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  • TRI.BE 1st Win

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I’m traumatized by Lovelyz’ time on Queendom, so I can’t even imagine how the members themselves feel about it. There were so many songs to cover other than Sixth Sense.

Not traumatized dd.

I must say I do a bit harsh on them, but isn't that the point of stan / love ? To be able to see someone's flaw yet still accepting them for what they are ? To be able to see their missteps and point this to them so they won't repeat it again (looking at you Weeekly girlies). I hope we as Popjustice users at least has that level of maturity when we're discussing our artists.


Today we're gonna eliminate 2 tracks from the same album.......

Which is...........


LOVELINUS : @Wills (10)
PROLAPSED ANUS : @codecat (6) @FunkyButChic (6.5)
@Attis SCORE : 9


4 voters : #54 (TIE)
8 voters : #56 (TIE)
11 voters : #55 (TIE)
13 voters : #54

Well it's their first album, R U Ready ?, who lost another track that is Hide & Seek. Written and produced mainly by in-house producer Rphabet's Razer and Tom & Jerry (who also produced Watercolor and Triangle for Lovelyz ; Time's Up for Miss A) with member Sujeong contribute to the lyrics.

Lyrically, Hide & Seek talk about Lovelyz's usual game, keeping your love hidden from your crush. The music themselves as a whole is nice & enjoyable, with the usage of dramatical strings and 4/4 beat reminiscent from early IU works a la Good Day. Hide & Seek feels like eating at fast food, you know what will you get and thankfully the flavor is still the same and you still enjoy it despite already have eaten it 2 days ago.

None of you submitting any commentary, though my friend Hawari point out it sounds like a Disney songs, which isn't really wrong too. Surprised to see notorious cute enjoyer miss @codecat gave this a low score tho.

Let's move on to another R U Ready? track

Subunit of the century.........



LOVELINUS : @ysev (9.5) @junglefish @Crisp X (9)
PROLAPSED ANUS : @Wills (5.5)
@Attis SCORE : 9


4 voters : #44 (TIE)
8 voters : #42
11 voters : #51 (TIE)
13 voters : #53

Jisoo & Jiae's maximized joint slay, My Little Lover, sadly must be eliminated now. My Little Lover is a faithful cover of a song from Shibuya-kei Japanese musician, Mayumi Koijima, with a little added instrumentals like Fender Rhodes piano into the arrangement by Yang Si-On (who also produce Baby Doll).

I just know Woollim seeing the good reception towards Baby Doll, quickly rushed to find new material that sounds like it. Thankfully My Little Lover come to their hands and deliver. It's also a perfect match for Jisoo & Jiae, the bossa nova and music box-quality of the song give it a sinister yet childlike vibes, that Jisoo and Jiae's also childlike vocals amplify it. It also has very simple melody that they can easily sing dddddd

Compared to the original, Lovelyz's version is a bit brighter for me. The original, with much sparsed production and minimalistic, dry delivery from Mayumi Kojima, felt more hopeless and grim. It's amazing how a simple song like this could have different vibes just by different singer, huh ?

ysev found stanning : "Of course the two most iconic members without any sort of vocal talent (actually a lie, Jiae is low-key rapper of the century) have the best unit song. Jiae just doesn’t know how not to win!" ff, why we as gheys love to root least talented members. RUNAWAY doesn't find this interesting : "this is like a weird nursery rhyme or something. Felt like a weird choice for a closing track…" feel the vibe unnie and you may understand ! Just like miss Ana Raquel : "This is actually soothing, charming, and angelic. However, I don't think it was a good idea to listen to it at 3:30 am dddd" Ooky spooky queens ! Be careful not to see the eye of your dolls before you sleep.

Oh also in case you may remember Mayumi somewhere, she also has a song called Hatsukoi that is featured in Game Boy Advance commercial. If any of you like My Little Lover or any bossa nova-adjacent songs, I recommend you Mayumi Kojima's material.

Clue for next elimination : An album closer and a banger (!!!)
Hide and Seek!????!??!?!???!??!?! This early............I just


Wow............WoW! WOW!!!!!! This cannot be right. One of their most stunning tracks being done so dirty — like pearls before swine with some of you! Especially you @codecat baby, you really lost the plot with this one!!!
I might have lost the plot but I definitely gained a lot of extra hours of sleep after listening to it!


