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Lydia Loveless - Daughter (September 25)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Andy French, Jul 21, 2020.

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  2. aux


    Oh, this is delicious. I'm definitely going to stay perched for the album.


    Thanks for the tag @Petty Mayonnaise! I know I can always trust your taste.
  3. There's plenty of time to check out the rest of her discography, ladies! x She's one of the most underrated modern alt-country artists out there right now.

    Also thanks @Petty Mayonnaise for tagging more people, I hate the five-tag-per-post limit and consequently always forget at least three people dfsjld
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  4. Lila

    Lila Staff Member

    Just woken up from a 3 hour nap to this. What a day.
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  5. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    I love you @Andy French for always including me in Bumpkin Justice.
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  6. I'm absolutely perched for Daughter based off the artwork + the above alone, but is there any order you recommend tackling her discography? I've added Real to my library but plan to listen to all of them before Daughter drops.
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  7. To be honest, the original release of Boy Crazy was my intro to her so I’m always going to recommend it as a starter. The re-release also has some excellent covers added to the end.

    After that, I’d say you can pretty much go chronologically. The progression of her sound from more traditional country to the more polished, alternative country-leaning sound is interesting to listen to - Indestructible Machine is generally seen as her debut, but she released an album prior to that called The Only Man; it's not on streaming in the US for some reason, but you can find it digitally on Amazon. Real is my favorite of her albums by far
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  8. One of my friends did the artwork for this, so I suppose it's high time I checked her out.
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  9. I’ve never heard of her before but Love Is Not Enough is quite excellent.

    Will definitely be checking the album out when it comes.
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  10. Her sister is missing in the Marina Del Rey area. I hope she's found
  11. Y'all dropped the ball on this one! Daughter is out and it's...her best for me across the board? Can't Think, the title track and September are my immediate favorites but there's not a bad track here: I'm loving how she lets the songs really stretch and fills them with lyrical gems to the point where I know I'll be finding new highlights months from now. Shout out to the ex-religious queens out there:

    Is there a God or
    Is that my upbringing
    Telling me to cast aside the little I have earned
    I don’t believe in anything yet I don’t
    Take the time to find something that maybe I could learn

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