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M.I.A. - /\/\/\Y/\ (MAYA)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Tommie, Jan 10, 2010.

  1. I don't think she's a sell-out and I've been a fan since Arular/the Piracy Funds Terrorism mixtape. If she gets success, and it looks that way, then it has been achieved on her own terms. The only time I was slightly worried was when she released Paper Planes. I'm not a big fan of that song.

    Her genius is inescapable to me. One of my favourite moments in her career was when she leaked Bird Flu soon after the Bernard Matthews bird-flu incident. Amazing. That's what I love about M.I.A. and I hope she continues to provoke in an intelligent manner.
  2. Didn't she perform Paper Plane on Letterman a couple of years ago?

    What a ridiculous statement.
  3. RRC


    I think she's brilliant. I don't care if there's this massive paranoia, the nagging sense that she's actually quite unintelligent, and all the contradictions of her character ("I'm Fighting For You Guys...Oh, I'm Marrying A Millionaire). I think she knows exactly what she's doing, and how divisive she is, and like all great artists she uses that to her strengths.

    HOWEVER, I think the album is dreadful. I appreciate that it's dense, consistent, a concept album almost, but gosh, at least throw some tunes in. Then we would've been looking at a total work of art. As it is, it feels like a selection of ideas and outrages against a musical backdrop. Then again, such is the power of the woman, that I bet there's barely a figure in the industry - aside from her ex, Diplo, who clearly was on to something - that had the balls to tell her it wasn't actually that great.

    Again, she's brilliant. Just a few more pop moments next time, please.
  4. She did indeed because I was watching it the other night on YouTube.
  5. The problem with this album is, that for the first time in her career, Maya is actually trying to craft something. Unlike "Arular" and "Kala", which were inspired by her surroundings and she was receiving music, she is now making music and failing spectacularly because in the end, she's a shit musician.
  6. After initially slating this album in LQ version, I think I may now like it... a lot!

    I think it is fucking hilarious that she called her son Ikhyd though. It's slightly contradictory that she's warning about overdosing on the technological revolution, yet she has given herself an 'iKid'. Bizarre!
  7. I remember her being pissed off when they censored the gun shot noises without warning her or some shit like that! That Born Free performance was her revenge!

  8. She composed the demo for Galang, Lady Killa and M.I.A. by herself so even though she isn't a proper musician (you're right) it doesn't matter because she can still compose those songs with technology available to her. This album is going to be like Arular because her lifestyle is a bit removed from what it was back then. Her politics and 'voice' remain the same but she's a bit more paranoid by the sounds of it. It's not going to appeal to everybody though.
  9. same here
  10. She makes me laugh, its like watching a twelve year old stamping her feet, determined not to let the grown ups tell her what to do.
  11. Agreed.

    The production and beats on Kala are impossible to top.
  12. The Letterman-performance made me laugh.

    She really doesn't care for good promo at all.
  13. This album is immense on headphones. 'Teqkilla' is this album's dark dance masterwork. 'Lovalot' is quite good, innit? Actually, every time I think I've found the best song on the album, another track jumps out at me.

    Definitely in my top ten of the year.
  14. Mine as well. I'm jumping between this, Mystery Jets and Plastic Beach right now.
  15. In a HUGE turnaround, I'm actually beginning to think this may be her best.
  16. It Iz What It Iz is one of my favourites now. Lovely song.
  17. Tommie

    Tommie Guest

    I love Born Free.

  18. 3Xs


    I love it too. It's actually become one of my favorites from the album.
  19. I like that and Meds and Feds.
  20. My top 3 are: Steppin' Up, It Iz What It Iz, It Takes A Muscle.
    But there are also more favorites... Meds And Feds, Space, Illygirl, Caps Lock, Lovalot, Teqkilla, Tell Me Why, Born Free, XXXO and Internet Connection. Yes, particularly whole album.

    Only track I don't really love is Believer which is quite... boring.
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