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M.I.A. - Matangi

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by truman, Jan 25, 2012.

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    It's so strange because she's the most influential popstar since Madonna (I howled in horror when I read Peter's Lady Gaga write up, because I thought, "It's M.I.A. and not Gaga!") and yet she's barely sold any records. I suppose you don't need to be a huge seller for your influence to extend itself into pop culture and globally; punk music being the ultimate example of that. With Maya, you can literally see the difference in the visuals of American hip-hop/pop/alternative music after Arular gets released, all that neon and animal print, the garish colours. Nu-rave? M.I.A.' created the look of it. And all of these artists absorbed it. So for her clothes line to sell really badly...is quite funny actually.

    In other news, I am not looking forward to her duet with Chris Brown. I find it a distressing thought.
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    A duet with Chris Brown!? Why M.I.A.? Why?
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    Chris Brown?! No way...I won't believe it.
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    Urgh. It's not just WHO he is, it's that A) I don't like his voice. B) He's bloody everywhere. Even Estelle and Brandy have tried using him to inject some life into their careers.
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    One has to wonder whether it was M.I.A.'s own idea to collaborate with Chris Brown or the producer's idea or whoever's. "No thanks"
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    I'm totally on the late-train here; but yeah, Come Walk With Me is a TUNE. There's still no word on a release date for Matangi, is there?

    I second this motion.
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    I'm still going to be sceptical...we always hear reports of artists working with particular people but sometimes it never eventuates/doesn't end up on the album. I will keep telling myself that.

    But oh my fucking god, Usher and the Cataracs too?
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    I actually don't mind a Chris Brown collab, could be interesting.

    The Madonna one was just awful.
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    this collaboration is not happening.
    These news are so old.

    Wait and see..
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    I've been playing the Come Walk With Me snippet far more times than is healthy. I need that song in my life now.
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    M.I.A in Stella McCartney at the Met Ball...


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    I saw that, and she looks fucking amazing. I hope she does a high fashion look for the new album, she could totally make it work, and it'd be different from her past street style image.
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    If M.I.A.'s Twitter is to be believed, a remix of Bad Girls featuring Azealia Banks, Rye Rye & Missy Elliot is coming soon.
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    Although, I would've liked Nicki to be present as well.
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    That will be quite something, although I'd rather she release something new. I want details on the album already.
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    This sounds like my ideal remix except it doesn't have Lady Sov or Betty Boo on it. This upsets me.

    I'm shocked Azealia would be on a track with Rye Rye. She dissed her a few years back. "Rye Rye can go bye bye," etc. Who hasn't Azealia dissed though? Well...she hasn't dissed The Sov or Boo. That doesn't upset me.
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    Did she get her lips done? Still, she looks great.
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    She's apparently signed to Roc Nation.
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