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Lykke Li - so sad so sexy

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LE0Night, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. Nnnñ Unchained Melody is the base for at least 50% of her songs. Queen of revealing her influences.
  2. It's beautiful.

    But kinda boring.
  3. Her voice is just so special. Queen of making me emotional listening to a song I've heard hundreds of times.
  4. The clips from last year of her and Jeff singing it to their son are lovely.

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  5. Okay, ready for that album now.
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  6. Well at least we have the Liv songs to help tide us over.

    Still though...

  7. I Never Learn always destroys my soul
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  8. Guest member

    Guest member Guest

    New song alert!

    She sounds a lot like Nelly Furtado on this. It's beautiful.
  9. Gorgeous.

    I love how she doesn't go completely quiet in-between albums; she's always been good at fan service.
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  10. Pop 4th album confirmed.

    They probably mean 'fun bops to play live during the summer' but still.
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  11. While I loved her latest release, I’d be more than happy to get an album that isn’t all slow, emotional songs.
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  12. I need this.
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  13. Confirmed where?
  14. I wish the Liv project been more fully realised. I am here for a new Lykke album, but I loved the soft focus, 70s pop sound of the four songs we got to hear. A full album, or even an EP, would have been wonderful.

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  15. I was just getting my life to ‘Breaking It Up’ last night. I obviously love brooding to her depressing stuff but a return to the more upbeat moments would be nice. The world is already depressing enough right now. If Lana if all people can come through with something more hopeful, I’m sure Lykke can.
  16. This is going to be stellar I can feel it. She’s yet to release an album worse than a 9/10 though.
  17. So excited for this. Give me your 'Ray of Lyte', sis.
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  18. I wonder if there'll be a Lana collaboration. They were pictured together some time last year.
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