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Love, Simon + Love, Victor

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by MB, Feb 20, 2018.

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  2. Mvnl

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    They couldn't just let Heartstopper have its moment today, huh?
    (Still looking forward to this)
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  3. Sad to see this ending.

    Love the new poster!
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  4. Still annoyed that they’re ending the show just at the point it’s finding it’s groove. The new seasons looks so good but I worry they’ll rush through a lot of the stories to get to a nice tidy finish for everyone.
  5. Wtf is this new guy?! Surely not a THIRD love interest
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  6. I remember reading online that he's
    someone Victor's mom tries to set him up with or something like that
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  7. That's what appears to happen in the trailer.
  8. I really dislike Benji.
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  9. Why did nobody alert me to this thread. I’m outraged.

    Can’t wait.
  10. I really hope that they drop all of the episodes together in the UK on June 15th too as we have had to wait the past two seasons. I'm ready!
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  11. Mvnl

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    Yeah even in that trailer he doesn't look.. likeable? I know not everyone can be Nick Nelson but I find it really hard to root for him (and him with Victor)
  12. Cute little interview with Michael Cimino. The 3rd and final season is out on Wednesday

  13. I saw a hint at a major plot line this season, could be very interesting if true !
  14. Ohhh, I didn’t know there was a spin-off tv series.

    The book has been gathering dust on my shelf for a while, so could be time to get reading, re-watch the movie and then start the series.
  15. What was it??
  16. I'm just not excited for this.
    I've probably said it about 50 times in this thread, but the main coupling should've been Victor and Felix.
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    Just watched the first episode (UK viewers it’s all on Disney+) no shock who was behind the door! I’m going to be so sad when this show is over I’m going to have to drag out these 8 eps.
    On a side - really enjoying Rahim’s Mum.
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  18. Behold the ouvre of Artemis Pebdani.

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  19. Well…

    I can’t say I wasn’t pretty disappointed with the final season.

    It certainly felt like they were shortchanged by not at least having a 10 episode season. I almost got whiplash from how quickly they had to tie everything up, it felt so forced and transparent that they’d had to rush write an ending.

    I also hate that Pilar and Felix didn’t end up together, or at least have a hint of starting things back up again in the future. If we’re going for the ultimately fluffy ending it definitely soured me that their romance was cut short by something quite trivial in the grand scheme of things. Even Victor’s new love interest was given resolution with the closeted kid from school.

    I definitely think, had they given it the 10 episodes and given enough time to wrap up, they could’ve been given a bit more room to breathe and perhaps had a two part season finale so it didn’t feel like they wrapped everything up so rapidly it felt unrealistic.
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