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Lykke Li - so sad so sexy

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LE0Night, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. I'll echo this. These songs are very generic and there's a demo-like quality to them.

    How did we go from LIV (her best songs to date) to this?
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  2. Swimming pool, swimming pool
    Swimming pool, swimming pool
    Indigo, deep blue, deep blue
    Oh, baby I know where you've been
    I know where you been, in the deep end

  3. Lovely. But that's certainly sounds cool. I'm gonna wait for the album.
  4. I've only listened once, so maybe a bit premature, but I'm feeling neither sad nor sexy. Just a tad "oh ...". I'l love them within a week.
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  5. If you're not listening to "hard rain" and immediately teleported to a planet where scalps are barren and bussies gave up after being crushed, imploded and trampled into dust, then I don't know what to do with you.
  6. They've made me both very sad and very sexy. But I always was.
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  7. I'm in it, I'm in it
    I was only gonna touch ya, now I'm in it

  8. The background vocals in Deep End in the bridge.
    I'm so fucking deep in it
    I think I feel another wave, another wave
    I'm diving in, I'm diving in it anyway
    I’m in it, I’m in it
    So hot, the brdge reminds me of her debut record. I really love this sonic shift though, I never thought I would say trap and Lykke Li in the same sentence but it really works. So sassy.
  9. I took a pause from obsessively playing Ariana to give these a try and now I am OVERWHELMED. Lykke serving me a Nelly Furtado bop with Florence and the Machine ocean lyrics about love was not expected and I barely survived to listen to "Hard Rain" only to be DESTROYED. What sort of attack on water signs and all our emotions does this album hold. Help.
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  10. Let me just say 'deep end' is AMAZING.
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  11. Hard Rain JUST left me breathless, those last few seconds are akin to the tension from a Hitchcock film and the emotional struggle of a will they, won't they rom-com.

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  12. I *like* the cover but this would've been FAR more striking:

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  13. Ok so 'Hard Rain' is growing on me. It's taken its time.
  14. Hard Rain still feels tuneless and whiny to me. I’m hoping listening on some good headphones will improve it. Deep End is more obvious after a few listens.
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  15. "Deep End" is the one, tbh.
  16. And on top of that, in Hard Rain she manages to sound like herself, Carly Rae Jepsen and Banks (in that order) and effortlessly pulls it off.

    An 'I'm every flop gay icon' tea
  17. Both songs are incredible and this album is going to ber her best easily.
  18. I've been happily playing these since release but listening to them late last night made me love them even more. They're the perfect buildup/comedown combo. That's not really surprising as listening to Lykke at night in general makes for quite a moment. I'm so ready for the album.
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  19. I've listened today and hard rain reminded me of something Banks would do.
  20. This is STUNNING and also giving me some “Agnes Obel but on a melancholy acid trip” realness.
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