Goodnight ladies, let's take a look at our Top 50

After we eliminate these 2 tracks


LOVELINUS : @Slice of Life @RUNAWAY @junglefish @Hawari (10)
PROLAPSED ANUS : @lalaclairi_ (5) @Ana Raquel (6)
@Attis SCORE : 7


4 voters : #50
8 voters : #33
11 voters : #44
13 voters : #52

The closer of Unforgettable EP, Worry Dolls will be our first song to be eliminated from that EP. An accoustical pop-rock midtempo, the song is written and composed by Zaydro from production team Code 9, who also has produced Golden Child's Breathe and Weki Meki's Stay With Me.

Worry Dolls has interesting chart run, where it reach #33 during 8 voters period, and my question is : why ? For a closer on an album called Unforgettable, Worry Dolls is forgettable. There is nothing particularly interesting and feels "Lovelyz" on it, so faceless that I could imagine Iz*one sing this as their final track and I won't think twice.

But maybe because its status as closer for their final EP that makes it special for several of you, just like Slice of Life unnie said : "Their final song awwwwwww T___T kinda makes me tear up ngl.". ysev also consider it as good ballad : " Good ballad. Has enough drama. Nice guitar" while RUNAWAY praise the vocals : " the vocals! The powerful chorus!" Hmm vocals, I give that. Powerful chorus ? I can't see it

Why I can't see the brilliance of this track that you all see ? Also wtf is worry doll, is it a Western term ? What I gather from the lyric, it's a doll that you could hug during sleep so you won't feel scared and lonely anymore. Is that it ?

Well enough with the babbling, let's continue

For this popinjustice



LOVELINUS : @Remorque (10)
PROLAPSED ANUS : @lalaclairi_ (5)
@Attis SCORE : 10


4 voters : #42 (TIE)
8 voters : #51
11 voters : #51 (TIE)
13 voters : #51

WTF is wrong with y'all ??!! Take Me Somewhere makes an exit just right outside Top 50, leaving Wag-zak, Tiger Eyes and Just Like Now as top three from Extras section. Take Me Somewhere was performed in Fever Festival 2017 and released as part of the album Fever Music 2017. It was produced by their former musical director 1Piece which you should've known at this point.

I thought you maggots like bops, so why don't you all like it ??? It's confusing for me to see this being eliminated so early like this. Taking a more EDM approach, Take Me Somewhere twist that template and create an unique, authentic version of EDM for Lovelyz. Sure the mixing sounds a bit bad and the bridge could've been written better, but as a whole package it's still a good song and what I crave for their next musical evolution at that time. Why ? Whyyyy ?? Today's elimination left me puzzled.

None of you said anything to answer my many questions, except miss RUNAWAY : " their basic EDM serve!" yes it's true, but why give it an 8 ? Whyyy ?

I don't have any musical recommendation or whatever to add, so accept this great also anthemic Janet's song with similar title with Take Me Somewhere

Well here we are, 24 songs eliminated. Let's take a look at our Top 50 :

Girls’ Invasion / Hi~

Candy Jelly Love
Joyland / Amusement Park
Good Night Like Yesterday
Goodbye Chapter 1
Delight (Yoo JiAe)

Welcome to the Lovelyz8

Hug Me
How to Be a Pretty Girl
Sweet and Sour


For You

A New Trilogy

Heart (Handle With Care)
Baby Doll

R U Ready ? / Now, We

Now, We
Knock Knock
Night and Day

Fall In Lovelyz

Secret Garden


That Day
Mimyo Mimyo


Lost n Found
Like U

Once Upon A Time

Beautiful Days (When We Were Us)
Close To You
Sweet Luv
Secret Story
Love Game


Dream In A Dream
Never, Secret


Just Like Now
Tiger Eyes (Sujeong Solo)

Did you like the Top 50 ? What songs you think we should eliminate next ? Who do you think doesn't belong in this competition ?

