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M.O. Full Discography Rate || #1 Revealed

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by boombazookajoe, Jan 18, 2021.

  1. And a few songs that are the same title. (On & On for instance).
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  2. I may only be posting this one today and then return to our regularly scheduled program tomorrow, but I wanted to keep this train chugging!

    17. Just Another Face (with Hardsoul & Dirty Freek)
    average: 7.1322

    Peak Placement: #17 || Valley Placement: #24

    High Scores:
    10 - @2014 @klow 9.5 - @Conan @FINISH LINE
    9 - @londonrain 8.5 - @SiduousIII @Mr.Arroz @Holly Something
    Low Scores:
    5.5 - @Utopia @Verandi @BSpearsFan
    5 - @Nicole! @Murdoch

    Boombazookajoe Score:
    7 - @boombazookajoe

    I’ve mentioned this earlier in the thread, but when I was originally tinkering with the idea of doing an M.O. rate and mentioned it in the thread, the good sis @2014 said “Don’t forget this slept uopn gem!” And what did I do when I started the M.O. rate? Forgot about this slept upon em. But I’m glad that @2014 was there to remind me, because we got it into the rate and it fared surprisingly well for a tune that I expect most of you were hearing for the first time.

    Hardsoul & Dirty Freak originally released this song with another singer who never properly popped off, and then decided to dust it off a few months later with fresh vocals from the M.O. girls, who were already making waves with “Dance On My Own” and other remixes of their earlier tracks. The song was written by Tom Aspaul, a modern dance floor queen if I do say so myself, so there’s no surprise it bops as hard as it does. @Runawaywithme would “like to hear this in a club, I love a good house banger.”

    @Crisp X is “surprised they didn’t go back to that style for another collab or for their own stuff.” I agree -- they were clearly meant to be dance floor queens, so it’s a wonder they didn’t go full club more often.

    @Holly Something, @londonrain, and @Sugaboy all commented on enjoying this rate discovery, while several mentioned it’s lack of streaming status. “The unexpected discovery of this rate...so of COURSE it’s the one song not on Spotify,” (@londonrain), “of course one of their better songs isn’t on streaming! Mess.” (@Scaper)

    @OspreyQueen lightly shaded our most recent ex-M.O. member by saying “sounds like one of those dance features Nadine pays the bills with these days.” I went looking for these alleged dance features, as I would love to hear her voice on more material. I couldn’t find anything, but I did find this chill R&B vibe released last year that she is featured on. She sounds fab, so you’re welcome!

    @Utopia “can’t argue with a Frankee lead,” and it’s true that her voice is all over this track, which is a nice switch-up from their usual Nadine-led songs. Mostly, I'm proud of this track for doing as well as it did. It started off much lower in the rate, and as the votes poured in, it continued to climb higher and higher until reaching it's peak spot of #17. A slow burn win, if I do say so myself!

    Frankee Era Songs Remaining: 10 out of 19 (9 eliminated)
    Chanal Era Songs Remaining: 6 out of 10 (4 eliminated)
  3. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    BANGER! Literally probably 3rd in line for my 11 dd.
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  4. 'Just Another Face' actually really works for them but, like a lot of their career, it feels like a bit of a missed opportunity and something they just ticked off and then moved on with.

    If they'd have continued to properly try out for a few more TopShop changing room house bops like that, they might've stumbled on a couple of big hits.
  5. Sad to see this one go so soon. A bop!

  6. Love this track. Manifesting Nadine to record and re-release this for summer and for it to be absolutely massive
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  7. I agree. I didn't even know it existed... thanks for the rate and @boombazookajoe for discovering it for many of us.
  8. 16.png
    16. No Foolish Love
    average: 7.16

    Peak Placement: #13 || Valley Placement: #25

    High Scores:
    10 - @MusicalMelody 9.7 - @FINISH LINE 9 - @soratami @Crisp X
    8.9 - @berserkboi 8.5 - @jawow_ 8.4 - @saviodxl
    Low Scores:
    5 - @fleisch @RainOnFire
    4 - @Redout @rubirubi @Scaper @Nicole!

