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Love's Unkind - Sophie Lawrence

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Deucy1980, Dec 28, 2007.

  1. Does anyone know where I can get an MP3 of this at all?
  2. Just play the infinitely superior Donna Summer version.
  3. You see, I like Donna, but for me Sophie's scores in that it doesn't have a spoken bit in the middle.

    I always hate spoken bits in songs. It always annoys me that The Holy Trinity (aka the Human League) keep whacking them in. They always make me cringe.
  4. Did you ever hear her follow up? A cover of Kylie's 'Secrets' from 'Rhythm of love'? Ouch!
  5. Oh yeah. Not the greatest song to begin with, mind, but inevitably weakened really.

    And I think there are a couple of other tracks too.
  6. I think I have this on cd somewhere. I will have a look in a bit, I know we had a Sophie Lawrence cd, and I am sure it was Love's Unkind. Will let you know once I have scoured the racks.
  7. I got it off's hilarious!
  8. Hey, do you still want the song? I knew we had it hidden away on the cd rack. I have blown the dust off and after my sneezing fit, I can send you the song & b-side.
  9. Yes definitely - I am organising a surprise 30th birthday party and this song will bring back memories to the birthday girl!
  10. She's back in The EastEnders in the new year.

    Time for a re-release of "Love's Unkind" as a double a with "Secrets".
  11. Hey, why not go the whole hog, get Sharon and Kelvin back, reform 'The banned' with Ian Beale and release 'Something outta nothing 2008'?
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