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Love, Simon

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by baxterclan, Feb 20, 2018.

  1. Saw this last night at a preview screening. It's out April 6th.
    I'd not read the book so went with no expectations but really enjoyed it. I mean it's a bit soppy but great. I cried a couple of times and found a lot of it relatable. I left wanting to get my folks and brother to watch the film to give them a better understanding of what I went through many years ago. It's great to see a mainstream film being centred around a gay character/love story. I just hope the film does well when it comes out.
  2. Ooh! I remember watching the trailer for this in the Films About Boys Who Love Boys thread, it looks so good! Glad you enjoyed.
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  3. The book is really cute, I can't wait to watch this movie.
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  4. It really is a great movie. It's very teen rom/com but that's what it's meant to be. My mate said 'that's basically what you want your love life to be but it never will be'. Harsh but true.
  5. I’m reading this book at the moment and it is incredibly poorly written. However, the story is cute and I think it will work much better as a movie.
  6. This looks way too twee and intentionally quirky for me.
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  7. I thought that initially but it’s really rather good.
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  8. I’m looking forward to seeing this.
  9. I am so looking forward to this movie, but also not looking forward to my emotional state afterwards.
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  10. After reading Call Me By Your Name and then seeing the movie, I think I need to see this first and then read it
  11. Wow I can't believe it looks like we're finally getting a mainstream American teen coming of age movie about a gay boy? Can this really be happening? And it looks like it's actually well-made?
  12. Exactly this. Long overdue and it’s done well and not filmed on an iPhone!
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  13. I am completely here for this, and for that Walk The Moon song to become another hit for them.
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  14. I can't wait for this! The trailers look so good. I read the book a few years ago and I really enjoyed it but I love YA fiction so it was very much my type of thing.

    I've always loved teen films and series and have always wanted something where the protagonist is a loveable/awkward/funny gay teenage boy, so I also can't quite believe we're finally getting it!
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  15. He doesn't look that funny or awkward though, he looks un-that, very "neutral" so to speak.
  16. I'm wondering whether or not this will be too rom-com for me, but I could happily watch Nick Robinson in anything. Trailer looks great tho.
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  17. I'm excited to see this film, but I'm not bothered about seeing it at a cinema which makes me worry about how successful this will be. It's a bit made-for-Netflix-y to me. I hope it does well though.
  18. That's just the vibe I got from the trailers.

    There's the scene for, example, where he tries to talk to the boy and tells him he likes his boots, then gets in his car and bangs his head on the steering wheel.

    Of course in real life no boy that good looking would be awkward, but that's Hollywood casting for you.
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  19. I’m so excited to see this movie. A proper glossy Hollywood romantic comedy.....but with cute gay boys! Sick of the only gay movies being so damn serious or overly camp messes.

    I’m in! (Plus Simon is hot!)
  20. This looks good. Nice to have a mainstream gay realiatic coming of age story, rather than the over the top camp / "omg but bum sex... eeek" stereotypes.
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