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Lovesick (Netflix Original Series)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Leopold, Nov 23, 2016.

  1. [​IMG]

    It really is very good.
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  2. Previously known as Scrotal Recall.
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  3. Iconicly so.
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  4. Uno


    I've passed on watching it because of the cringeworthy name of Scrotal Recall, so they were smart to change the name.
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  5. Dumbest name ever - it's really not at all "bro-y" as it suggests.
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  6. This has been recommended to me by many - adding to the list.
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  7. I haven't seen the second season yet, but I LOVED the first one, so it's definitely on my list.
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  8. Watch it watch it watch it, it's great.
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  9. Just watched the second season and loved it. I'm glad to see the quality hasn't dipped and they're still able to make you laugh while pulling at your heartstrings.

    I really should have rewatched the first season before I started the second one because it turns out I forgot a lot of things that happened.
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  10. It really is a massively rewarding watch, I think, and quite easy to delve into and out of. Individually none of the episodes are heavy or taxing watches.
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  11. Oh my god it's so good. Like I'm in shock a show of this quality exists. It's Between this and Fleabag for my favourite of recent years.
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  12. I need to move on to this, some modern comedies at the moment are getting things spot on.
    Fleabag definately, and you need to put Chewing Gum on your list.
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  13. This is amazing and yes partners brilliantly with Chewing Gum.
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  14. So what's going on with this?
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  15. Season 3 is coming out on January 1, apparently!
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  16. New series is available!

    Featuring on episode guest-starring JADE EWEN!!!!
  17. Stumbled on this last year and LOVED it. I’m so shocked a season 3 suddenly appeared on the main glad Netflix are sticking with it after randomly picking it up 2 years after Channel 4 aired it.
    I’m currently rewatching the whole thing now from the beginning to remind myself what happened before getting into the new season.

    The 3 leads are all adorable.
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  18. This annoys me, because a friend of mine was thrilled to get a part in the pilot for Scrotal Recall, only for them to not air it and completely recast it for the aired pilot and series.
  19. What white lad culture 'go on then' Heat magazine 2006 mess this is @Leopold - are you mad?
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  20. That sucks for your friend. What part was she meant to play?
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