Oh Worry Dolls is lovely, that's a sad loss! Take Me Somewhere on the other hand... I'm sorry but it's just so so so basic nn. I know when that kinda thing lands, it lands – nothing you can do about it! – but it's a bit of a whiff for me.

Next cuts should be:
  • Baby Doll
  • Sweet and Sour
  • Just
  • Sweet Luv
  • and Obliviate

Sorry fellas, I'm not in the mood at Friday and weekend is a weekend...

As a gift

Let's eliminate 3 tracks today !

Next cuts should be:
  • Baby Doll
  • Sweet and Sour
  • Just
  • Sweet Luv
  • and Obliviate

You got one right



PROLAPSED ANUS : @Slice of Life @Hawari @Crisp X (7)

@Attis SCORE : 8.5


4 voters : #51 (TIE)
8 voters : #54
11 voters : #53
13 voters : #50

Another solo leave us and it's none other than miss Jiae endeavor on singing, Delight. Produced and written by the original Sweetune team that still includes Hwang Hyun, Delight was released in 2013 as a first taste on Woollim's new girl group.

It seems like by the release of Delight, Woollim has finalized how their new girl group will operate as Delight share the same quality that Lovelyz's main sound also had : dreamy, bright synths with bittersweet undertone. Delight sounds so pure, with Sweetune providing impeccable arrangements, I especially love the little piano twinkling here and there.

Delight also house...an utterly unrecognizable Jiae's vocals fff. Is this her actual vocals ? Why aren't we hearing this vocal anymore ? Or is this the case of Loona's pre-debut where Kim Lip secretly also sing and overpower the other girls ddd ? Nevertheless, I absolutely love the vocals. It's pretty rare to hear this very raw vocals, especially these days. It's even a rare occasion of idols accurately sing it with emotion. Like, the desperation in her vocals in the final chorus ? Bitch I'm crying.

Slice of Life unnie shares the same confusion : " Wait, she doesn’t sound chipmunk-y here omfg???" Woollim explain ! Is this an Avril / Melissa case ? RUNAWAY said : " BOP!" yass at the #promo for Viviz, I see you. Crisp X also said : " This Wii Sports bop!" Hmm I don't play any Wii Sports to understand this reference, sawry !

Our resident Jiae Nation ysev stans but also give it an 8 ?? : " Jiae is one of the most fascinating idols. She’s literally the human incarnation of Annabelle."

I will link down the music video below and it's so cute. I rarely enjoy basic romance storyline, but B1A4 cutie Baro (is this your bias babe @FunkyButChic ?) and Jiae act well and have a good chemistry that by the end of it I believe in their love. Ahh young-luv.com.

The next one is a tie.....

The first one is...



LOVELINUS : @Crisp X (11) @ysev (10)
@Attis SCORE : 10


4 voters : #30 (TIE)
8 voters : #31 (TIE)
11 voters : #45 (TIE)
13 voters : #48 (TIE)

I'm sorry miss @Crisp X I forgot to say that we will eliminating a 11...and sadly it's your 11 ff. Baby Doll was lyrically written by Jun Kan-di and produced by Yang Shi-on who also produces My Little Lover. But hey it's our first song with 8 average, let's celebrate that !

I'm gonna say this is our first misstep in this rate because Baby Doll is such a monumental b-side of their discography. Heck, it even reach top 30 in her first run with 4 voters. When it was leashed on public as companion for A New Trilogy prologue film, many fans and non-fans praise it for perfect combination on whimsical and eerie. It gave me chills and sounds like a fresh of breath air in K-pop soundscapes. The musical toy-box and bossa nova / jazz combination is godly, with Lovelyz's own vocals elevate it even more. It's giving French vanilla fantasy, oui oui bonjour omelette du fromis_9 !

Lovelyz and the management see the little success and repeat it with our previously eliminated My Little Lover, but I wish they still continue at this direction too. A jazz/pop hybrid is such a perfect sound that suits Lovelyz's vocal tone and ability. But oh well, Woollim envision something that I don't understand I guess.

