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Love, Simon + Love, Victor

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by MB, Feb 20, 2018.

  1. "Okay." "Okay, this is the content I signed up for."

    "Can you start an OnlyFans where it's just you complimenting me?"

    "Maybe in an ASMR whisper voice?"

    I swear, whoever these writers are this season, they actually know how real teenagers talk nowadays and they are absolutely DELIVERING and deserve a raise.
  2. I also absolutely adore Sophia Bush her unfortunate small role in the previous season and this one. She's a delight not only because she's beaming because she's playing pregnant.

    She's grown SO much as an actress since her One Tree Hill days.

    I hope when the show gets renewed for a season 3, 4 and 5 max; that Veronica gets more screen time especially having a mixed child, since I'm one myself. And always love seeing our specific representation on television.
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  3. This season is giving me exactly what I expected from season one. Latino lgbtqi+ guy dealing with his family's misguided views, having an authentic relationship with a guy, contending with being "out" in society. Its exactly what the season 1 trailers promised us, just a season late.
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  4. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I went from watching this second season to the High School Musical series second one and boy does that only highlight how wellwritten this one is. (And I actually quite enjoyed that other show but Love Victor seemingly effortlesly turned into a show where I'm invested in everyone, all characters are likeable, lines are genuinely funny... I'd probably even enjoy this without Victor's story in it)
  5. Episode 1 of Season 2 finally dropped on Disney+ here in the UK and I loved it! I’m really happy this show is back. Not a fan of having to wait a week for each episode, but at least I can savour the show more that way.
  6. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    I just finished watching, and the biggest thing that stood out to me was how Pilar was given absolutely nothing to do. I know a lot of you weren't fans from Season 1, but I felt for her character and I feel like she had her redemption moment in the finale where she finally revealed how upset she was by the move/her parents' separation/Victor's popularity etc. And then... her only reason for existing in Season 2 was to develop a crush on Felix.

    I also feel like Lucy/Lake's relationship needed to be fleshed out way more than just in the finale. I don't think they spoke to each other once, why not have them share a few moments throughout the season to realistically set up a storyline between them for Season 3?

    @Jeffo basically hit the nail on the head, the season could've really benefitted from extending the length of the episodes or having a few more instead of trying to cram so much (or nothing at all in Pilar's case) into ten half-hour episodes.

    But overall, I genuinely enjoyed it as I did with Season 1, and I'm glad they were able to tackle heavier topics with this season - Felix's turbulent relationship with his mother in particular was the standout storyline for me, and Isabel's journey toward fully accepting Victor was handled excellently.
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  7. The cast is one of the show's biggest assets in my opinion... such a likable bunch!

  8. MB


    I agree and they all seem to get on really well. I saw quite a few IG posts over the months where they were filming, having to limit contact with other people really grew the bond stronger it seems.
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  9. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Yeah, even outside the show I'm obsessed with almost all of them.
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  10. I'm offically on my FIFTH watch and it still holds my full interest. Because I keep noticing little details, whether it are quips that you need to pay attention to or serious conversations between all of the characters that you didn't catch the first time.

    This show makes me so happy and that it just exists. It's important for all generations. I'm almost 32 and wish a show like this aired when I was 16 and came out.
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  11. Btw, this is very personal to share but just like Felix's mother, I'm also bipolar,. Manic depression as they call it on the show. Which is the same thing either way.

    It's actually been very confronting to watch her storyline this season because I've been exactly in her shoes. And by that I mean as soon as the meds work I stop taking them because I also feel "better" and think I don't need them anymore and like she mentioned, you can have side effects and we all know how people react and stare when they're not informed about your condition.

    So this storyline is absolutely beautiful and very touching.

    I truly hope she stays stable this time just as I am at the moment.
  12. I mean….


    So beautiful.
  13. Have you seen the Norwegian show Skam? A lot of the themes on Love, Victor remind me of Skam.
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  14. Of course I have and really enjoyed it, although it was a very serious subject matter dealing with Even's diagnosis. I loved how pure his relationship with Isaak was. It was a great show and the best one out of all the different versions.
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  15. One a lighter note; I know Leslie Grossman has been typecast her entire life but I'm loving her on this show. When she says

    "Oh, please." "As soon as I come home, I take of my bra and let the girls swing raw."

    "'Cause stars, they're just like us."

    GOLD just golden lines. She never changes one bit and I love her for it.
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  16. Yes, they all seem pretty close. Just the other night Michael Cimino was having dinner with Lukas Gage (who played Benji's boyfriend Derek)

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  17. I’m only three episodes in and, as mentioned, it’s a vast improvement from Season 1. As you all have said, everyone in the cast is so darn likable, and I’m actually invested in all of their storylines.

    Also, I hate how hot I find Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ son.
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  18. Shook @ me completely missing this!!
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  19. I had to look up who this was - can they give him more scenes next season? Preferably in the nude.
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  20. Not the Muslim boy from Iran being called Rahim when nobody in Iran has named their boy Rahim in the last 30-40 years nn. And the fact that the Arab boy in Sex Education was also called Rahim is another kii.

    I'm honestly a bit annoyed about how Middle Eastern families are usually shown in western shows and how little research has been done before portraying them, but I'll save the rant for later.
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