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M.O. Full Discography Rate || #1 Revealed

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by boombazookajoe, Jan 18, 2021.

  1. Wifey is such a bop and that chorus is one of their best ever, but as @boombazookajoe pointed out in the writeup, the fact it doesn't really feel like 'their' song (and aren't even credited as the primary feature despite being on the hook) somehow prevented me from going all the way with it. It'd be a solid, smooth 10 otherwise.
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  3. 19.png
    19. With You (with DUSK)
    average: 7.0244

    Peak Placement: #16 || Valley Placement: #22

    High Scores:
    9.2 - @saviodxl 9 - @OspreyQueen @jawow_ @MusicalMelody @soratami
    8.5 - @Conan 8.1 - @lushLuck
    Low Scores:
    5 - @Subspace88 @bestinase @Verandi
    4 - @Sanctuary @Scaper

    Boombazookajoe Score:
    7 - @boombazookajoe

    @slaybellz sis you happy now? xx
    I feel like we have moved beyond the portion of the rate where people are seething over the early eliminations, and are now reaching the “how did these get so far?” section of songs. “With You,” our first track with an above 7 average, definitely received some good will in the votes, but a lot have seemed to wonder how this under the radar track lasted as long as it did.

    I gave it a 7, which means I largely agreed with the average at hand. “With You” both shines and suffers as a track by being largely innoffensive. The beat is solid, the instrumental is the right amount of earworm without getting into irritating, the vocals are soft and beautiful; it all just works despite not being particularly memorable in either direction. This song is with MUSK, who I’m assuming is a DJ/Producer that unfortunately never popped up, based on the little info I can find on them or their lack of more than 1 other song on Apple Music.

    Lyrically, the track basically amounts to:


    I do need some help though. Every lyric source I found claims Chanal’s lyric in the first verse is “I know you keep your bumpers down, That’s why your password is out of bounds” but she’s absolutely saying “I know you keep your phone faced down” … right? Please someone confirm.

    Elsewhere, Annie serves M.O.’s third best lyrical analogy with “You overthink, is your name calculator?” and the voters agreed. @Runawaywithme called it “another genius lyric from these girls.” @Sugaboy said “Annie bringing the iconic lyric game again.” And @TRAVVV said “Annie sounds especially lovely on the pre here,” while going on to say: “the production on the verses makes me wish they did more PC music-esque songs.” While this is definitely PC-lite here, I agree that this flirtation with the sound makes me long for a more full throttle attempt.

    Others just found the simple fun in this one. @berserkboi enjoyed the vocal layering, “a bit PNAU!,” @Holly Something called it a "fun bop", and @londonrain said: “Okay this is actually fun.” Probably a reaction to the other songs in the “Extras” section that they were rating around the same time dddddd.

    @OspreyQueen was the most enthusiastic of all stating that “This song was WASTED as an obscure dance collab. It would have made a perfect single for the group as a lead artist - it’s summery, filled with snappy one-liners, and I hope DUSK took the rest of the day off after writing that “tell me now” hook because they totally earned it."

    The rest of y'all weren’t as hooked. @Scaper says “the intro always makes me think this song is going to be better than it actually is. There is an amazing song trapped somewhere in the budget Kygo production.” And @Subspace88 scored low because they were sick of listening to it. “Honestly, the advert that ran on MTV non-stop ruined this song.” I mean, I get the feeling, but with so few opportunities for these ladies to score some advert coin, I can’t complain.

    Lowkey I just watched the video before pressing post. For some reason, and based on the thumbnail, I always thought this was one of those were the ladies weren't actually in the video, so I wasn't interested. Upon watching, it's not some slay by any means, but it's a gorgeously shot, bright, summery, colorful video filled with vibrant dancing and cute looks from the girls. I'm not mad.

    Frankee Era Songs Remaining: 12 out of 19 (7 eliminated)
    Chanal Era Songs Remaining: 6 out of 10 (4 eliminated)

  4. Wow the way I was dragged throughout the last page.

    With You was the best song from the collaboration sections for me, it’s fun and Annie really shines on it.
  5. Not me being the high scorer for this tropical house bop!
    Like mentioned in the comments already, a wasted opportunity! This track could've had a bigger boost.
  6. Happy is a strong word considering all the songs it outlasted. More like relieved!

