote? Tick.
    Everyone loving her for being her and making this series? Tick.

    Her future will be huge out of this. She’ll eclipse everyone else that has ever been on Love Island, even Molly Mae.
  5. Here for Ekin and Davide being this generations Katie and Peter. Give me a Disney ballad cover staT!
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  6. I can see them getting some ITV2 travel/cooking series where they go around Italy in a Volkswagon van.
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  7. I cant stop watching this clip ha

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  8. The reunion was a snooze.

    Why it was filmed mid-week and not long after they were back surprised me.

    Let them see some of the things said about them so we can have a bit of drama.
  9. The reunion yet again for another year was so boring , why do UK shows especially ITV always struggle to produce good reunions ? It’s annoying cause this cast as well was very entertaining and don’t shy away from drama at all , it could have been a great reunion if produced properly.

    Laura is also very dry as a host she honestly needs to be replaced !
  10. I didn't see the reunion but I agree that Laura doesn't have much of a spark as a presenter for this show.
  11. Is anyone here aware of Murad Merali and how he relates to Love Island? I’ve been completely shook by the news today.
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  12. I saw he was trending on Twitter but wasn’t sure what the news was? I think he was the co-host on the reunion show.
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  13. ADM


    He’s just made a name for himself by reacting to the happenings in the villa and ended up interviewing some of the islanders for his podcast (I think?)

    I was only saying today how odd it is that people’s claim to fame is ‘someone who talks about love island’, there are plenty more.
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  14. Does that make us famous?
  15. ADM


    If we tweeted enough and made enough TikTok's, why not. It's worked for some.
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  16. He’s just a general pop culture YouTuber but he gets most of his traffic from his Love Island videos. He isn’t affiliated with ITV.

    Why do I feel like someone from ITV exposed him though… I’m half joking but…
  17. Just finished the season in the US. I fucking love Ekin. Coming from the worst winners ever last season to this?! We won
  18. No surprises here really:

    Sadly Laura Whitmore has chosen to leave Love Island.

    Laura has been a fantastic host across the last three series' of the show.

    We’re so grateful for everything she has brought to the programme but understand and respect her decision, and we look forward to working with her on upcoming ITV projects.
  19. I like Laura but she genuinely seemed disinterested all season and the finale didn’t really go her way either.
    Can’t say who’d be a good replacement though… maybe Maya Jama?
  20. Get Ekin-Su to host!!!
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