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Lykke Li, so sad so sexy

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LE0Night, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. I keep ending up in a loop of it without even realizing because it ends long before I'm ready to be done with it.
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  2. Wow what an album... but I'm not surprised, she always delivers.
  3. jaguars in the ey
    jaguars in the ey eyy
  4. Luc


    Album of the year for me!
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  5. Exactly what I sing.
  6. So Sad, So Sexy documents that last night you have with your ex so perfectly.

    That one last cuddle, that one last hug, that one last fuck, that one last look you give each other...

    YAS YAS YAS Queen of SAD POP. I wanna see her live again.
  7. I am all good - thanks for asking. Word of advice to anyone who's reading - never fly Turkish Airlines.
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  8. Hard rain
    Deep end
    Last Piece

    sex money feelings die
    so sad so sexy

    are my favorites
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  9. “Magazine reviews album based on 6 track promo” teas.
  10. God i love this album too...all the songs have amazing chorus that are stuck in your head for days...i can't even go through the whole album coz I have "Hard Rain" on repeat, the "up and down" part is amazing and the verses at the end are so sexy.

    "Hard Rain" is one of the best songs in years love all the tracks especially all the singles and So Sad, So Sexy, Bad Girl,...well mostly all the album.
    Hope it will get Grammys noms
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  11. There’s a fair few gaps in the dates, I’d be very surprised if she didn’t sneak a Manchester date in if the interest is there.
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  12. These melodies are incredibly strong.
  13. I was trying to think of a run in the album where I'm like, "Wow what a great section of songs!"

    It's tracks 1-10. The whole thing. We did it, kids.
  14. Pitchfork giving this 6.4 is homophobic.
  15. It seems doomed to a 7/10 overall in the critics' eyes. Which I don't get, but whatever. I don't listen to music for other people.
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  16. so trash so sexist
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  17. They usually love her. Just not especially here for her this time I guess.
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  18. Fantastic album.

    I loved the singles, and Jaguars in the Air is definitely another highlight.
  19. Hi guys who's feeling sad and sexy today xx
  20. This is that kind of album that I listened to and thought "this is great, but doesn't click with me". So I gave it a few days and, after revisiting it, wow.
    Every single track has a hook and strong melodies and harmonies and the album still comes off as simple and stripped back. I was trying to mention which tracks were highlights for me but I'm in love with the whole thing. I just think 'bad woman' should have a longer ending, or bring the beats in a bit earlier.
    What I love the most about it is how Lykke found a very nice niche for her. She started off as this indie/alternative artist who was too sad to be mainstream, and then those remixes came out and she got a lot bigger, and now she's living up to it. This is definitely a POP album (as opposed to her debut, for example), and she injects her style into it so easily, without sounding pretentious (on the contrary - everything's very straightforward and downright honest). I'm really proud of what she's achieved with this.
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