    Boombazookajoe Score:
    7.5 - @boombazookajoe

    And with that, we say goodbye to the largely maligned “Good Friends - EP” with its best offering by a significant margin. As the votes continued to roll in, it was obvious that “No Foolish Love” was the standout track, and for many, the only redeeming factor.

    “No Foolish Love” is a sweet throwback R&B track that’s an ode to a perfect, all encompassing love. Frankee opens up the verse with “24/7 yeah even on Sunday, Light’s on, crack of dawn, give me my love.” Sounds like it’s going to be about making love all the time, but as the song continues, it’s clear that this is more of a love song for the man that makes them happy and feel complete 24/7, even out of the bedroom.

    @BSpearsFan says “this saves the Good Friends - EP.” @Crisp X calls it “the highlight of the EP, [with] Amerie and Mya vibes. I’m a sucker for some sad piano chords, and the bouncy drum sample kee[s the entire package dynamic.” and @TRAVVV says “Of the mostly terrible Good Friends tracks, this is the only one I use.”

    @berserkboi: “I get some Keisha Buchanan vibes from the vocals here, and it has a dreamy All Saints production so let me stan a bitsy despite finding the melody a little lacking!” I definitely hear the All Saints comparison, especially their earlier stuff.

    For me, the dreamier production makes this excellent...background music, ya know? I don’t actively seek this one out, but I’ll almost never skip it if it comes on, because it’s such a chill, pleasant listen. @Holly Something echos this sentiment: “I wouldn’t seek it out, but probably wouldn’t skip it either.” “A nice chill little bop,” (@londonrain). @Sugaboy: “I don’t come back to it much but when I do it’s always a pleasant listen.” @Runawaywithme: “This was another nice little re-discovery for me. A nice little chill vibey bop, which they do very well.”

    @MusicalMelody came out as the biggest fan: “AMAZING. The harmonies, the garage drums, the little production flourishes - everything’s top-notch here.”

    Frankee Era Songs Remaining: 9 out of 19 (10 eliminated)
    Chanal Era Songs Remaining: 6 out of 10 (4 eliminated)

    At this point in the rate, with 15 songs left, all but 2 have received at least one 11, and next, we lose our first 11.

  9. I completely agree that No Foolish Love is the best thing in the Good Friends EP by a good margin. I still think that it's overall their poorest project, so I'm happy to see it go first.
  10. Good Friends though. What an absolute waste of everyone's time.

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  11. One thing I love about these rates is all the weird trivia that pops up that would never fit anywhere else - the fact that Just Another Face had an M.O-less version completely flew under my radar!

    I bat for the Good Friends EP myself, but only because it's like, their longest release that I can just revv up on Spotify and leave on in the background while I'm cleaning or whatnot and not have to worry about queueing other things up for a bit, ddd
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  12. 15.png
    15. Choose Sides (with AJ Tracey)
    average: 7.6722

    Peak Placement: #7 || Valley Placement: #17

    High Scores:
    11 - @Vasilios @Duppe
    10 - @MusicalMelody @soratami @jawow_ @Remorque @Runawaywithme @SiduousIII @Redout
    9.9 - @FINISH LINE 9.3 - @saviodxl 9 - Mr. Arroz @TRAVVV
    Low Scores:
    5 - @Robsolete @RUNAWAY 4.5 - @Sanctuary
    3 - @Doodvid 2.5 - @Verandi

    Boombazookajoe Score:
    8.5 - @boombazookajoe

    As we enter the top 15, we lose our first song to receive an 11 vote, in this case, two 11 votes, with “Choose Sides (feat. AJ Tracey).

