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Lykke Li - so sad so sexy

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LE0Night, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. Oh I've missed her so much. I'm so ready for this return.
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  2. Please tell me she's coming this week. that song in the video is already everything I need from her and more.
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  3. I’d be so down with getting new Lykke and Florence in the same week. Give me those songs to drown myself in the bathtub to that I love, Queens.
  4. That snippet left me shaking and crying. I love her so much. Gosh she looks so much like Lady Gaga sometimes.
  5. I've heard real good thangs, personally.
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  6. I hope the instrumental from that teaser is an actual song she will release? I'm so obsessed with it
  7. I'm trembling and my wig is titillating.
  8. She’s long said this is her “return to pop” right?

    Not that anything she’s made isn’t pop. But I get what she means.
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  9. I want to hear her mumble Since You've Been Gone in that traditional Lykke-ian way after reading that article.
  10. there will be beats apparently
  11. Wig woven and stapled.
  12. I have been reliably told by someone who knows my music tastes very well,l that I am not ready.
  13. I Never Learn was one of those albums I lived within so much that it feels like its own memory; I don't need more of that, but if she could take the overt pop of Gunshot and merge it with the more aggressive moments on Wounded Rhymes then she's got album of the year sewn up.
  14. Honestly, that 90 second clip she posted has already confirmed that this will be amazing.
  15. Bit worried, to be honest. By “more pop” I hope she means we’re getting an album full of songs that sound like “The Only”, “Get Some” and “I Follow Rivers”..

    Why isn’t she working with Björn again?
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  16. While Max isn't 100% perfect, I'm still excited she's trying something new.
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  17. Its going to be amazing, I trust her.
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  18. [​IMG]

    Exclusive album cover/title tea from the person who watermarked this, from that site. New album out in June.

    2 new songs possibly out next Friday.
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