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Lykke Li - EYEYE

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LE0Night, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. She's an artist that gets stronger with every album, but I'll always have a soft spot for Youth Novels.
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  2. still sad still sexy is THAT EP though. Neon is especially such a gorgeous song. I understand her wanting to move on but that sound was just a stellar niche for her.
  3. [​IMG]
    New album Eyeye out May 20! Tracklist:
    1. NO HOTEL
    6. 5D
    7. OVER
    8. ü&i
  4. Ended Gaga.

    No Hotel is stunning. The track length made me nervous with this only being 8 songs, but the rest of the tracks have pulled through.

    1. No Hotel 2:26
    2. You Don't Go Away 3:13
    3. Highway To Your Heart 3:59
    4. HappyHurts 4:56
    5. Carousel 4:14
    6. 5D 3:45
    7. Over 3:44
    8. ü&i 7:12
  5. No Hotel is very pretty. Very happy to see the rest of the tracks are longer, though.
  6. She's not with RCA anymore? No Hotel appears to have been released through Play It Again Sam, the indie label Agnes Obel and Lisa Hannigan are signed to.
  7. This is lovely - a lot rawer and more intimate-sounding than So Sad So Sexy.

    So we've got Arcade Fire, Florence and Lykke - time for someone to announce an album for 27 May and make it a perfect month!
  8. What a striking photo. The shadows/lighting are giving Renaissance painting.
  9. 2014

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    2022 can't stop serving!
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  10. Album synopsis from her website.
  11. The shriek I just let out ??????

  12. A&E


    The poster zine (which ships in June) includes a "download code for the single album .WAV artist edition of the album, which is only available with this item".
    I wonder what that entails, other than it likely being a continuous mix?
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  13. This is an album exclusively of ballads.
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  14. Maybe it's one 33-minute track rather than eight separate segued ones?
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  15. Love how that description tells you absolutely nothing about what the album actually sounds like.
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  16. Vinyl shipping in December?

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  17. Just say it's a looped gif!
  18. My professional career:
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