Lykke Li - EYEYE

I know a lot of fans wanted her to continue where “so sad so sexy” left off this album returns to her sounding more vulnerable and intimate which I am here for.

Happy Hurts and ü&I are the standout tracks for me the way she just layers her own vocals to create something haunting yet tender.

I loved the previous album but have welcomed this album and nod to her older material with open arms looking forward to seeing her live again.
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I was so into 5D until the line

Is there anywhere we could be 5D?

And my brain decided to change it to

Is there anywhere we could be farting?


Slightly disappointed because I expected this to be some kind of pretentious indie experimental art project but I still like this!
I think this actually lands at the perfect intersection between Wounded Rhymes and I Never Learn. As much as I like so sad so sexy it did feel like I Never Learn: B Sides outside of a couple songs. This is a far more exciting project and positions her in a space where it feels like there's more room to grow and refine, even if it isn't entirely different.
Dare I say this might actually be my favorite Lykke album? I’ve always loved her lower key songs like Unrequited Love, Sleeping Alone, I Never Learn, etc. and the album feels like her completely tapping into that energy. Listening to the album as a whole, it’s so beautiful - I understand where she was going with it all now.

Do I think she could have fleshed it out with a song or two more? Sure, it feels a bit short… But maybe less is more when she’s committed to such a specific vibe. It’s an upgrade from So Sad So Sexy for me.
The album is so, so good. What a return to form after so sad, so shitty. Every track is it’s own perfectly crafted little wonder (pause to reflect on the superiority of short albums! All albums should be 9 tracks long!) and I’m surprised by how instant it is - the title/cover was giving obtuse and solemn but it’s actually all elegant, glittering pop. J’adore.