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M.I.A. - General Discussion + The One

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jwentz, Jan 28, 2020.

  1. Yeah I had the same feeling when I watched the documentary last summer. I made a playlist straight after it.

    It’s a really interesting watch.
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  2. Has she stopped talking about 5G yet
  3. Cool video


  4. This sounds goooooood. We love a children’s choir moment!
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  5. I wonder if the album is finally coming.
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  6. This is quite the return to form. But I do wish the children’s choir from the live performance was included on the studio version.
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  7. Well I'm a tad obsessed with this.
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  8. Well...she's a born again Christian now apparently so...there's that!

    The song's great.
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  9. What?
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  11. The trajectory of her career has not been what I hoped it would be 15 years ago.
  12. It's a song.
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  15. When my cross hits my chest, when I’m banging on the dashboard
  16. Well it's recorded music.

    It says it all that I hadn't even realised she's not released an album for six years. The lack of anticipation, the low expectations...
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  17. I’m liking this!!!
  18. Where is the children’s choir though…
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