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  • Normani's album

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  • Covid-Free debut era

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  • TRI.BE 1st Win

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  • IZ*One comeback

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  • VIVIZ's music

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  • Jessica and Taeyeon reunion

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Welp, sorry for semi abandoning this fffff let me post a member spotlight xoxo



Oh Jisoo, what a rollercoaster ride of career that you have ! Jisoo's entry into entertainment industry is probably the funniest, as her first exposure was her Korean's Got Talent appearance where she auditioned with....dog-barking and other animal impression skills ffffffffffffffffff. But you can't deny girlie has that stunning natural beauty since the beginning so of course these companies try to get her as trainee !

Debuting as Lovelyz member in 2014, Jisoo quickly become an iconique sensation in Western fans due to her iconic line in 'Candy Jelly Love' : You're the best ever come in my life ! Sadly, negative news also start appearing at the time, accusing Jisoo's past as a bully. Jisoo go into hiatus quickly, but Woollim ,in a weird turn of events, handle this competently and stood along with Jisoo. The accusation appears to be fake, and Jisoo can return to Lovelyz with sweetly titled comeback, Welcome To The Lovelyz8.

Jisoo, along with Jiae, is also notorious for being an aegyo machine in Lovelyz. However, Jisoo isn't just that. Despite the limitations label put on her, she's always thriving to be better. She's the one to be given rap parts alongside with Babysoul and her vocals becoming better as she matures, making her quite an all-rounder. Her star shines bright during Queendom, being one of the members that appears comfortable with Sixth Sense concept and giving it all in every performances. Oh she's also starred in drama One Fine Week as the main character , which get good reviews from the K-drama people. Damn girl leave some talent to us !

In 2021, she decides to leave Lovelyz and Woollim Entertainment to focus on her acting with her new agency, Mystic Story. Her goodbye letter appears to be very short ddd, which honestly I can't blame ha due to Woollim notorious mismanagement and Woollim quick turndown of her honesty in a V-Live broadcast. What a brave queen and yes fuck Woollim ! Let's support our queen in her future endeavor !


How's the rate process going on, ladies ? Is there a need to extend the voting time ? Let me know !​
Girls’ Invasion / Hi~ : 8.28
Lovelyz8: 8.54
Lovelinus: 7.67
A New Trilogy: 8.79
R U Ready ? / Now, We: 8.50
Fall In Lovelyz: 8.33
Heal: 8.55
Sanctuary: 8.42
Once Upon A Time: 9.40
Unforgettable: 8.70
Extras: 6.60

But wow! What a discography. I will never forget.

Babysoul / Lee Su Jeong is senior in terms of staying at Woollim's dungeon. Trainee for 7 years before debuting, she's debuting in public eyes with Stranger. You can tell that Babysoul is a remnant from Woollim's original plan of 'girl-crush / mature' girl group, alongside another old trainee Yoo-Jia (who also has duet with Babysoul). But the plan was abandoned and thankfully we got lovely Lovelyz instead ! God is good.

Babysoul persists, try her hardest to be cute and say yes I did that and you would do it too for the check ! Fff but you can't deny the talentry of ha. Her vocal tone isn't particularly my favorite, but girlies has the gut to scream at every track unlike Kei and Sujeong. You can see the examples of her primordial screams at Obliviate and Dream in a Dream.

She's also the main rapper of Lovelyz. Although Lovelyz concept prevent her to getting proper rap line in title track, some of their b-side like Circle, Temptation shed a light on her ability and competency. Her rap lowkey reminds me of KARA's Nicole and that's iconic. Temptation, in particular, was a career highlight. Jesus, the goosebumps that I got during that outro rap. Whew what a song and performance !

Sadly, she's never getting proper treatment on her talent by Woollim. Her confidence slowly destroyed at times due to ongoing hatred / mockery on her visuals and weight. Shut the fuck up K-netz, she's beautiful ! Despite the continued mistreatment towards her talent, Babysoul decide to renew her contract with Woollim and changing her stage name to her birth name. We don't know for sure how she's gonna advance to the future, truth to be told I don't see her having solo career happening or becoming successful (heck even Eunbi with IZ*One credibility still find hard footing in the industry). Maybe she will become a songwriter ? Or maybe decide to go into Unpretty Rapstar and becoming the next SK female baddie ? We just don't know, but we wish you happiness and flowery path queen !



Question for the culture : Is it okay if a friend of mine in RL join this rate ? Or maybe you have problem with that ?​

Hey, hi, hello, yo, what's up?

It's been a busy end of the year for me, so I apologize for the inactivity. Days are getting closer but the scores still not coming, therefore here I announce :


I decide to give long extension as I know many of you will be busy hoe-ing or spending quality times with your family/friends/bf/gf/yourself during these long holidays. I hope with this extension, you can have better time to delve into their discographies.