    I have to say i'm quite shocked at the amount of sub 5 scores in this rate so far. Do ya'll like their music or not? My lowest score was a 5.5.
  7. Dddd for real. I gave four songs >4, but they were all extras that have already been eliminated. The rest were easy 6.5+. Some users were definitely harsher on some of these tracks, including some coming up that I can't wait to shock y'all. The one user knows who they are, and I look forward to them justifying said scores for the jury.
    Screen Shot 2021-02-12 at 1.09.59 PM.png
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  8. I've noticed this but I think maybe a lot of us have just been dragged from pillar to post with this group. When they're good, they're fantastic – and it makes the middling stuff even more annoying, because so much of their career has been spent just... wasting time, being frustrating, and endless other fuckery. It maybe means dropping points down more often that we might do normally.
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  9. They pretty much explored every sub-genre within pop in an attempt to find a lane that would produce hits and I think the scores reflect that some releases will have been more to people's tastes than others depending on the sub-genre?

    To be honest, after submitting my votes for the rate, this song really grew on me so I will admit I did it dirty with my score. It wouldn't have got my 11 though!
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  10. Me sleeping peacefully, knowing that Bad Vibe will never win

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  11. Screen Shot 2021-02-12 at 5.41.51 PM.png

    18. Hot
    average: 7.1289

    Peak Placement: #9 || Valley Placement: #21

    High Scores:
    10 - @OspreyQueen @scottdisick94 @Sanctuary 9.5 - @fleisch
    9 - @Conan @Remorque @Utopia @2014 @Vasilios @Verandi
    Low Scores:
    5 - @BSpearsFan @Butterfly @Crisp X @Duppe @Scaper
    4.5 - @saviodxl 3 - @Murdoch 2 - @jawow_

    Boombazookajoe Score:
    8 - @boombazookajoe

    Oof. Some of y’all are not hot like fire, hot like a flame, hotter than hot, and I’m tired of these games. Here, M.O. more successfully tackles the topics of cheating men, this time skipping the hints and getting straight to the point. Frankee’s tired of these games. Annie’s been effed over while he’s crying on the sofa. And Nadine is straight up burning his shit in the garbage bin. Good on ya, ladies! I absolutely adore this track, a groove in your seat type reggae tune that sounds like it could have been an early Rihanna hit.

    @OspreyQueen felt like this reggae track “sounds like it’s about to break into a sample of It Wasn’t Me, it’s like being edged. Deep down you know they’d never have been able to afford that, but the “will they, won’t they” of it all is absolutely gripping.” What an exciting prospect! @Runawaywithme proclaimed: “Frankee’s opening here is iconic. I love the slight reggae vibe they have going on here, it suits them so well. Like so many of their songs from this era, the middle-eight is absolutely glorious and really amplifies the song.” I agree, where some of their songs lacked the proper hook to fully catapult it, this song launches out of the gate with Frankee’s opening verse. And @TRAVVV believes “this is the perfect encapsulation of their early sound and energy.”

    In the middle of the road commentary, @berserkboi great gowns, beautifully gowns’ed this one with: “Nice melody!” @londonrain called her a “cute girl.” @MusicalMelody mentioned she’s a “a bit of a bop.”

    @BSpearsFan thought this track, and the other ones released around this time, are “just shit.” @Crisp X called it a “generic take on reggae.” @Holly Something thought the chorus was weak “but enjoys the production and the verses.” @lushLuck called her “forgettable,” and @RUNAWAY thinks this song is “their most basic.”

    The video is fairly nondescript. They look good and look like they are having fun, even if the video was shot on about a 50 dollar budget. The ladies have never been known for choreo in their videos, so it’s nice that they brought in a ton of extras to make a dance circle and add some spice to the visual.

    Frankee Era Songs Remaining: 11 out of 19 (8 eliminated)
    Chanal Era Songs Remaining: 6 out of 10 (4 eliminated)

    I may be taking the weekend off from eliminations and get back to the goods on Monday. There are still 8 tracks left that have features, and we get rid of 3 of them next.
  12. I understand the multi-genre appeal of Hot, but it's just too much information going on there.
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  13. Slightly off topic, but I’m trying to add an M.O song to my Instagram story - and they are IMPOSSIBLE to locate on the song search! Their name continues to hold them back.
  14. I feel like the only real way to do it is to search by song title, and even though, only their most popular tracks will actually pop up near the top. Their name absolutely is a complication in their searchability.
  15. Just trying to add Annie’s iconic “geology” lyric, but sadly can only locate the remixes.
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  16. I remember searching for more info about them after Peter introduced Wait Your Turn on the main website many years ago and it was absolutely impossible to find them nn
  17. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Just search Mini Viva and M.O comes up as one of the related searches - Frankee's mind!
  18. Yeah, honestly their googleability/searchability is an issue they could have addressed really early on but didn't, and it's undoubtedly had an impact on people finding their stuff. Also the fact there's another MO (without the dots) who has a bunch of hits really doesn't help.
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