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M.O. Full Discography Rate || #1 Revealed

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by boombazookajoe, Jan 18, 2021.

  1. Well...it's not.

    26. Love The Most (feat. Yungen)
    average: 6.0233

    Peak Placement: #14 || Valley Placement: #26

    High Scores:
    10 - @jawow_ 9 - @Utopia
    8 - @Mr.Arroz @Phonetics Girl @slaybellz @Vasilios
    Low Scores:
    4 - @Nicole! @RUNAWAY @Scaper
    3 - @sesita 2.2 - @berserkboi 2 - @TRAVVV
    Boombazookajoe Score:
    6.5 - @boombazookajoe

    The first elimination from the largely ignored and forgotten Good Friends - EP...which we may be seeing more of sooner rather than later. At least, after only 1 song in the 5 average range, we've broken into the <6 songs, which means everything from here on out is at least serviceable. This even had a cute little run of being in 14th place when we were in the infancy of the voting period, but that was a short lived reign if I'm being honest.

    There’s just … not a lot going on in this song other than too many loose references to Instagram and a truly heinous and horrendous rap feature by Yungen. @Utopia maligns him for mentioning Kylie (Jenner) and not Kylie (Minoque) even though claiming it’s a “monster bop.” Meanwhile, I’m sitting here listening to what’s supposed to be some flex verse that includes the line: “you will never catch me with no minor.” Ummm...what the fuck?

    Honestly flabbergasted that that line made the cut and I’m looking back at my own 6.5 rating and shaking my head. As @berserkboi said: “this was very unpleasant.” @RUNAWAY added: “the completely awful rap sours the entire thing....” @BSpearsFan agrees: “the chorus gets on my last nerve and the rap lyrics make me cringe.”

    @Runawaywithme could appreciate the “21st century “The Boy Is Mine” moment and @OspreyQueen likes the song overall “even if it is a bit lethargic.” The voices, particularly Annie’s pre-chorus are actually solid, but then the chorus just meanders in haze with no additional production or punch in the bass to give it anything of note.

    @londonrain leaves us off with final remarks on the track, which echo my sentiments exactly: “Jolene found unbothered. Aaliyah found unshook. Natalie found unconvinced.”

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  2. Good riddance! This is literally following my exact scoring order so far ddd
  3. I know it’s massively off brand for me to like this. I hated it til I saw them perform it at their headline gig in 2016 and something changed in me. I probably would have given it a 10 if it wasn’t for the rap dddd
  4. I'll echo mostly everyone and say this was the first time I was truly disappointed in their output. On & On and Come Let Me Show You were also questionable, but those always felt like demos anyway.
  5. Great! My two really low score (1.5 & 2.2) are now out! The rest should be 5+ (or closer to it anyway)
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  6. Either I'm posting way too early for y'all or this one is not the one that you love the most, so let's get another elimination out of the way.

    25. Good Friends (feat. Moaning Fucking Myrtle)
    average: 6.1344

    Peak Placement: #13 || Valley Placement: #26

    High Scores:
    9.5 - @Mr.Arroz 9 - @Redout @slaybellz
    8.5 - @Remorque 8.1 - @FINISH LINE
    8 - @soratami @Subspace88 @Voicething
    Low Scores:
    4 - @Murdoch @Robsolete @SiduousIII
    3 - @RainOnFire @Scaper @Verandi
    Boombazookajoe Score:
    @boombazookajoe 6.5

    M.O. have made a lot of strange decisions in their career, and this out of nowhere detour into grimier R&B territory after “Preach” and before “Who Do You Think Of?” is certainly up there. There was little pomp and circumstance around this release, which was weird considering the singles that preceded and followed it received their biggest radio push and glossiest video treatments. Maybe this was a passion project? Who knows for sure.

    Do I think y’all did this project as a whole, and title track “Good Friends” dirty? Well, a little. The music on its own is largely solid, but simply wasn’t what any M.O. fan was looking for at the time.

    The major problem with “Good Friends,” and what literally none of y’all could get past, was the annoying pitched up vocals that take up the first 30 seconds of the song and seem to never go away. @OspreyQueen would enjoy this chilled bop if “Moaning fucking Myrtle wasn’t hanging around the recording booth.” @Scaper
    was even brave enough to admit that they bop to “many C*milla C*bello songs” and even THEY couldn’t get past the annoying vocal riff. Sorry to that voice! @Holly Something couldn’t get past "the squeaky voice [which] is kind of annoying as well.”

