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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jwentz, Jan 28, 2020.

  1. It’s seems we may have new music coming

  2. This sounds amazing! I can't wait for the whole project/mixtape/album in 2050.
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  3. She never disappoints does she? Sooo ready for this.
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  4. aux


    Perched. Come through mama
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  5. Queen of visual design
  6. Yas! I've been listening to Maya/Vicki Leekx a lot lately so I've been hungry for something new.

    Her visuals and aesthetics always, always on point.

    ddd AIM was disappointing but at least it still delivered a few career high bopperations (Go Off, Freedun, Borders).
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  7. It's been 84 years. I love you girl.
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  8. Wa just listening to MAYA yesterday, great news.
  9. Ooh yes. That looks and sounds amazing even if "NEW PLATFORM" is giving me...ARTPOP app flashbacks dd
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  10. Quite curious, the snippet sounds very interesting, happy to have her back again
  11. I know I’ll find a few bops always with her but what I really need her to do is tour. The two shows insane were great and she could be such a household name for festivals etc. I also wonder why she never pushed producing and even DJing more. Don’t know the background but she doesn’t seem very busy.

    Instantly insanely happy whenever something new is on the horizon anyway, she has a very, very special place in my heart.

    Also strong recommendation to look for the documentary. It’s an informative and entertaining view. I was at the German premiere which she attended and she is so incredibly lovely.
  12. She was on a Primavera lineup (that was scrapped or maybe they will release in waves this time?) I was sent a month ago so she's obviously planning to.
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  13. It would be fantastic - also Primavera would get considered again.

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  16. ...yeah..... not with THAT billionaire ex husband paying child support
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  17. This part SENT me
  18. This is her best song in years?

  19. Is that the Xena's theme at the beginning? I'm already stanning this project.
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  20. This is absolute fire, god I missed her. That Munchi tag is making me think of an alternate reality in which her and Azealia could release a joint track.
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