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Luca Vasta - Alba | The German Lana Del Rey

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by lostinmybedroom, Apr 12, 2014.

  1. I love Travel Safe.
  2. Bought the album yesterday and it's seriously amazing, not a single song on it that I dislike. "Imperial (I Don't Wanna Dance)", "Black Tears White Lies", "Golden Sea", "Heartbeat" and "Travel Safe" are all 10/10 tracks.
  3. Instant album purchase for me after hearing the iTunes samples. Thanks for posting about it!
  4. I just checked out the iTunes previews, too; looking forward to listening to this! It does sound like a more pop Lana Del Rey/Lykke Li - similar vibes and sounds. Her voice is gorgeous.
  5. I'm amazed this is getting such positive reception.
    I've been listening to "Heartbeat" on repeat all day long. It's such a hypnotizing, dark tune.
  6. Excellent - will give it a listen!
  7. Cut My Hair is a jam and a half.
  8. Now this is interesting, because she used to be on VIVA in Germany. It's like MTV, but worse and she used to have her own personality show called VASTA TV. Back then she still used her first name Nadine, but I guess the change is welcome. I'm glad she found her true passion, the show wasn't on for very long and it was sad to see her vanish.

    Love 'Cut My Hair'. Sad that it's the only song that goes a little harder on the album. 'Imperial' and 'Black Tears White Lies' are both 10/10 for sure, regardless.
  9. I recently remembered her tv show on VIVA and wondered what she's been up to. I hadn't heard of her musical endeavours and am positively surprised.

    She's releasing an EP titled "Etna". These are the songs she released so far.

    Especially the last one is somehow Lana-Del-Rey-y to me and me likey. I also love that she's honouring her italian heritage with her new project.
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