The French connection comes again with Slice of Life : " This could be a perfect soundtrack to a French film set in 1800s or something." Eggsactly, eggsactly ! How convenient ysev comment about Jiae-Annabelle making an appearance again ff : " Jiaebelle getting the best part once again, not surprised at all!" Campy horror icons ! And lastly, our resident French member (@junglefish citizenship has been discarded as he reward this national treasure 7.5) Crisp X tell us her story : "So their latest (and now final) online concert at the end of 2020 was a highlight of whatever lockdown was happening at the time. Thanks to the visuals, it made me rediscover so many songs that have all jumped into my Top 10 since. Baby Doll is one of them. It’s like… peak mystical/magical/fairy K-Pop. Listening to it makes me feel like I’m part of a Miyazaki film. It’s almost like there’s an entire world contained inside this masterpiece, and for a couple minutes, I want to live in it. When people ask how pop music can be a form of escapism, this is one of the songs I want to show them. If you get it, you get it." AMEN SISTER AMEN

Well it's heartbroken, but the show must go on

yet the fantasy lives on



PROLAPSED ANUS : @codecat @ysev @FunkyButChic (7)
@Attis SCORE : 10


4 voters : #51 (TIE)
8 voters : #45 (TIE)
11 voters : #49 (TIE)
13 voters : #48 (TIE)

Welcome To The Lovelyz8 b-side, Hug Me sadly must departs today. This classical heavy track was produced by in-house producer and frequent Lovelyz collaborator J.Yoon.

I thought Hug Me would be divisive to the voters due to its classical and Disneyfied quality, but surprisingly it's doing better than I thought with no voters rate it less than 7. The crazy thing about Hug Me is of course the constant overtune / key change in the verse and bridge, taking us to the final chorus where Jin try to break her vocal cord. Beyonce in Love On Top whomst ?

If you like to karaoke or singing off-tune in your room, this song is a fun selection. It seems appropriate the vocal stan RUNAWAY also stans : " Total jam, and I’m so in love with this song."

Clue for the next elimination : Another Extra (!!) and a quirky gal.
Oh! Well. Hmm. Sorry about that, I guess – Baby Doll is just such a snooze to me. I suppose when I squint at it, it’s a little bit charming… but y’all knocked out Hide and Seek way early and called THAT boring so I really can’t help you!



Today we gonna eliminate........


LOVELINUS : @Ana Raquel (10) @RUNAWAY (9.25)
PROLAPSED ANUS : @lalaclairi_ @Hawari @Crisp X (7)
@Attis SCORE : 9[/B]


4 voters : #47
8 voters : #53
11 voters : #47 (TIE)
13 voters : #47

Successor of Take Me Somewhere, Just Like Now sadly must be eliminated today. Produced by 1Piece and Kim Eana in lyrical department, Just Like Now is a standalone single for Fever Music Festival 2018.

Just Like Now is not a quintessential Lovelyz song, but it also Lovelyz's trademark sound extracted to a pure concentrate if it make any sense. If you don't like it, I question your stanning because this is bread and butter of Lovelyz : Sawtooth synth stabs, bittersweet feeling, melodramatic lyrics about the pain of love & absolutely gorgeous melody.

Let me take this elimination to complain about something. Thing that I notice recently in K-pop scene is how disconnected and disjointed the melodies are, as if every verses fighting against each other. You can notice it in Nmixx, Twice, Rocket Punch, Everglow, heck even Lovelyz themselves with Obliviate. I'm not saying it's downright bad (I'm still bopping to recent K-pop songs), but it also makes me sad how the industry now focus more & more to performance aspect, not the song itself.

Just Like Now (and Lovelyz music in general) provide that oasis to me, a song with gorgeous melody that interwoven and connected seamlessly, as if it's a story revealing itself to our ears. Damn I'm now sounding like these "pure pop" preacher, but hey sometimes the old trend is good, y'know ? Not every innovation is good, just take a look at NFT and state of our privacy now <3

I also wanna give an applause to Lovelyz members for their vocal delivery, particularly Kei and Sujeong. Call them boring or whatever, but they are emotional SINGER. None of these K-pop singers (from what I've heard so far) could deliver such a melancholic drama & tragedy in their voices like they do. Ugh I love them so much. Singing is their field.

