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Love This (Stock & Aitken) Reissues on iTunes

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Sep 26, 2012.

  1. Thought this may be of interest to some. The first batch of reissues on Mike Stock and Matt Aitken's Love This 90s label are now up on iTunes and include unreleased mixes. I have a few of these on CD single but on the Deuce one for example there are additional mixes which I didn't have. They are also going to be releasing a couple of compilation albums which will include "un-released and unheard songs and mixes". Here are the first batch which went up last week:

    Jayne Collins - No Turning Back
    Deuce - No Surrender
    DJ Scott featuring Lorna B - Sweet Dreams
    DJ Scott featuring Lorna B - Do You Wanna Party
    2 In A Tent - When I'm Cleaning Windows
    Club Risque - Beethoven Was Black
    The Broxi - Glasgow Rangers (Nine in a Row)
    Jan Monroe - Anyone Who Had A Heart
    Mobius Loop ft Julie Zee - Sleeping in My Car
    Newton - Sky High
    The Mike Flowers Pops - Don't Cry for Me Argentina
    Sally Anne Marsh - Windmills of Your Mind
    Sin-D - Saturday Night
    Tatjana - Santa Maria
    Tracy Shaw - Ridin' High
    Tracy Shaw - Happenin' All Over Again
    Serena - Ridin' High
  2. Well the other two in SAW clearly went up in the world after splitting with Pete Waterman....ahem.
  3. Quite a lot of rubbish here, but still very collectable... some of the CD singles of these sell well 2nd hand. I still haven't ever seen a copy of Sindy (it wasn't originally called Sin-D, right?). Some of them are 1p online though, so that's got to be better value for money than a 99p 1 track download, surely?
  4. Tatjana's 'Santa Maria' was a proper choon though. If only they'd done more of that and less of the cheesy covers and novelty songs. It just shows that Pete, for all his bullshitting, had a better idea of what makes good pop then Stock or Aitken who obviously just went for the really naff end of the market.
  5. For my sins I bought the Sindy single at the time (she is on iTunes as Sin-D as anfunny said). I have got a soft spot for a lot of these records for nostalgic reasons as the likes of Santa Maria, Sky High, Do You Wanna Party, Sleeping In My Car were the soundtrack to my early clubbing days.

    More excitingly it says there are more unreleased tracks to come, hopefully including Heidi Range's Change Your Wicked Ways and some unreleased Nicki French, Suzette Charles and [email protected] songs.
  6. The only song there I have heard of (and bought at the time) is "No Surrender" Deuce.

    Little interest in hearing the others by the looks of that list!
  7. Tatjana recorded with Marc Almond. I wonder if those recordings will get to see the light of day?
  8. Where does the Fast Food Rockers fit into this timeline? Separate deal?
  9. Isn't Sally Anne Marsh a Coronation Street actress?

    I share the love for Santa Maria - my first gay anthem!
  10. Sally Anne Marsh was 1/3 of Faith, Hope & Charity, the girl band Tom Watkins put together Pre-Deuce/East 17. She is also the voice on Xpansion's 'Elevation (Move Your Body)' (classic!) and she was the female vocalist in Ariel, a One Dove/Saint Etienne-ish indie dance band with Tom from The Chemical Brothers. She has two solo singles on Love This in between all this, both withdrawn before release in the UK, but issued in Australia on Central Records.
  11. Tracy Shaw was Maxine in Coronation Street. I love her version of Happenin' All Over Again (even though I know it's shit).

    Never knew Sally Anne Marsh was in Faith, Hope & Charity. I hope they release her cover of In The Summertime.

    Tatjana's Santa Maria deserved to be massive. All my friends and I loved it back in the summer of 95 (that makes me feel old!) and I vaguely remember it was on course to be a big hit but there were allegations it was being bought into the charts and was disqualified, only to be re-released a year later and getting to the lofty heights of number 40.
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  12. I LOVED Ariel's 'Let it slide', I never knew it was anything to do with Tom Chemical Brother. Anyone remember a group called Ultracynic around the same time who were, I'm sure a PWL side label act. Very piano house but mellow.
  13. Ultracynic did Nothing Is Forever didn't they? Love that song but don't know any more about them or if there was any PWL involvement.
  14. Yeah, 'Nothing is forever' is the track. The CD single has (c) 1992 PWL international although it's on 380 records ltd. It was one of those songs I used to hear played loads in the clubs but never got a sniff in the charts.
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  15. Ultracynic was related to Barry (Jewels &) Stone, no?
  16. Did Deuce do anything else with Love This? They were still together promoting in Australia about a year after that No Surrender was released, so they must have recorded something during that time.
  17. No, they were promoting the Australian release of 'On The Loose!', which had 'No Surrender' added to it, and was released a year later on Central Records down under. The only other track recorded was 'Rock The Disco', which of course leaked (with only two members singing on it). There were other tracks which were ear marked for Deuce, but not recorded by them in the end. A cassette called 'Songs For Deuce' featured in an old Pop Justice article many years ago, which featured the following tracklisting;

    1. 'Don't Push Me'
    2. 'Changing My Mind'
    3. 'Knock The Disco' (obviously since surfaced as 'Rock The Disco')
    4. 'Trouble'
    5. 'Free In My Love'
    6. 'Heavens Above'
    7. 'By Your Side'
    8. 'I Ain't Sorry'
    9. 'When You Love Somebody'
    10. 'Don't Leave Me Now'
    11. 'My Word'
    12. 'I've Got It'
  18. it does seem odd though that they stuck together so long after releasing No Surrender yet didn't record anything during all that time. Unless Love This dropped them immediately after and it was only the Australian label interest that kept them together
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