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Lovecraft Country (prod. by Jordan Peele)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Lately, Jul 24, 2020.

  1. Same. It did feel like we were being hit with a whole load of stuff at once; I don't imagine we'll be moving at the same pace for 10 episodes though.
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  2. jtm


    Hmm.. I always find magic works best in small doses in something somewhat grounded in reality and this was a bit much and so the tone went from intriguing / menacing in the pilot to outright camp. The scene with Whitey‘s on the Moon felt like it was filmed and finished but then they thought it was too cheesy so they added the song on top to make it extra weird.

    It wasn‘t bad or anything, but it was a bit too much too soon.
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  3. This show is insanely good. The acting is so compelling, I feel so invested in the characters and have been thinking about the last episode all week.

    The scenes of racism being more scary than the horror scenes is really so much more sophisticated than I've come to expect from tv shows dealing with race... it feels like both episodes are (my dream) mix of sci-fi historical drama while pushing back against Lovecraft's racism elevates this all into some new territory.

    However I can't get over Sky Go titling the episode as "Whitney's on the moon" (instead of Whiteys on the moon) managed to confuse me right to the end. I kept thinking "where and who is Whitney?"
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  4. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    I’m enjoying this so far but have to agree that episode two was a bit campier than I would’ve liked. I’m interested in seeing how they handle each episode and if it’ll be a different tone, etc.
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  5. I wish I liked this more but the pacing is way too erratic for me to get invested in it. I don't feel like I have any idea what is going on or where this is headed.
  6. I will keep watching but I will need it to settle into a rhythm instead of taking these wild twists and turns. As for the campiness, I read a review that compared the climactic scene to something out of The Vampire Diaries and honestly, I kinda see it.
  7. Finishing episode two like

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  8. Episode 3 was just boring.
  9. I caught up on E2 on Saturday and the entire thing was a huge WTF, but then I looked into the book and it's separated out into 8 interwoven stories. Episodes 1-2 were the first story, and so far Episode 3 is the first part of the 2nd story
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  10. I wanted to love this show so bad. All the ingredients were there for this to be my favorite thing this year, but it's been a chore to get through these episodes.

    The acting has been fantastic, and the tension surrounding the racist scenes has been outstanding, but then the pacing, the writing, the directing, and the visual effects have been all over the place and it's hard to watch.

    I'm so happy this show has been done, and it's out there, and that people have been enjoying it, but I'm exiting at this station.
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  11. I enjoyed last night's episode a bit more than the previous one but my issues with the show are still there. And I think some of the FX are honestly some of the worst I've seen.
  12. Episode 3 was even better than the last. I'm loving every single thing about this.
  13. The Emmett Till nod in the Ouija board scene was high key the most unsettling part about that episode. Not that the rest wasn’t scary as well, but that brief moment really messed with me even before I realized who he was supposed to be.

    Also the catharsis I felt when Leti took that baseball bat to those cars and then called those spirits to fight the literal white demon who murdered them, whew.
  14. Another WTF episode. Yay!
  15. The way it went full Goonies this week...I love to see it.
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  16. Ep 4 got me howling. Didn’t expect it to go full-on Tintin/Indiana Jones. It must be a conscious decision to make every episode so stylistically different, you truly don’t know what’s coming next. I thought episode 3 was a bit Ryan Murphy-esque.
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  17. Yeah, I enjoy that every episode is not only a self contained story, but an entirely different subgenre of horror/fantasy. Monster movie, cults, haunted house and now treasure hunt. As a fan of Indiana Jones/Nathan Drake, I really appreciated the change of pace and jolt of energy even though I really enjoyed last week's too.
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  18. This has been really good. I do enjoy how they have been switching up the episodes all while keeping the main story going on throughout.
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  19. Jonathan Major's ass deserves an Emmy!
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  20. Episode 5?? That was a good fucking episode

    It's starting to diverge from its source material
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