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Lykke Li - so sad so sexy

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LE0Night, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. Damn that sounds amazing
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  2. So sad so sexy?
    That instrumental sounds amazing! Can’t wait...
    But whatever happened to liv and their album?
  3. I don't think Liv was ever due an album, unless I missed that news? They've essentially released an EP anyway.
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  4. Lykke said in an interview a while back that there was enough liv-material for an album, and that she was working on her solo album at the same time.
  5. Lykke Li album is exactly what this summer needs.
  6. I still remember exactly where I was in my life when I Never Learn came out. So vivid. Excited to make some memories to this new one, too.
  7. Her lewk is very 'This is the lovechild of St. Vincent and Shoshanna from 'Girls''

    The music is very 'David Lynch asked Chromatics to create a new score for 'Mulholland Drive''
  8. It’s not another cover?!?

  9. All Points East is only six weeks away. Probably too much to hope for that the album drops before then...or is it?
  10. You don't even need a plate, just your face, ha
    Lykke Lykke yum-yum, what a great guy
  11. It probably won’t happen but it’d be nice. It’s not like she’d need a long drawn out buildup.
  12. All of her albums have been an Experience, can't wait for this.
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  13. Fuck this looks INCREDIBLE and sounds not-boring.
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  14. Out of all upcoming alt-pop albums, this is the one I'm looking forward to the most (soz Flo and Janelle!). Very exciting that things are finally taking shape now. If I remember correctly Love Me Like I'm Not Made of Stone wasn't released too long after the I Never Learn album trailer so the new single might be closer than we think.
    My thoughts exactly. It's very Italians Do It Better, which seems like a perfect fit for Lykke in 2018.
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  15. Can't wait for her to invent sadness again
  16. Depress me, queen!
  17. This is coming for bussies and wigs aparently
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  18. It may be completely different in style, didn't she say the last album was the final part of a trilogy?
  19. I’m sensing Drive influences and it’s giving me liv !!!
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  20. I am deeply here for this mood. So sad so sexy so ready
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