Lucius - Second Nature

Their livestream concert was a fucking mess but I am loving this album! This video made me smile like an idiot. The slower sadder songs are of course my favorites
Heart bursts, the man I’ll never find, and tears in reverse have started to stand out with the immediate highlights given more listens.

I will say im not sold on Brandi and Dave Cobb being the right choice for producing this album. I’m getting to the new vocal takes and mixing. When all three parts click it’s Magic but sometimes I’m left hearing a Safety Dance influence that makes me cringe a bit (he says when removing his stan goggles)
No apologies for double posting, but this album was made for vinyl! Just gave mine an initial spin and wowowow! Their vocals and the production pop on record! The hooks in this album are some of their best and easiest (in a good way)
I stumbled upon Lucius by pure chance and I’m glad I did. So far I’ve only listened to their new album and I’m obsessed (LSD, Promises, The Man I’ll Never Find are on repeat). Any recommendations of what albums/songs of theirs I should check out next?
I wish they didn’t push Dance Around It as it is easily my least favorite song on the album. The title track, LSD and Tears in Reverse are all a perfect combo of classic Lucius vocals and songwriting but in the soundscape of the album