    I actually gave this Chanal-era late entry an 8.5 because it undeniably forces me to bop as it goes along, even if the review I write below won’t necessarily support that score ddddd. I do have a few issues with this track. First the song structure makes the song feel pretty limp. AJ Tracey’s rap feature should have been the bridge. That would have injected the right kind of switch up towards the end of the song to make it pop. As it stands, it comes first, so you don’t get to the first moment of proper vocals until halfway through the song, and it ends up being a largely unenthusiastic verse from the girls. The bridge isn’t wildly exciting either, so the whole thing ends up not packing a punch. It’s a chill bop, so I wasn’t expected a big ~vocal moment~ or anything, but the whole thing kind of floats in between chill and submerged under water. AJ Tracey’s verse though is largely solid even if I fully self-admittedly don’t understand a lot of his British slang. And @Holly Something told me that “my boyfriend once worked on a history project with AJ Tracey at secondary school.” Awww, cue: “that’s my family tree, that’s my family tree, from primary to secondary, that’s my family tree.” Anyway.

    My other issue is the lyrics. What … sides exactly, are they choosing between? The song largely sounds like the ladies are inviting their gentleman caller to get closer to them, physically, emotionally, spiritually, whatever. I guess I don’t really understand what the other “side” is that they are choosing between, as another option hasn’t really been presented. I may be overthinking this, but as I’ve been doing these writeups and paying more attention to the girls’ lyrics, I’ve actually found a good few examples of this, where the lyrics are kind of so vague that they almost don’t say anything, rather than just being universal. Anyway.

    @Runawaywithme came through with the most glowing review: “This is an excellent vibe. I love the tropical warm hazy production here. I like AJ Tracey’s verse here too. The chorus is a nice addictive little tune that does eventually work its way into my brain after a few listens. I must say that Chanel also sounds incredible here, her voice just effortlessly fits the vibe of the song, and I do love her tone. Of course, Annie and Nadine also sound flaw-free. The middle-eight is also an absolutely fantastic moment. Ugh, I just bloody love this song, it’s like a hazy slice of paradise. Definitely should have been a hit, it could have ruled the airwaves in the summer.” And @Sugaboy (begrudgingly) echoed the Chanal compliment: “A definite step up from Wondering. And Chanal has the best verse here, so credit where it’s (begrudgingly) due. If it had more oomph towards the end my mark would have been higher. It’s pretty good all round though.”

    @londonrain called it “one of their best late-career bops,” and @MusicalMelody loves the “dreamy instrumental.” But not all was positive. @Crisp X said “that one went in one era and out the other,” @OspreyQueen gave it a limp compliment of “This is a little better than I remember it being. Like...10% better,” and @Scaper “actually played the instrumental of this more than the actual song.”

    Meanwhile, @RUNAWAY, who had clearly had it by this point of the song list, shared: “good GOD this song is fucking boring...they really had it and lost it when Frankee left.”


    The video … exists. There is a basketball game, Chanal is sitting on a chair in a kitchen while someone is cooking...Nadine is lounging on a couch, Annie is dancing in a bra on a balcony. It all … exists, but I will say that I absolutely adored Nadine’s honey colored hair this era. What a serve.

    Below the video, I’ve attached a Remix that honestly doesn’t quite fit with the flow of the vocals, so that’s a bit of a shame, as well as a cute little acoustic rendition that Chanal almost ruins at the end, but they pull it together. IDK, it looks like two women feeling their excellence and one singing the song for the first time, but you didn’t hear it from me.

    Frankee Era Songs Remaining: 9 out of 19 (10 eliminated)
    Chanal Era Songs Remaining: 5 out of 10 (5 eliminated)
  13. No it's true, it's true.
  14. I’d completely forgotten about that acoustic performance, thanks @boombazookajoe! Nadine and Annie are such a force together.
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  15. Obsessed with this still, definitely one of my top 3, and my second most played track last year.

    Side note, remember the Chanal rap remix ...

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  16. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Nope, never heard of her!!
  17. What kind of half assed second rate host am I to not even know we got a Chanal rap remix.....

    .....Oh, it's not that great. Oh well.

    I refuse to post a 4th result on the same page, so next one will drop when we get to the new new.
  18. I have to respectively disagree, as Wondering is top tier.​
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  19. I’m not mad about either of them, to be honest, but I listen to Choose Sides more than Wondering because the latter has too much Chanal
  20. Well that's two thirds of my 10s gone...
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