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Love, Simon + Love, Victor

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by MB, Feb 20, 2018.

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    I prefer Rahim but the 'imagine your life with that other person with your eyes closed' scene definitely made me feel Benji just makes a lot more sense at this point. Rahim definitely showed up late (though I think they did it in a nice way where you could sorta predict there might end up happening something with him and Victor but it not being forced) although I only realized at the end of the gaybar episode that they dedicated an entire episode with no breaks to the two of them.
  2. I have watched season 2 three times over, just to confirm this for you of course and no it didn’t happen.
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  3. It did not. It came from an interview with the creator saying you could ‘ask Anthony Turpel if Michael was a good kisser’, so everyone assume Victor and Felix would kiss on the show.....which they did when and why did Anthony and Michael......hmm.
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  4. Ok, so... I was able to (finally!) finish the season last night and I now can't wait for season 3.

    Thank god the show moved to Hulu. Even though I loved the charming naiveté of the first season, the show gained a lot by not having the Disney restrictions this time. I also felt that the cast took advantage of that and shined even stronger this season. Michael Cimino plays Victor so well in my opinion... It's a performance that is both subtle and captivating (also, with George Sear, both handled the intimacy between Victor and Benji so naturally). Ana Ortiz was amazing throughout the entire season. Watching her character's arc was so upsetting at times, but also so rewarding in the end (also, kudos to the writers for subverting expectations by spinning the "unaccepting father" trope and making Armando a character I actually loved this season). The storyline between Felix and his mom was also a very emotional standout and the actors certainly delivered! I also fell in love with Lake (and Bebe Wood) this season... She nailed both her comedic and more emotional moments. The rest of the cast were all great but in less exciting storylines. I really missed Pilar this season... the whole love storyline with Felix felt underdeveloped and bland to me.

    Finally, I have to say that I actually got a bit teary-eyed during that final (?!) Victor-Simon interaction. I actually see A LOT of my younger self in Victor, so I guess seeing him being able to move forward with a strength and confidence in himself that I certainly didn't have at that age (and still struggle to have nowadays) hit me in a kind of bittersweet way
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    Also: there were some excellent one-liners (the one when Mia arrived at the cabin, Lake's Gonzo one, basically anything Lake said), and while initially I thought 'oh 2 people are conveniently gay or bi now?' in the finale one of them was actually set up pretty well in hindsight with the whole 'I'm with a great guy, why am I not feeling... more?'-thing without me seeing it coming?
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  7. Love, Victor - BTS Featurette

    ** Be Careful, contain Spoilers **
  8. Really enjoyed this second series - only gripe of sorts was Rahim - the character was just irritating, though perhaps that's the intent? Either way, I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes next.
  9. OMG, I CANNOT believe Miss Honey played Benji's mom and didn't notice it before! I'm already on my FOURTH watch because I just can't get enough of this superb season.
  10. "Are you sure you're gay?" "I..." "I wash my hands of this." "Ugh."

    Pilar is a savage but such a supportive sister and friend.
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    So Disney+/Star has only uploaded one episode today. Is it going to be one a week? I've literally told anyone and everyone to watch this but I don't feel like you'd enjoy it as much watching it 20minutes a week!
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  12. It is, unfortunately. I’m not entirely sure why.

    Don’t forget to stream it legally UK (and wider?) cigs - we want a season 3!
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  13. I don't understand why they'd do that, tbh. Especially because they dropped it on Hulu all at once. It's basically like encouraging dedicated fans to track down the rest of the season in not quite legal ways.
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  14. I really don't mind the weekly drop of episodes on Disney + at all - in fact I actually really like it, however this is the exception. The content is already available in one go in another territory so waiting to watch one episode a week does feel like dragging it out. I'd be absolutely fine with it if we were all consuming it one episode a week though.
  15. Making Lake, bi-curious, bisexual or even pan is actually an interesting move. But she really did love Felix though. Her heart was in the right place but like I said before, she's so high maintenance. Wonder which parent she got that from...

    I prefer Felix with Pilar by a mile.
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  16. Benji is such a passive agressive dick. I like Rahim, but right now he's not the best fit for Victor since the whole thing feels a bit forced. I still prefer them as the true couple of the show, only when Benji's not being a total ass. It's so frustrating.
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    Is she really though? I don't remember one scene in season 2 where she was making unreasonable demands or anything like that?
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  18. You misunderstood me. She just comes off a little too strong at times. She means well but she doesn't know her limits when it comes to interfering or imposing herself. IMHO.
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  19. Season 2 was fantastic! The shift in tone is so noticeable. All the characters are likeable, and it’s genuinely funny.

    I would die for Rahim. He injected such life into Victor’s scenes.
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