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M.O. Full Discography Rate || #1 Revealed

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by boombazookajoe, Jan 18, 2021.

  1. No Foolish Love is my least favourite song on the EP so of course it's the last standing dd.
  2. The Good Friends EP was a mistake, it killed the M.O momentum...

    It was like releasing b-sides that weren't meant to be released, at least not together and in that specific moment of their career. They would have worked better as individual b-sides for their singles (it makes me think of "Bumper to bumper", Spice Girls' "Wannabe" b-side).

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  3. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

  4. M.O-mentum anyone? *fumbles with mic*
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  5. We now interrupt this program by taking our foot off of the Good Friends - EP's neck to deliver this devastating elimination...

    23. On & On
    average: 6.3367

    Peak Placement: #13 || Valley Placement: #26

    High Scores:
    9 - @saviodxl @scottdisick94
    8.5 - @2014 @OspreyQueen @slaybellz
    Low Scores:
    4 - @rubirubi @Scaper @TRAVVV @Duppe @Murdoch @Utopia
    1 - @jawow_
    Boombazookajoe Score:

    Some of y’all have clearly never run across the George Washington Bridge while picturing the ultimate final showdown between Kitana and Mileena and it shows. This is the first track to be eliminated that I’m … not particularly pleased with. I’ve been bopping to this song for ages, but it was definitely a grower for me. Not sure it had the time grow on the lot of you, many of whom were probably discovering this one for the first time. And I don't blame you. M.O. has a few tracks like this: insanely hard to find on any streaming platform for absolutely no reason. This one is buried as an Ain’t Got Time B-Side, literally titled “Ain’t Got The Time - On & On.” Why that “The” is in the title is news to just about everyone.

    Truly though, this is the first of their two early tracks that I can only describe as Mortal Kombat background music and it’s a euphoric dance bop in all of its noisy, messy glory. What is the song about, you ask? Well, I haven’t a fucking clue. I can’t find the lyrics to this song anywhere, and I can only understand about every 3rd word in the verses. I think it’s about going “on & on” and knowing “what we run.”

    @Crisp X commented: “What kind of Katy B serve?” I didn’t listen to Katy B until the Quirky Pop Sophomore Rate that @soratami is running, and I -- can hear the comparison. @Runawaywithme wants to dance in the club to this “Shades of Mis-Teeq” bop. @MusicalMelody says: “earns a solid 6 because if I could fault for anything, it would be for riding one groove for too long without changing anything up, but it kind of just does its job and leaves promptly.” @berserkboi said this song lands “somewhere between fun and annoying, luckily more towards fun!”

    Some of y’all think it leads more towards annoying. @Holly Something says it’s “VERY demo-ish.” @Scaper and @Sugaboy both commented on how the song feels like it just goes on … & on … & on. Ignore the fact that it’s literally the shortest track in the rate ddddd. Only @OspreyQueen actually commented on the short track length but still thinks “it slaps.” And @TRAVVV said it would “be a 5 if the vocal production were better.” What kind of back-handed compliment. @londonrain called it a “mild bop.” Apt!

    I would be less miffed about this one being eliminated so early if its’ sister track fared much better. Unfortunately, y’all are messy and hoM.O.phobic, so we’ll see where she ends up.

    This song is not even on YouTube...sorry to it.

    Frankee Era Songs Remaining: 14 out of 19 (5 eliminated)
    Chanal Era Songs Remaining: 8 out of 10 (2 eliminated)

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  7. Y'all need to clean your ears and it shows.
  8. One of the songs that I feel my score (4.5) was generous. Good riddance
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  9. Sigh... Another wrong elimination. Why is With You still in?

    Also On & On being mislabeled on Spotify always pissed me off dd. Like the incompetence. That and when MØ songs used to show up on their page as well. Just a mess.
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  10. Let's just get this over with then shall we...

