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Lydia Ainsworth

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Jan 12, 2017.

  1. Oh, hello.

    It’s a jam, it’s a bop. A pretty sunny one at that.
  2. Duumm-bap
    Dum-ba dum-ba duumm-bap


    C'est magnifique.

    It's been listed just about everywhere before she got around to announcing it herself, according to several sources the album is due May 10. And also called Phantom Forest, clearly.


    1. Diamonds Cutting Diamonds
    2. Tell Me I Exist

    3. Can You Find Her Place
    4. Edge Of The Throne
    5. Kiss The Future
    6. The Time
    7. Give It Back To You
    8. Floating Dream
    9. Green Is The Colour

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  3. Bop. I don't remember her latest album sounding close to this, unless my memory is glitching. I'll have to put it on again.
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  4. Dd, no, it doesn't sound anything like this at all, only What Is It is anywhere near and even that's a stretch.
    The rest of the album is even bolder, there's 1:30 minute snippets of the whole thing on the US iTunes store. She snapped. Full 80's Yamaha keyboard synth pop odyssey. Miss Lydia can't come to the phone right now etc. They're some pretty gutsy synths too, no plinky ethereal Shura pop found.
  5. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Yes girl feed your Goddess fantasy <3
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  6. In the palace in the sky
    In the truth that was implied
    Where the secrets and the lies
    Hold the codes that crystalize
    Can you find her place?

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  7. We stan likable, unproblematic Grimes!
  8. That artwork is a serve.
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  9. Oh, they took them down, ff.

    [there was a youtube link here. it's gone now xx]


    See what I meant re: snappage and synth bangers.
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  10. Ms Ainsworth did it again!! "What Is It?" was that art-ghey bop and it seems like she's coming with an album full of Not Like Other Gay bangers for my Kate Bush loving ass!

    Also the video is perfect in all its budget friendly glory and I need to go find that dancer's instagram asap
  11. The good sis has her own label now

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  12. fff the snippet of this was literally the only one of the lot that made me go "oo that's a bit album track-y" but whatever, it's a great song.

    @Lydia sis if you get a budget for another proper single please make it Diamonds Cutting Diamonds, for the love of god.






  13. Thank you, mom.



    ffff well. They'll probably fix it soon enough but as for now, ladies and gentlemen, Hamburger Mary West Hollywood please welcome the stage.

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  14. This is the best song from released three, so good. I can't wait to hear whole album.
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  15. [​IMG]

    Well, nevermind, then. Diamonds for everyone. Not like Marina-chan will be needing them anymore.

    Happy release day, though. I'm not much of a train person anymore but there's so much dropping tonight (keep an eye out for Holly Herndon and Jamila Woods) I relapsed a bit and had a sneak peek. I've no clue how to weigh it against her other albums but It's fairly impeccable, much more direct than either Darling or RfR. Kiss the Future is colossal, probably my favourite of the new lot, Give It Back To You and Edge of the Throne trailing not too far behind.
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  16. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Ooh this is lovely.
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  17. I love the new album, short but sweet! <3
  18. My annual Wrapped thing this year was, per usual, Spotify saying "youse a faggit" in fifteen different graphs and PowerPoint slides, which was expected, but I, uh


    didn't see that coming.


    I have distinct critiques for all of her albums but my favourite tracks of hers has admittedly been frequent musical comfort food for a good while now (since miss constantino_chr plugged her in whatever thread, I can't remember which), I guess the playcount racked up.

    My most played artist this year was Christine and the Queens, though. Nessy ha rate impact.
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  19. Listening to The Road - Can You Find Her Place - Forever back to back today and I’m pretty much hovering above the ground in bliss. Why is she so perfect?
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