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Lykke Li - so sad so sexy

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LE0Night, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. I'm liking the newest tracks, but Hard Rain and Deep End remain the ones to beat.
  2. The two newer tracks are both beautiful. I love the switch up when Amine comes in.

    I didn’t know how badly I needed a poppier/trappy Lykke Li album, but everything thus far has been amazing.
  3. Hard Rain > Deep End > Utopia > Sex Money Feelings Die > Two Nights
  4. The two new tracks continue to give me everything I need from this album. I can’t wait for it to come out next week!
  5. Yeah she's 5/5 so far. This is all pretty near perfect sound and image-wise.
  6. It's taking so much self restraint to not play the new stuff... trying to wait until it drops as a whole.
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  7. This album is gonna destroy me and I'm so excited.
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  8. These songs are all so basic and feel like a weird fit for Lykke. Like, I know someone like Charli could make a song as slight as Sex Money Feelings Die feel cool and atmospheric but it just falls flat with Lykke at the helm. I dunno. Everything feels flat and unconvincing.
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  9. I have a weird feeling about them too. In my mind the songs are amazing but also I don’t have much desire to listen to them.
  10. Seeing her in 15 mins, hangover, hjalp.
  11. Spill all the details later!!! I’ve tried to see her since 2012 but always missed her
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  12. I’ve only seen her in a festival - somehow her tours always never suit me - but the new music feels like she’s a new act a bit. Let’s see!
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  13. What a woman. She’s basically performing like an R&B songstress and it’s amazing to see. Queen.

  14. She was completely stunning yesterday at Primavera Sound, I felt like I was ascending to heaven when she played 'Just Like A Dream'.
  15. I've only listened to the first two tracks, I want the full album experience when this arrives.
  16. She was so magnetic, wasn't she? Oh, and 'so sad, so sexy' was fantastic!
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  17. Gunshot was also a moment. Could be my fave Li ever.
  18. Gunshot was my favorite lykke song until this album. Now I just don’t know. I JUST DON’T.
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  19. I have heard the album...and I love it. If you are into the tracks we've already received, you will enjoy the entire thing. If you aren't, lord help you.
  20. The title track is possibly the best thing she's ever done. Have faith!
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