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Lykke Li, so sad so sexy

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LE0Night, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. Go away Stacey
  2. Wounded Rhymes is still y favourite album of hers, and one of my favourite albums of all time. But this is growing on me so quickly I feel like I want to live inside of this album.
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  3. I don't think I ever claimed it was. I just think it's one of the best known music websites and one of the first places people turn to when reading reviews. Pretending they don't still hold some relevance is sticking one's head in the sand a bit.

    And just because they give disappointing scores doesn't mean they don't write well often.
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  4. Yeah I’ve always had at worst a respectful disagreement with Pitchfork. Their reviews are almost always worth reading for a different, well articulated perspective.

    Lately though they’ve been frustrating, from cutting St. Vincent and Janelle at the knees just for going more pop to this and the Lilly Allen review. The sexism is becoming increasingly less...subtle.
  5. True, but if I had to pick I think the run from "sex money feels die" to "better alone" is my favourite.
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  6. That was actually exactly what I was leaning toward too ddd
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  7. adz


    The album didn’t hit me on my first listens but I’ve really gotten into it now. It’s subtle but there’s some great hooks in there. It’s not my favourite album of hers, but I am really liking it.

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  9. An era.
  10. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    everything about this is so 2008/2009
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  11. Officially addicted. Bought tickets today. She’s performing one day after Chvrches. Get my indie pop coins!

    Too bad Chvrches‘ 3rd is nothing compared to Lykke‘s 4th.

    Anyway yay.
  12. The very last place I’d ever seek out an album review is Pitchfork.

    I don’t even think they actually like music.
  13. Well that's just being silly, I think. The very last place?

    And they love music obviously. They just don't always align with ours/yours.
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  14. For me it's TheNeedleDrop. I'd rather have musical recommendations from my mom.
  15. Obsessed, like on repeat all day obsessed.
  16. I quite often disagree with Anthony and find him annoying a lot of the time too, but I think he’s really thoughtful, and provocative a lot of the time (in a good way). I appreciate the way he thinks, even if I don’t agree with him sometimes.

    Pitchfork are less useful, I think. I’ve always thought you could pretty plainly see the angle they try/tried to take on most things, and it gets/got blended up with great writing sometimes. I’ve always disliked how they’ve been gatekeepers for what is cool, what is actually meaningful and worthwhile to some.

    It all feeds into the notion that any art not beholden to certain standards can’t be considered legitimate or meaningful. Feminine art is always considered a “guilty pleasure”; Pitchfork gauging how pop something is or whatever is simply a continuation of that.
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  17. It's kinda the opposite for me. While I always had a bit of a difficult relationship with Pitchfork (it's just too obvious which artists they like and which not and sometimes their bad reviews are on the edge of bullying IMO), I have to admit that I'm certainly not mad when they award high grades to albums I like a lot and during the past 12 months, they gave amazing reviews to many of my recent favourite albums by female artists (Ash by Ibeyi got. 8.3, Take Me Apart by Kelela 8.6, The Kid by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith 8.1, Plunge by Fever Ray 8.7, Rest by Charlotte Gainsbourg 8.7, In a Poem Unlimited by U.S. Girls 8.7, Isolation by Kali Uchis 8.6). Sometimes, they even gave a way too nice review IMO (Jessie Ware's latest album, which I unfortunately do not like at all, got 8.0 and also the 8.1 for Jorja Smith's debut, which I like, is certainly on the generous side). So, curious to see how long my good Pitchfork-streak keeps up. While I wouldn't consider myself the biggest St. Vincent fan, I was definitely surprised by that "low" score for what I considered a great album. But I wouldn't agree that they do not approve going more Pop in general; they really liked Art Angels for instance.

    I also have to admit that I'm not a fan of this new Lykke Li record. I might be a bit closed-minded but I'm having a hard time accepting the direction she took with this and I wonder how these songs will hold up over the course of time. The moment this skips on Spotify from the end of this album to the beginning of I Never Learn, I just realise that this new record just doesn't hold up for me at all, but then again it doesn't have to and it's good to see that her close fans here appreciate this. For me, I Never Learn just remains the best album she's put out.
  18. Anthony is the absolute worst. I can't watch a whole review.
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  19. These two have always been a favourites of mine

    I always preferred remixes that don’t change the structure of the song too much just make them a bit ... ‘boppier’.
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  20. This is growing on me now, thankfully.
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