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The main vocalist of Lovelyz, personally I felt Jin was very underappreciated and rarely shined during her time with Lovelyz, losing the spotlight to Kei and Sujeong due to their visuals. It's a reflection and cold hard truth of K-pop industries as a whole, visuals will always value more over singing / dancing skills.

But what's even weirder is she's also pretty shy and overly-conscious over her vocals. These insecurities sadly push her even more deeper, letting Babysoul taking more parts in high-notes and runs especially post Destiny era. That being said, there is some glimpse of her capability during the Sixth Sense performance in Queendom and her visuals during Lost n Found / Sanctuary era is my favorite, serving Yuna from FFX-2 realness !

After the disbandment of Lovelyz, Jin spills the tea that they're actually working on new album that's now abandoned and rotten in Woollim basement. Woollim I swear to God you will pay for this (though she said she's working on Gone 2.0 which she honestly can keep it fffff). And good for her, for bravely spoke out about it and being honest about it. Sadly out of everybody, she's still not signed yet, but she's been active with her Youtube channel so go support her on there y'all !


Heeey, hey, how y'all doing ? Time goes quickly, now it's only 4-5 days before the deadline is closed. I truly hope any of you potential voters out there can boost our participants a bit more
Finally, after long night of hooking meandering, pondering about my existence, constant disbandment news, procrastinating and pandemic, I'm here to announce that


Thank you to all of the participants !
@Crisp X
@Slice of Life
@Ana Raquel
my friend @Hawari & me

And thus we begin by eliminating two songs, which one would it be ?


@Attis SCORE : 4


4 voters : #74
8 voters : #74
11 voters : #74
13 voters : #74

fffffffffffffffffffff well it's really doomed since the beginning, isn't it ? Under The Sky of Suncheon doesn't feature all of Lovelyz member, only including Babysoul and Sujeong in a collaboration with fellow labelmates GNCD Tag & Joochan. Written as a byproduct from their variety show appearance in Sing Street, I hesitate to include this because it's just boring, plain, dull just like 98% accoustic ballad in this world. But it's included in their Wikipedia page, so as a part of completion sadly it must be included.

Some of you have particular feeling about this song. ysev wrote "Oohoo, boohoo boring" So true, bestie. Slice of Life share the same view : " Sorry babe, I know you love them but this song is zzzzzzzz." It's okay babe, i'm not a blind stan ! Wills also note my Golden Child stanning in their comment : "Wow Attis I didn’t realise you were a Golden Child anti, setting an entire subforum of queers against them like this" SHINee could release Don't Call Me and bounce back on their positive image in PJ queers, so I'm hopeful this minor blip won't taint their already small existence !

Oh by the way, here's another boring ballad I don't mind to go too



LOVELINUS : @Hawari (9)
@Attis SCORE : 4


4 voters : #73
8 voters : #73
11 voters : #73
13 voters : #73

Just like Under The Sky, Gone is pretty secured in the bottom throughout the scoring process. Poor Jin. Hailing from their debut album Girls' Invasion, Gone are surprisingly written & produced by Sweetune Dream Team (including Monotree Hwang Hyun). I said surprisingly because RARELY they will produce something so detrimentally boring like this. Jin sounds good, but honestly this is such a weird introduction / predebut content for her ? Instead of letting her appear in the MV, Woollim decide to star an actress and EXO Xiumin out of nowhere ??

ysev single out her least favorite member by saying : "The most boring song on the album for the most boring member? Gone indeed." sfdasfj *Kim Kardashian don't be so rude.mp4*. Also my friend Hawari give this a 9 which makes me questioning our friendship. But he's a big ballad lover so I guess it fits his taste better.

I don't want to torture us even more with boring, dreary ballad so here's Lovelyz dance-covering the South Korean national anthem.

