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M.O. Full Discography Rate || #1 Revealed

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by boombazookajoe, Jan 18, 2021.

  1. Not In Love needs to go!!
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  2. ... all the way to the top three, yes!
  3. My ideal top 10 order that I know won't happen judging by the results so far.

    10. Not In Love (feat. Kent Jones)
    9. For A Minute
    8. Bad Vibe - Summer Vibes (with Mr Eazi)
    7. Too Good
    6. Preach
    5. Ex At The Party
    4. Man Enuff
    3. Dance On My Own
    2. Who Do You Think Of?
    1. Bad Vibe (with Lotto Boyzz and Mr Eazi)

    What I think the top 3 will be:

    3. Dance On My Own
    2. Preach
    1. Who Do You Think Of?
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  4. Sorry! I’ll update the link. It (unfortunately) left long before it should have.
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  5. Yea, I just saw! Thank you.
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  6. Ain't Got Time and Wait Your Turn missing the top 10 is disgusting.
  7. Wait Your Turn leaving before the likes of Too Good and Preach is a travesty. Such a distinctive bop!

    Pleasantly surprised to see Ex at the Party still in - that song has really grown on me post-rate.
    Screaming at Annie wearing a corset over a hoody. When was that ever a look?!
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  8. Wasn’t this around the time Little Mix’s Touch video came out where Perrie wore exactly that?

    Inexplicably, they were all wearing corsets that day
  9. Oh... I assumed Wait Your Turn had the win in the bag, but I guess not nn

    The way my 10s and my 11 all left before the top 10... Well, the two Bad Vibes are my only 9s left so I'm rooting for those now.
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  10. Bad Vibes found rotting. <3
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  11. [​IMG]
  12. A few more cover bops for ya nerves.

    This a cute little casual cover of Rather Be by Clean Bandit & J*ss Gl*nne, the second time she provided some excellent material for the gals.

    A Chanal era cover mashup of No Scrubs and Me, Myself & I. My favorite part is the YouTube comments. The top one is "The girl in orange has a really good voice" and the second one is "The girl with blonde hair has a really good voice." And that's Sincerely none for Chanal.

    An absolutely lovely cover rendition of Jhene Aiko's The Worst. Shame it filmed on an iPhone 1 and the sound isn't the best, but the ladies still sound absolutely incredible.

    Another Live Lounge performance with this fun mashhup of Mario's Let Me Love You, Blackstreet's Don’t Leave Me, and Ray J's One Wish. Serving June's Diary "covering the male R&B songs and doing better than the boys" realness.
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  13. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Their version of Perfect Strangers/How Will I Know is 11 worthy.
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  14. The Chanal singles were robbed! "Wondering" and "Out Of My Way" should be top5 alongside "Too Good", "Preach" and "Who Do You Think Of".

    I get you all hate Chanal, but that was a boicott of some of the best M.O singles. Period! Hahaha.

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  15. And our last Covers Intermission Post!

    A cover of Dave & Burna Boy's Location. The ladies sound fantastic, and Chanal spits some bars. Nadine in particular sounds incredible, but like, when does she not? A little blatty because the audio couldn't handle the belting and the riffs, but go off.

    The gals mashup One Dance and Work while rocking full denim getups. It's cute.

    Here, the ladies cover Hold Back The River by James Bay. Whew. I said it before, but they were really in their bag when they recorded this set. One of the YouTube comments literally called this "3th Harmony" and there are so many reasons that makes me CACKLE but the harmonies are certainly en pointe.

    Another Live Lounge cover featuring Not Jessie Ware with the corset over the sweatshirt look. Werk. This is a stunning cover of September Song by JP Cooper.

    Tomorrow, we eliminate #10. And guess what? It's one of only four songs to reach #1 in the rate.
  16. Perched for the top ten countdown to begin tomorrow!
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  17. I'd prefer to wait for the new page to post, but I want to get #10 out there this morning before I head out, so here goes!

    10. Ex At The Party
    average: 8.2378

    Peak Placement: #1 || Valley Placement: #11

    High Scores:
    11 - @Redout @Butterfly
    10 - @Phonetics Girl @scottdisick94 @slaybellz @Mr.Arroz @Subspace88 @MusicalMelody @Murdoch @Sanctuary
    Low Scores:
    6 - @soratami @Utopia @2014 @londonrain @RainOnFire
    5 - @bestinase 4.2 @berserkboi

    Boombazookajoe Score:
    10 - @boombazookajoe
    Whew. Okay, here we are in the Top 10 with our first song to hit a 8+ average. Honestly, I’m struggling to put together my thoughts on this one, so I apologize if I ramble.

