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Love, Simon + Love, Victor

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by MB, Feb 20, 2018.

  1. It had been so long that I forgot why I disliked this show so much. Benji is just the worst and Victor continues to be annoying. I was surprised by how quickly they dropped the "romance" with Rahim (now THAT is a charismatic actor). Still have some episodes left but yeah good riddance.
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  2. He


    Sadly, this show was never good. It had glimpses, but the casting and writing didn’t come together for more than a few scenes.
  3. Well, I may be in the minority here, but I love the show and I’m sad to see it end.
  4. What a godawful mess.
  5. My god, who the fuck wrote the script to this? I don't think there's been a single well-written dialogue in this new season, it's so cringeworthy and full of empty pop culture references that will age like milk. And I don't even think the cast is particularly bad? It feels more like the material they were given was so lackluster that you just can't do much with it. Like how are you supposed to portray characters whose dynamics radically shift over the course of a single conversation?

    One thing that the show really got going for it is that it's still wholesome and feel-good. There are parts of it that feel preachy at times, but it's still wonderful that it manages to be pedagogical about the matters it portrays, regardless of how slumpy it all is. We deserve bad TV drama full of eye candy too!
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  6. There were already too many couplings with story arcs to resolve…. Then they introduce even more characters. It felt like they were cramming 3 seasons worth of potential storylines into eight episodes.
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    Yeah, they didn't need to add in new characters and couple everyone off. Especially as it was the final series.

    I enjoyed being back in that world, but I could see it had run its course. There's only so much they can rehash the on and off relationship with Benji.

    That said, I enjoyed the ending, despite it being so damn obvious thats what would happen.
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  8. I hate Benji and his whole lame broody privileged self, and want 3 more seasons of Rahim.

    That is all.
  9. They vaguely tried to make Benji more likeable in this final season I guess…?

    It’s pretty terrible that we’ve got 2-3 episodes max of Victor and Benji in a happy relationship across the season. It’s not even believable that they would stay together at the end?
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    Yeah, everything was on fast forward. Benjis drinking too, was good to get some back story, but I still found it hard to believe, did we ever see him drunk? Just felt like they needed an issue but weren't fully in on showing the consequences of alcoholism.
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  11. And instead we got Victor in a new romance and trying to help a closeted teen with pretty much no resolution to the storyline. Couldn’t they have given us at least a few episodes this season of Benji and Victor happy and pushed the rehab storyline back, cutting Nick out entirely?
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  12. Just a reminder of the best scene of the entire series:

    I love when Victor starts singing and Rahim goes, "oh OKAY," as if we're meant to believe that Anthony Keyvan's voice didn't just blow Michael Cimino out of the water.
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  13. Phew…

    Random thoughts

    - They finally get rid of Mia and then there’s not another season? Didn‘t care for her since the break-up and the actress sucked out the air of every scene she was in.

    - Justice for Lake: satisfying !

    - Pilar deserved better

    - Benji (and Victor‘s Relationship) has been unbearable ar least from season two on. Only 8 episodes at hand and they give HIM a full backstory-episode?
    So many chances to send him off for good and THIS is the ending they think is the most fitting… idk

    - MVP: Rahim. Awesome actor. Good character. Glad he got someone better as his first boyfriend than Victor.

    - the pace in which the characters got together, broke up, got together with someone else, broke up, rebounded … really didn‘t make for a good rhythm or interesting tv.

    Does anyone know if there are queer people or poc on the writing team or the production of this show?
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  14. It‘s kinda the same range he has as an actor: limited, easy on the ears, inoffensive.
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  15. Sad to see this show end, although I hope this means the end of Ferris wheels as plot points in the media.

    Devastated that this never came to pass.
  16. Fuck buddies and STIs? We're not at Truham Grammar anymore. I enjoyed this for the most part but it did feel like the writers and producers were very much over the whole thing and just wanted it to end.

    The New York episode from season 1 was definitely the show's peak.
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  17. Isn’t Victor still 16 by the end of this (just had a one year friendiversary with Felix).

    It’s a bit of a stretch that he would start having no strings hook ups isn’t? Unless American teenagers are just like this now?
  18. SBK


    Yeah, they fast forwarded through three/four years of character development in a years cannon.
  19. Pffff you guys weren't kidding about the third season. The final episode alone contained more plot and side characters than the entire movie, and exactly everything ended up predictably.

    I'll admit I binged it over two nights, but mostly out of loyalty to the characters. A shame it ended on such a bum note when the acting is good across the board and the setting they've created is cozy and nice to get lost in. It's a bit easy to take for granted, but having this kind of show with a gay lead would have meant so much to me as a teenager.

    Also Benji is insufferable.
  20. I think people are being harsh on Benji. I do think George is a bit of a wooden actor in this though.
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