Clue for the next elimination : another ballad


Let's move on quickly through these balladry by eliminating two more tonight


PROLAPSED ANUS : @Ana Raquel (4)
@Attis SCORE : 7


4 voters : #66 (TIE)
8 voters : #70 (TIE)
11 voters : #72
13 voters : #72

A bit shook to see this do bad like this, I thought this one is pretty gorgeous. Sung by Kei, Jin and Babysoul while their original executive producer OnePiece handle the production.

What I like the most is its gorgeous chorus and lack of overbearing vocal performances. I do love high-note and runs, but sometimes a good melody could be elevated by sung like this. Highest scorer RUNAWAY agree with me " beautiful ballad and the vocals are just stunning" The girls that get it, get it !

The first ballad to be eliminated that is sung by entirety of Lovelyz goes to



LOVELINUS : @Slice of Life @junglefish @RUNAWAY (8)
PROLAPSED ANUS : @Ana Raquel (4)
@Attis SCORE : 6


4 voters : #70
8 voters : #70 (TIE)
11 voters : #71
13 voters : #71

Aww this one is pretty cute too, personally it's the incorrect ballad from this EP to be eliminated. But hey I'm getting ahead of myself. Written and produced by J.Yoon (RIP) who also produce forum favorite Dream In A Dream, Floral / Flower Shop sounds like your typical Korean ballad with some Disney-esque piano sprinkled here and there. Lyrically it talks about their inability to confess their love, y'know their usual forte.

Nobody wrote commentary for this ff, however my friend Hawari said his niece like it and use it as a lullaby sometimes. Kids-friendly queen !

Here's a live performance of Morning Star and a superior "Flower" titled song (little preaumeaux for Gfriend Discography Rate, check it out although I bet all of the participants in here will join there too)

Clue for the next elimination : R U Ready take another hit ddd


Sorry gals I had a flu, let's continue throwing away these ballads


LOVELINUS : @Hawari (8)
@Attis SCORE : 7.5 (fff why)


4 voters : #59 (TIE)
8 voters : #68 (TIE)
11 voters : #70
13 voters : #70

Another R U Ready? song bites the bullet. First Snow is written and produced by in-house producer Rpabhet's Razer, who also produce Hide & Seek in the same album. A coffeehouse styled ballad with a pinch of 90s R&B influence,there is nothing too special about this ballad nn. I still don't understand why I rate this better than Morning Star.

It's a bit too generic for my taste now I'm looking back. There is no strong sentimental feelings or gorgeous string arrangement like Morning Star had, it just exist as a fodder to coffehouses and cafes in Seoul. All of you share the same sentiments I guess with how bland & forgettable this song is that nobody submit any commentary.

Well let's just move on to



PROLAPSED ANUS : @Ana Raquel (5)
@Attis SCORE : 6.5


4 voters : #66 (TIE)
8 voters : #65 (TIE)
11 voters : #69
13 voters : #69

Oh look our first song with 7 average ! Hailing from their fifth extended play Sanctuary, Rain is produced and written by production team JPG. I can't really find too much about JPG team, but from what I can Google they're mainly focused on balladry. Example of their songwriting and production is this old Korean singer duet with J-pop R&B Princess Crystal Kay that I will link down below.

Just like First Snow, I regret giving this higher point than the eliminated track from the same album Floral because now I find Floral better than this. Rain is just your typical old SK ballad, complete with that call & response pre-chorus (idk how to explain this, pleek somebody with better vernacular teach me !). Our sole positive scorer RUNAWAY said : "gorgeous <3". Speaking of gorgeous, where is miss RUNAWAY ? Are they in hiatus ?