Some of you lamenting the fact that this song isn't available in Spotty Fry, such as ysev : " This is amazing and shouldn’t only be on streaming platforms but deserves a spot on the Sanctuary EP as well. Truly a shame!" and Ana Raquel : " SO FEEL GOOD i can't believe its not on spotify why does evil always win" Period, it could've been tucked in Sanctuary (or even replace Rain nn) EP. Woollim get your shit together !

Lovelyz signature sound's gone...

Now onto the quirky one...



LOVELINUS : @ysev (10) @Slice of Life (9.5)
PROLAPSED ANUS : @lalaclairi_ (5)
@Attis SCORE : 8[/B]


4 voters : #38 (TIE)
8 voters : #45 (TIE)
11 voters : #38 (TIE)
13 voters : #46

She's so quirkyyy I love her, can't take her anywhere xD !!! Additional b-side to repackaged album Now,We , Aya was produced by J.Yoon.

Dddd oh boy this kiddie ass song. I can't even thought about this as a song, more like relentless aegyo fodder with passable chorus. It sounds like J.Yoon hear Fondant again and thought : "Hey, I should amp the weirdness even more" and the result is Aya. The jazz-electropop that sounds like it's taken directly from Perfume very first album, with constant baby noises here and there. Whew, it's an experience. My 8 goes to its nerve.

ysev said : " I am pretty sure that this was composed by Lucifer Satan himself" ff J.Yoon must be on something that day, huh ? Not surprised you will stan tho. Speaking of, what I found surprising is Wills semi-stanning with 7.5 score but I remember him saying something but actually he doesn't ? Huh, life is strange indeed.

Next elimination : 8-bit gaming and Chiptune artist's muse

Last edited:

Hello, I'm sorry for today's elimination if it's too short, I'm taking care of my sick brother


LOVELINUS : @Slice of Life (9.5)
PROLAPSED ANUS : @Ana Raquel @Hawari (7)
@Attis SCORE : 8


4 voters : #44 (TIE)
8 voters : #43 (TIE)
11 voters : #47 (TIE)
13 voters : #45

Let's have fun this beat is sick, I wanna take a ride on your...oops wrong song. Once Upon A Time finally losing its first track that is the closer, Love Game. Surprisingly, Love Game was written and produced by Ollounder and LEEZ who are more notorious for their hard-hitting stuffs with Dreamcatcher and ATEEZ.

Love Game is a weird closer and also a weird song for Lovelyz at that time, as they're in the process of maturing their image. It's very bubbly with a lot 8-bit synths thrown in the mix, but also feels very lowkey and mature ? The melody is pretty straightforward without Jiae and Jisoo interrupting the flow with their aegyo thingy. This quality render the song to be rather faceless in Lovelyz discography, though maybe it was put in the album as a throwback for fans who want cutesy stuff from them ? Idk. I think if it has a stronger chorus it will be more memorable.

None of you said anything about Love Game so let's move on...



PROLAPSED ANUS : @Wills @FunkyButChic (6.5)
@Attis SCORE : 10


4 voters : #27
8 voters : #37 (TIE)
11 voters : #49 (TIE)
13 voters : #44

Aww this is so cute. Sweet and Sour, track from Lovelyz8 EP, make her exit today. Sweet and Sour was wrriten and produced by the elusive Super Market (?) which I can't find any trace and clue in the internet. They live, they serve bop and they die. If someone knows ha please report in the comment.

Sweet and Sour is so cute, it hits the right amount of saccharine for me. The melody reminiscent 2nd Gen girlgroup sound like Apink which ysev also agrees : "This Apink serve" , but with updated production and a bit Lovelyz flare. The chorus is so bright and cheery, I can't help but smile listening this.

Now what's with the Chiptune artist clue ? So apparently Anamanaguchi, an US-based chiptune artist, has remixed Sweet and Sour for their mixtape / bootleg Capsule Silence XXIV. It isn't particularly smart remix dd but I am a chiptune trash so ofc I like it. Queen of being muse for unbathed hipster indie !

Clue : There is no f*cking clue. Just guess it and make a comment, litter this thread pleek​