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Lovecraft Country (prod. by Jordan Peele)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Lately, Jul 24, 2020.

  1. Premieres August.
  2. Oh Yes
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  3. Wow this looks amazing!
  4. Been excited about this one for a long time. That trailer is fantastic. I hope it lives up to my hype.
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  5. This has been my most anticipated series all year. The trailers have all been incredible and only built up the hype 10-fold.
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  6. This looks amazing!
  7. Premiered tonight. Loads of great reviews!
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  8. That was absolutely incredible. I loved every minute of it; it was giving me True Blood teas a little bit? But like, in a good way. I feel like this show will take itself way more seriously than True Blood though. I NEED this to be the next big flagship HBO series.
  9. Excited to watch episode 1!
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  10. This was, easily, one of the best episodes of television I’ve seen all year, in recent memory, perhaps ever even. Every single thing about it was absolute perfection.

    Couldn’t be more excited for what’s to come.
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  11. I can't wait to get stoned and watch this as soon as I finish work. I got a Crave/HBO subscription just so I could watch this and binge Perry Mason and season 4 of Insecure.
  12. A significant chunk of the season was filmed down the street from me, including a large pyrotechnics scene from later in the season? I'm watching it later!
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  13. This is right up my street but I’m gonna wait till all of it is done and then binge.
  14. I was surprised to see that it's available on Sky here in the UK even though it's an HBO Max show. Watched the first episode and this is Grade A television content.
  15. It’s actually right up @drewsky’s street
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  16. Also, I know this isn't relevant but hot is Atticus?? Ddddd
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  17. I can’t wait for this, I’m unsure whether to wait and binge or episode a week,
  18. Loved the first episode. So well done. The car chase was so good and the stuff that went down at the end. Atticus running around the entire episode in the tightest white t-shirt ever or just shirtless.....The producers were literally

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  19. It was a bit slow to start as is the case with most HBO shows, but once they got on the road it really picked up and the scenes in the woods? Whew
  20. Anyone know how they are going to release this? One episode a week? I heard that the rest of the episodes are very different from each other and kinda AHS-esque? Makes me a little worried but still look forward to what they have in store.
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