To any of you early voters, I'm very thankful for your dedication ! If any of you need to change your scores, just tell me in the DM.

Also here's some rates tea from the first 4 ballots :

  • The #1 is kinda unexpected fffff, gagged to see it on the top !
  • B-sides are doing well, with 5 from the Top 10 are b-sides.
  • However, there are still 6-way ties for the #3 position so the chance of songs dropping are still high.
  • No songs get double 11 so far.
  • Bottom 10 are almost dominated by their slower songs, quelle surprise. However, there are 2 upbeat songs in there.


That's all for the announcement and rate's tea ! I wish you all a nice holidays, which should be soundtracked by the greatest Christmas banger, Twinkle !


Fffffff well here we are, almost a month without any update. I'm sorry but I'm busy with my family during Christmas, got sick last week and for the next week I will be in another vacation with my office so....yeah. That means we will have another extension :


We've got 8 ballots so far. Pleek participate if you read this, but to these people I'm truly hoping you can join :

Also here's some rates tea from the first 8 ballots along with some score changing :

  • There is a tie in Top #1
  • The lowest group single ranks at #34, CHOICES
  • A single jumps 25 positions in ranking.
  • There is also a song that depletes 30 positions in ranking, which is kinda sad for me.
  • Still no songs get double 11 so far, glad to see that everyone have their own favorites !


Goodbye again, hopefully I find motivation somewhere to write new write-up.​

Once again I must ask for forgiveness from you who participate / anticipate this rate. I'm sorry and I blame myself for not being dedicated as a host (and also trying to do this alone without any backup host). Thank you to everyone who has submitted their scores. I will try my best to revive this and hopefully this time it isn't just empty promises.

That being said, I'm thinking of expanding the deadline one more time due to some users who has expressed desire to join, haven't send their scores yet. Is it okay for you all if I expand it to February 14th ?

Thank you for your consideration.
jdhfd the way I just panickedly submitted before checking the thread... but it's for the best, I have enough other rates to prepare for! @Attis take all the time you need bb ♡

Also, I'm in a good mood, so lemme rhapsodize a bit: I'm so grateful for rates like this, because they force me to slow down and let the songs really sink in. My music consumption has become lightning-paced these past few years, and while I'm pretty good at picking out the tracks I'm going to love after a listen or two, some acts are so rewarding to stick with. I mean, somehow I wrote this:
I’m anticipating poised, stately little gems with endless details to tease out – basically the Bach of Kpop. Music to feed my superiority complex to.
and still found myself pikachu_shocked when everything grew on me tenfold – to the point I was (once again) knocking points off just to differentiate between all my 9+ scores.

aaa, I love ART!

and still found myself pikachu_shocked when everything grew on me tenfold – to the point I was (once again) knocking points off just to differentiate between all my 9+ scores.

aaa, I love ART!

Now here's the true purpose of me delaying this rate, so you all can let the music grows more and more on you and eventually give a better scores for Triangle to everything xoxo




Yein is the maknae of Lovelyz and one of the most prominent visual that Woollim try to push during their run, which is sadly never taken and also lowkey squandered by her awful acting debut in 2017 The Blue Sea ff. Despite never making big splash in entertainment industry, I vividly remember she's pretty popular in pairing / shipping world ? Especially with BTS Jungkook due to her facial similiarities with him I guess.

Despite being pushed for visual purposes, I must say her skills and adaptability are pretty underrated. Her vocals are sweet and bright which suits the indie / cafe fodder / IU-esque lane that she's trying to do now. She's also pretty enchanting and charismatic on stage, adapting well into cutesy stuff and more sensual side such as her performance in Queendom.

However, what I like the most from her is her bluntness which will pop up sometimes, such as her confronting sexual harassers in Mijoo Vlive. Queen shit ! Nowadays, she decides to part away from Woollim and sign to Sublime Artist Agency that also houses Soyou and Wheein. Recently, she just releases her debut Plus n Minus (video above !). It's not good but pleek give it a listen juseyooo xoxo


We've got 3 additional ballots so far and some score changes from past voters, let's take a look at the tea :​

  • The #1 seems like already solidified by now, but we will never know.
  • All of the albums received average score 8+, now that's what I call a discography !
  • A song finally get double 11 and it's not a single !!!
  • An album track has been consistently going downhill since the first 4 ballots fff, poor it.
  • The bottom 2 are also pretty much guaranteed at this point and I agree with its placements.
  • The highest scorer from Extra section peak at #20
  • The lowest official singles rank at #35 and I hate it !!!!!

There are still ties in the Top 10 so pleek pleek help me break it, my potential voters ! Also @lalaclairi_ I see you lurking, wanna give it a try ?

Also anyone who want to change some of their scores, feel free to PM me !
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