Clue for the next elimination : Damn double homicide


Another day, another ballad / midtempos


LOVELINUS : @Hawari (10)
PROLAPSED ANUS : @codecat @lalaclairi_ (5)
@Attis SCORE : 6


4 voters : #71
8 voters : #67
11 voters : #63
13 voters : #68

Stranger is Babysoul duet song with Wheesung, produced by Monotree's G-High and Lee Ju Hyung while the lyrics are handled by Sweetune resident Song Soo-Yoon who also wrote Delight and Gone in the same album. Looking back, I regret my score for this too nn. It's a pretty good anthemic ballad methinks, with both Babysoul and Wheesung sounds good together without outshining each other. Also is it just me that think Babysoul's voice is a bit more grounded (?) and natural here ? It lacks the nasality that she has during her times at Lovelyz #honestvocalcoach

Vocal stan RUNAWAY said : "Baby Soul and Wheesung….can you even ASK for a better vocal collab?! FLAWLESS." Yeah, but we can ask for a better song ! Jk I like this song xoxo. Wills decide to not comment on the song and instead shades a former jazz-turn-ethnic-hip-influenced groups : "2014 was such a special year, the preeminent vocal powerhouse girl group debuted, as did Mamamoo." Naur it's tchrew, it's tchrew. Jiae's natural aegyo vocals put Solar in shamble.

Now take a rest Babyso-

wait what ?



PROLAPSED ANUS : @Attis @codecat @FunkyButChic @Ana Raquel (6)
@Attis SCORE : 6


4 voters : #68
8 voters : #62
11 voters : #66
13 voters : #67

Oop poor Babysoul. Not her putting LGBTQ+ agenda only to be betrayed like this. Written and produced by Ahn Young-min, another R&B cafe fodder singer / producer who has a duet with T-ara Soyeon and produce Seeya Must Be Crazy. God these terminally boring song. Oh it also features abandoned trainee Yoo Jia in the original which then substituted by Kei in the Girls Invasion album. There is also Dongwoo.

Can we discuss the lyrical content ? It's such a contrast with the lovey-dovey feels from the MV, basically talking shit about other girl who dare to get close to her oppas. Step back step back step back silly girl !

Or maybe this song is written in a FtF relationship and the protagonist is jealous of other girl who get close to her unnie, but masking it with "my boy" so it doesn't face backlash in South Korea who is NOTORIOUSLY STILL HOMOPHOBIC AND MISOGYNISTIC ? Inchresting.

Our R&B enjoyer RUNAWAY comment : " everyone knows I live for a soulful mid-tempo, and this delivers in every area for me. Perfection." Love that for you and my friend Hawari who also loves these kind of midtempos. Wills disagree a bit : "This gets so good in the last third, they shouldn't have waited so long to bust out the bag of tricks" Hmm I dunno, I think it's fairly composed, with harmonies and ad-libs being added at the last part for climax effect.

Forget what the lyrics said, enjoy the cute lesbian-bait She's A Flirt MV. It was quite a bold move coming from a company such as Woollim who I always thought a bit too conservative in their approach. Sure it can be interpreted as two best-friend or whatever, but let us queers feel our oats let us feel our oats !

Clue for the next elimination : A 80s musical act found suing


I'm in the mood for some Lovelyz content so let's goooo


LOVELINUS : @Hawari (10)
PROLAPSED ANUS : @ysev (4)
@Attis SCORE : 7


4 voters : #69
8 voters : #65 (TIE)
11 voters : #67
13 voters : #66

You all are a bit wrong for this. The lead single of Kei's solo debut EP Over and Over, it was written and produced by TAK, who is most notorious for producing a more complextro / Nakata-influenced tracks such as Lovelyz's Twinkle or Fromis_9's 22nd Century Girl, and Junzo who also wrote Weeekly's Universe. I think this one is a serve, the Disney-influenced dramatique ballad is a good fit for the youthful imagery and vocal tone of Kei.

I'm sad I'm not getting it when it's first released. Like, this shit is so gorgeous. The way it just keeps on building and layering ughh, the double high-notes with another key change towards the end ? Talented, brilliant, amazing, showstopping, etc.