    Me looking at all of you who underscored this...
    Screen Shot 2021-02-11 at 12.54.23 PM.png

    22. Come Let Me Show You
    average: 6.4289

    Peak Placement: #9 || Valley Placement: #25

    High Scores:
    9.5 - @Phonetics Girl @Subspace88
    9 - @Runawaywithme @Conan 8.5 - @Mr.Arroz
    Low Scores:
    4 - @lushLuck @BSpearsFan @Murdoch 3 - @TRAVVV
    2 - @Redout @Scaper @Duppe

    Boombazookajoe Score:

    Alright now I hate y’all. THIS is the GLORIOUS EPIC MORTAL KOMBAT ANTHEM and you simply don’t have the range if this song doesn’t get your whole ass popping in it’s 3:42 perfection. And the good sis @SupSpace88 agrees with their review: “Mortal Kombat Music.”

    To be completely fair, I did my own personal rates of the songs before I opened and tallied a single submission, and when I saw the scores coming in -- well I was this close to being a shady ass host and change this to my 11 just to give it a little bump. I don’t think it would have helped much. For one shining moment it cracked the Top 10 (the first eliminated track to do so!), but it was short lived and never got anywhere close after it plummeted into the 20s.

    What we can all agree on with this track that it’s a bunch of noise. Some of y’all enjoyed this “minimalistic banger” with “Katy B - Lights on vibes” (@Crisp X). @Runawaywithme refers to the song as “absolute chaos,” with “Kitchen Sink production” that “doesn’t let you breathe.” They also reminded us of M.O.’s second best lyric of all time (y’all know the first) “Fresher than the peppermint gum that you chew.”

    Others clearly need some peppermint gum because these takes are not fresh. At points, this track was described as “just a noisy mess” (@BSpearsFan) that “doesn’t really go anywhere.” (@Holly Something). @RUNAWAY can’t get past the unpleasant instrumental, and @Scaper doesn’t see it as song, but “mainly noise.” and @TRAVVV thinks it’s a “racket compared to the cleanliness of their other singles.”

    Structurally, I don’t disagree. The song is an absolute noisy mess, but for whatever reason it works for me. I think the only thing I take issue with is the that the chorus doesn’t feel like a chorus, so there doesn’t feel like a whole lot of structure here.

    @londonrain at least admits they’d “bop if this was in a club” but would “promptly forget it existed the moment it ended.” And @MusicalMelody came through with the truth tea: “I LOVE the dub drums on this, and the breakdown always smacks my tits off. Ain't no tellin' what'll happen now indeed.”

    From this song on, most of these eliminations will include some additional videos in the form of notable remixes and stellar live performances. M.O. had a knack for killer remixes from the beginning of their career (oftentimes releasing Remix versions of tracks before the original) and this one is no exception. It doesn't divert too heavily from the original, and it's absolutely a rip from the first time it aired on the radio, but it definitely adds a 4 to the floor banger element that makes more sense for a dancefloor.

    Frankee Era Songs Remaining: 13 out of 19 (6 eliminated)
    Chanal Era Songs Remaining: 8 out of 10 (2 eliminated)

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  11. Phew I just had a pang of regret reading that and relistening with fresh ears. 'Come Let Me Show' you is a real anomaly in their catalogue, and I feel like I should have bumped it up to like an... 8? in retrospect.

    It's all over the place, over the top, probably their most experimental track, but absolutely slaps. It's like three different Katy B/Notting Hill Carnival bangers shoved together and makes absolutely zero sense structurally, but my pussy is popping and that's the sign of an undeniable bop.

    I'd have loved to hear what this kind of vibe might have sounded like in the context of a clubbier EP rather than what they did with Good Friends.
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  12. When I heard it for the first time I made the Mortal Kombat connection, but thought it was my mind tricking me.
  13. Some of you have never imagined yourselves in a fight to the death with lizard ninjas to an epic soundtrack and it shows x
  14. 'Come Let Me Show' is lost Katy B banger and some of y'all need help x
  15. I am disappointed.
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  16. I never heard that Come And Let Me Show You remix and it slaps.
  17. The Mortal Kombat comparison made me realize that maybe I had been mentally syncing the Tobal 2 lizard win dance to this song all these years?

    Which isn't a mark against it, because ideally I should be able to close my eyes and imagine dancing lizard fancams with any given house song, and Come Let Me Show You clearly passed that benchmark
  18. ...but not surprised.

    Get me to the next page queens and I'll post the last elimination of the day.
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  19. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    That mediocre dance collab out next please!
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  20. INTERVIEWER: So, Nadine please tell us about your working relationship with new bandmate Chanal.

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