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Lykke Li - so sad so sexy

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LE0Night, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. 2014

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    My favourite Lykke song is still

  2. Sex money feelings die
    Baby don't you cry
    Sex money feelings die
    Ladies on my right
    Sex money feelings die


    What a.......


  3. I'll always be thankful for Sorority Row introducing me to hear.
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  4. her best song

  5. I'm obsessed with everything released from this album so far. Literally flawless. except Utopia maybe.

    Two Nights especially is staying with me. It almost feels like a deconstructed ABBA song. Or the You've been dancin' with somebody, on the streets with somebody part does anyway.
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  6. This makes me even more sad that the title track wasn't the lead single. Mainly because I've been dying to add it to my playlists solely based on its title.
  7. Breaking It Up tho. A banger. And Lykke serving Miu Miu Olsen twin in the video is iconic.
  8. This could potentially be my album of the year.
  9. You sure?

  10. This remix is EVERYTHING! Love the movie so much, and the ending scene is flawless when this song starts playing.
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  11. It's out there. What a gorgeous, well-thought album honestly.
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  12. She did that.

    so sad so sexy (the song) is an instant favorite.
  13. Jaguars In The Air is a hundred things happening all at once and it... works.

    Her mind.
  14. I am definitely not hunting for a leak when it’s all only a day away.
    Those last five tracks have a lot to live up to already...
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  15. I’m just going to wait for the inevitable scalping Friday morning but I’m glad it’s getting a good reception so far.
  16. I chose to listen to this first over Lily because I'm expecting less from Lykke, but really, this 1-2 opening punch is still murdering me. Hard Rain is one of my songs of the year & Deep End isn't far behind. I hope the rest of the album lives up.


    01 - Hard Rain - 10
    02 - Deep End - 08
    03 - Two Nights - 06
    04 - Last Piece - 07
    05 - Jaguars In The Air - 05 - I hate the way she pronounces "Jaguars"...
    06 - Sex Money Feelings Die - 07
    07 - So Sad So Sexy - 07
    08 - Better Alone - 06
    09 - Bad Woman - 07
    10 - Utopia - 08

    First listen: 7/10

    Not the knockout masterpiece I was hoping for - nor is it her best, but it's a good album.
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  17. Island

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    Her transformation into a r'n'b goddesses is something i never expected but i'm completely digging it. Still not so sure if this album will hold against Wounded Rhymes and I Never Learn but what album can?
  19. Wait. NO. Not when the second half is way stronger than the first. I had to double post just because i cannot for the life of me leave this as it is. BETTER ALONE A 6? SO SAD SO SEXY A 7?
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  20. Ugh, Friday seems so far away. Y'all making it sound glorious.
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