Wills shares his love and provides commentary on society these days : Thank goodness for rates, I’d never have had the attention span for this otherwise. Beautiful! nn lowkey me too, it was because of this rate I could really focus on the beauty of it. Sadly not everybody can see this gorgeousness. The naysayer ysev said : " This somehow manages to be even more boring than Kei herself." First of all, go to the light and seek Jesus. Second, Kei is just living ha French vanilla cottage-core Hayato Miyazaki / Pocahontas / Yooa influenced fantasies, let her be !

Next, we're gonna witness how to sample a song without needing permission to sample it xoxo

#66 (TIE)


PROLAPSED ANUS : @FunkyButChic (5)
@Attis SCORE : 9


4 voters : #56
8 voters : #60 (TIE)
11 voters : #68
13 voters : #66 (TIE)

And you all wrong again for eliminating this too ! The first track from Welcome To The Lovelyz8 EP to be eliminated, Shooting Star is written and produced by Sweetch, who also has a hand on another brilliant ballad LOONA 1/3's Sonatine and OREO (a production team that also includes GFriend frequent collaborator Iggy) who produces Ladies Code's The Rain and Gfriend's Fever.

I'm pretty sure this song is entirely written based on Toto's Africa synths line in mind nn. The similarity of the chorus melody with the synths line is truly striking, it's a bit amazing they manage to not catching any lawsuit about this. And that's how you produce a song cheaply ladies, take a popular melody and tweak it a bit so you won't catch any lawsuit (in reality idk what I talk about and you should consult with your lawyer if you ever thinking of using this strategy on your music production).

Despite the gimmick, it's still such a pretty song. Yeah yeah it sounds like a cafe fodder, but it's a cafe fodder that competent at it. It feels so warm, the accoustical instruments adding depth instead of bogging the whole song's mood and dynamics. Damn I sounds smart, Pitchfork you hiring ?

Not one of you give a comment about this, so let's talk about the MV instead. It's so funny to see them pretending to read and just quickly flipping the books. Also that lipstick trend at that time my God, they all looks like bleeding.

Why K-pop companies aren't doing this kind of cutesy stuff anymore ? Why aren't they writing songs about unrequited love and feelings again, why we all must be different and rebellious yet wearing the same Balenciaga / Gucci / That Crescent Moon brands now ?

Clue for the next elimination : An upbeat song is finally eliminated
Question : Is the elimination going too fast ? Should I stop doing double elimination for a bit ?

Last edited:
And that's how you produce a song cheaply ladies, take a popular melody and tweak it a bit so you won't catch any lawsuit (in reality idk what I talk about and you should consult with your lawyer if you ever thinking of using this strategy on your music production).
Lovelyz Rate: come for the anal prolapses, stay for the unsolicited legal advice ♡ thanks @Attis!

I Go is wonderful, I wish @ysev 72 hours of sorrow for her misdeeds.
Question : Is the elimination going too fast ? Should I stop doing double elimination for a bit ?
I think you can keep it up while we're still in the early part of the rate, the pace feels great! But don't tire yourself out!

Heey, heey, how y'all doing ?


LOVELINUS : @codecat (8)
@Attis SCORE : 7


4 voters : #61 (TIE)
8 voters : #68 (TIE)
11 voters : #65
13 voters : #64

The first song to be eliminated from A New Trilogy EP, Bookmark is a ballad written & produced by Lovelyz close collaborator OnePiece.

There is nothing to talk about this nn, it's just so basic and nothing special. The scores kinda reflect on that, with no 10 and almost all of the scores are ranging from 6-8. From me in particular, it's just sounds very typical compared to their previous ballad like Shooting Star, Goodnight Like Yesterday and Circle. The arrangement is basic, no interesting synths or strings to keep us interested enough.

And nobody submit commentary too ddddddd let's just move on I guess.

Like I said before, an upbeat song will finally depart. Which one would it be hmm ?



LOVELINUS : @junglefish (10)
PROLAPSED ANUS : @ysev (3)
@Attis SCORE : 7


4 voters : #72
8 voters : #72
11 voters : #64
13 voters : #63

Sad Face is a song written and produced by DAVINK, part of OnePiece musical team. Released and performed for a variety show Sugarman 3 right after their appearances in Queendom, many fans are pretty happy with Sad Face, seeing it as a return to form. Sadly, netizens aren't paying attention anymore after done harassing Lovelyz in Queendom. Oh well.

