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Lucius - Second Nature

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Trouble in Paradise, Jan 7, 2022.

  1. Lucius is one of my favorite bands and an incredible force to see live! They’re currently teasing a new project on Instagram and I am so excited for their return! Their vocals are next level and they’re always exploring new sounds! Not sure who here listens but I think y’all would enjoy them:
    @pop3blow2 @ohnostalgia @xOJakeXo @Petty Mayonnaise @Jonathan27
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  2. I really liked NUDES when it dropped so let me perch a bit.
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  3. I’m crying. I’m shaking. This is ALL I’m gonna be talking about this month. My god. The video?! The vocals?! The effortless extension of their sound.

    Please PJ for me, give the video and song a spin!!!!
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  4. New album Second Nature out on April 8:
    1. Second Nature
    2. Next to Normal
    3. 24
    4. Heartbursts
    5. Dance Around It (feat. Brandi Carlile & Sheryl Crow)
    6. The Man I'll Never Find
    7. Promises
    8. LSD
    9. Tears in Reverse
    10. White Lies
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  5. A single, a vídeo, an album with a release date and full track list. Dance Around It (feat. Brandi Carlile & Sheryl Crow).I am ASCENDING!
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  7. Brandi Carlile produced this too!? I'm ready to (continue to) stan.
  8. I don't know why I didn't see the original tag but thank you sis! Next to Normal is HITTING (that ascending note into the chorus is camp) so I've added NUDES for a listen this week. Excited to have an album on the horizon to look forward to!
  9. Yas cash in the I Don't Live Here Anymore exposure!
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  10. This is so good! I'm getting slight Scissor Sisters meets Jessie Ware vibes from the song.
  11. Tickets bought for Dublin!! 6th time seeing them.
  12. "White Lies" is out.

  13. This blew me away! VOCALS
  14. Best song yet?

  15. My god
  16. Album out today.

  17. This is a pretty solid album!
    24 is as devastating as Dusty Trails and I'm here for it!
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