    If you were to eliminate that terrible vocal effect, what’s left is a pretty great mid-tempo R&B track that could use a bridge to really flesh it out. @londonrain complemented the cute harmonies, and I agree. The “good friends” harmonies on the second chorus and the outro are delicious. @soratami,
    (who I guess didn’t give this commentary but did not dispute the claim as per the below posts) appreciated the old school vibes. I personally loved that each verse ends with a line that sounds like they are going to call their ex-friend a ho only for the “hope you find peace of mind” line to come in. Fun wordplay. And @MusicalMelody and @Runawaywithme both appreciated the potential pettiness and messiness from Miss Curly Queen Frankee’s verse. I don’t really know the whole tea with Mini Viva disbanding and Britt Love, but I did read all of Frankee’s IG AMA the other day, and when asked about Mini Viva, Frankee talked very positively about her experience in the group … even if she started with “Britt and I are not in communication” sdfhjksdhfkjsdhgsd. Shady bish.

    @SiduousIII saw the bright side: "I honestly just....didn't really understand the point of this project ddd. I guess it was their proper foray into UK's grime and R&B scene which I do respect, it's unfortunate that the results themselves weren't as innovative or inspiring as I know they were capable of. It was a cute lil experimental side-tape and sometimes you need your "Good Friends" EP to have your "Who Do You Think Of"!

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  7. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

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  8. The two best songs on the EP go out first. Make it make sense.
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  9. Screaming at Moaning Myrtle
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  10. not me thinking this was an actual featured artist when I first read it
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  11. You can thank @OspreyQueen for that gem dddd
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  12. Not sure if this is a reference to commentary or not, but if it is it must've been someone else, because I didn't submit any.
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  13. I actually like Love The Most but yeah that line is....out of place and weird. Good Friends is grating, the high pitched screaming gets worse every listen.
  14. Y’all really out here exposing me for my hack copy/paste jobs ddd. I just looked at the Spreadsheet and I don’t have any commentary from you ... so I’ll have to go do a deep dive as to who that comment was from.

    But the real question is, did you appreciate the old school vibez?
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  15. I did actually, I gave it an 8, so you didn't lie dd
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  16. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    I’ve decided it’s “miner” and not “minor”. It’s more entertaining that way.
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  17. OMG dddddddddd I’m howling.
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  18. I didn't even notice the "minor" lyric when listening to the songs, but after reading the lyrics

    "She’s kinky like Kim, but she look like Kylie
    And baby I’m a cheetah, not a Tyga
    You will never catch me with a minor"

    Pretty it's supposed to be a reference to how Tyga dated Kylie Jenner when she was 16. Remains a terrible lyric but at least it makes sense.
  19. That makes sense, but yeah -- it's still a shit lyric.

    I was going to hold off on the next reveal until later but I have to go to Physical Therapy shortly, so get me to the next page and I'll post the last reveal of the day.
  20. LOL. I guess I didn't care to reach the next page. Oh well.

    24. You Don't Know Me Like That
    average: 6.3044

    Peak Placement: #24 || Valley Placement: #27

    High Scores:
    9.1 - @FINISH LINE 9 - @RainOnFire @Remorque
    8.5 - @Mr.Arroz @Phonetics Girl
    8 - @londonrain @MusicalMelody @Robsolete @soratami
    Low Scores:
    4 - @Redout @rubirubi @sesita @TRAVVV
    3 - @Nicole! 2.5 - @jawow_
    Boombazookajoe Score:
    @boombazookajoe - 6

    Another slash from the Good Friends - EP (we hardly knew ye), but the first track in our rate that didn’t really receive any outright negative commentary. This is also the first track of the rate that features only the M.O. ladies. (Good Friends counts as a feature because it includes “Moaning Fucking Myrtle.” - @OspreyQueen)

    Now, that isn’t to say that y’all were glowing and gushing over this one, but even with the critiques, most were able to find the positive in this track, a short and sweet little ditty about going out with the girls and not wanting the garbage men around to be feeling them up. What’s missing from this is a strong hook to really bring the listener in. It’s “all vibe” when “the tune is slightly missing” (@berserkboi).

    @Crisp X likes the darker approach, but “it lacks something to go from good to great.” @OspreyQueen feels like it “languishes as a half-finished demo on a half-finished EP” but with “slightly perkier production and a bit of tweaking, this could have been a hit.” @Sugaboy complimented the “spooky, haunting sort of vibes” … but thinks it’s only alright.

    @londonrain is petitioning to change the title of the EP to the “You Don’t Know Me Like That - EP” … clearly a fan. @Holly Something, says it’s the best thing on the EP, “which isn’t much of a compliment nn.” Clearly not a fan. And @MusicalMelody lives for the “spooky string sample.”

    @Runawaywithme mentioned: “I love the lyrics, yes girls put those creeps in their places, girls.” After a track about hating on toxic friendships and another track about hating on women who are thirsting after their men, it’s nice to see the ladies divert their attention to hating on something we can all agree on: m*n.

    Funny enough, while both Love the Most and Good Friends had much higher peaks at #14 and #13 respectively, You Don’t Know Me Like That, peaking at #24, found the most solid footing of the bunch and comes as the superior offering. The tortoise of the Good Friends - EP.

    Tomorrow...well...tomorrow I am not pleased with the three eliminated songs, all of which could 8's or higher from me.

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