I won't comment in detail about their performance in Queendom as I will wait for their official Queendom song to be eliminated. But I will say Sad Face performance shows that you don't need to dress in BDSM-esque outfit, bold makeup to show the world you can be sexy and mature too. Confidence and musical composition matters more, while staying true to your identity.

Sad Face retains many of their usual trademark sound. Bubbly, bright synths ? check. Melancholic piano ? check. But the overall product is a bit too rushed for me. The beat is too fast that it sounds like a song from arcade game. The production is also very typical of Davink (I must also add he's the most one-note among the OnePiece team nn), which if compared to his other produced song Temptation, Sad Face fall shorts.

Wills with 9,5 score said : "First Back and now this, what’s with Woollim groups having absurdly good ‘I Will Survive’ songs?" Hmm I can see the comparison but we need it a bit overdramatic ! Low scorer ysev take a lesson from Azealia Banks and decide to be positive : " I liked the vocals teehee". As you should. Jin, Kei and Babysoul, your favorite members are gleaming here !

Clue for next elimination : A winter song

Good evening, let's remove 2 songs again


LOVELINUS : @Slice of Life @junglefish (8.5)
@Attis SCORE : 6.5


4 voters : #61 (TIE)
8 voters : #63
11 voters : #62
13 voters : #62

Today we say goodbye to Fall In Lovelyz EP closer, Sleepy Dream and I'm happy with that ! Yes this one is probably one of my least favorite from their discography and my score is too kind now I'm looking back. Written by Shim Kyu-sun (who also goes by stage name Lucia) are mostly writing songs for Korean drama OST. I can't find any information about the producer Kim Jin-Yong so if any of you know this guy tell us. But suffice to say, based on these information, I believe Woollim probably buy this track cheaply nn.

Sleepy Dream is cheaply produced. I'm no real musician or whatever but to my ears, the vocal harmonies in the chorus sounds unrefined ? Also the beat is so weak and lack of punch, make it all sounding thin. It sounds like it was produced during 00s era, y'know these throwaway Christmas songs these girlgroups release to snatch that holiday money.

Once again in prolapsed anus section, ysev comment : "Very fitting song title" Nn true, I could care less about this track. Somehow out of so many good tracks that they could perform, they choose to sing this at Alwayz 2 concert which will I link below.

Fall In Lovelyz, you aren't done yet baby............



LOVELINUS : @junglefish (9.25)
PROLAPSED ANUS : @ysev (6)
@Attis SCORE : 7


4 voters : #61 (TIE)
8 voters : #60 (TIE)
11 voters : #58 (TIE)
13 voters : #61

Another track from Fall In Lovelyz falling from the rate and it's Fallin (ddd). Fallin is written and produced by Marco who also produce bad debut song for woo!ah, DIA's Darling My Sugar and Weeekly's intro Weeekly Day.

Fallin is literally a Ne-Yo song nn and I love that ! The beat is similar to Rihanna's Take A Bow with that harps literally taking inspiration from Ne-Yo's Because of You. My middle school life is filled with these kind of midtempos so please don't judge my adoration of it okay !?

To the listeners though, Fallin is definitely an oddity and jarring experience, especially compared to their usual synth-driven forte. But hey maybe Woollim decide to tuck it in to showcase members R&B capability ? To show that they can do mature midtempo too ?

ysev agree with my deduction, though unhappy with that fact : " What is this obsession with 00s Ne-yo-esque ballads? So bland!" Agree to disagree ! Slice of Life said : "Who is that man singing in the background??????? Jail!!!!" I thought you like boygroups, unnie ? Just imagine if Wonpil singing this.

Clue for next elimination : another R&B influenced song and a throwaway fluffy stuff