    I very nearly gave this my 11. It was between this and two other songs. I ultimately went with my “favorite” of the three, but this song really means a lot to me. I remember I was visiting family in Maine, and I was in the car, driving through some wooded backroads trying to clear my head. I don’t even remember why I was being SoEmotional-CristinaAguilera.mp3, but I was in my Feelings(Wifey).m4a and just needed some alone time on the open road. I pulled over to look at some deer running through an open field in the distance (who knew I was such a bumpkin?), and when I got back in my car I opened my phone for a brief and started scrolling through the gram. I saw M.O. had released a new song, and quickly added it to my library.

    Now, at this point in their career, I didn’t have a ton of goodwill left for these girls. Their Chanal era singles were, okay to me, but I felt like the group had pivoted to something I almost didn’t recognize. Chanal was serving nothing but ANTICS on social media, like the below social media post, and I had just kind of had it with them.

    I'll post my other favorite Chanal IG stories later dsfjdsfhjksdhfs

    Anyway, the song started, and I headed down the road. I was grooving along as it went. I was digging the melodies, digging the chorus, digging the lack of feature, digging the production. Everything was just working. And then, right at 2:16, as the bridge crescendoed into the chorus, Nadine dropped her other worldly “How you gonna bring your girlfrieeeeeeeieieieieend” adlib over the bass drop in the chorus, and an intense rain shower cascaded over the my car. I just started weeping. I was just … so … happy. This was the most beautiful song I had ever heard.

    This felt like M.O! Tack this song after Man Enuff or Too Good on the Who Do You Think Of? - EP. This would have fit that era perfectly. Everything felt like old M.O. It felt like the girls were back. The focus was on the vocals and the harmonies. A story was being told. Anyway, now, whenever I am driving and it starts raining, I think of this song. It makes me feel so warm.

    And about the ahem … story being told. Well, a lot of you had some major issues with this, which is why I think it only placed 10th and not higher. Here, the ladies sing about going through a painful breakup, dealing with the fact that they still are into their ex, and then that punk as bitch has the cheek, the nerve, the audacity, the gall, and the gumption to bring his new girlfriend to a party they are both going to. How very dare he.

    Things … take a turn in the second verse with what might be the pettiest lyrics ever written:

    I weren't even gonna roll up
    I weren't even gonna go nuts
    I weren't even gonna stay
    I was gonna act grown up

    I was gonna be civilized
    Kiss your cheek and then say "Hi"
    Wouldn't make a scene tonight
    I just wanna be in your life

    But now I'm gonna key your car
    Now I'm gonna slash your tires

    I'm gonna leak all of the pictures you sent to my phone

    Petty and it feels good
    Petty and it feels good
    Petty and it feels good

    Yikes. I mean, we love a revenge anthem, but unlike the playful fun of full blown murder fantasy anthems like Goodbye Earl (Dixie Chicks) and No Body, No Crime (Taylor & HAIM) this one feels a bit more tacky and sinister in the likelihood of it actually happening. Anyway, a lot of y’all made mention of it.

    @berserkboi: “fun basic bop in the melody but the lyrics are cringe for me, soz!”

    @RUNAWAY: "okay this song was great, until the petty verse.....I just found myself rolling my eyes.”

    @Sugaboy: “Now this is a bit more like it from 2.0. As previously said, they should have followed up Bad Vibe with something akin to this. 0.5 knocked off for the horrendous ‘leaking nudes’ lyric. Annie sounds particularly good here. Refreshing not to have a featured artist, too. I also enjoy the moment of silence before the outro. (A moment of silence to remember how much we missed Frankee ddd I joke).” A moment of silence indeed.

    @Runawaywithme: “Lost a point for the revenge porn lyric. Not cool, ladies.”

    @OspreyQueen: “What a petty, mean-spirited and immature song. I like it.” sdfjkhdsjhfdskhfs. Hard agree.

    Others either ignored that nonsense verse or just focused on everything there was to love about this one. @MusicalMelody: “This is actually probably my favorite Chanal-era track; just enough of the old M.O sound but just enough cattiness (sorry) to pinpoint it as an M.O 2.0 song.” @Runawaywith me continued: “This one took a while to click with me. But when it did, boy it did. They all sound amazing here. You can really hear them seething in the verses. I do also think Chanal also fits in with the vibe of the song really well here. Again, what is it with these girls and their middle-eights? The one here is again, beautiful. This deserved to get so much more attention than it did. It sounds like a natural evolution of their original sound with the more gritty/hazy sound they recently played with. I love the guitar lines too.” @Crisp X commented: “The more harmoines the better.” and @Holly Something stated simply: “This is very me, I really like this.”

    @Doodvid asked “Was this the artwork designed by Chanal?” Honestly? Probably! And @londonrain liked it at first but feels “it drags a bitsy.” What a drag.

    Honestly, the commentary from this particular crop of voters doesn’t necessarily represent that of a Top 10 M.O. song that also managed to be one of FOUR songs to reach #1, so I’m going to need some of you hoM.O.sexuals who high scored this to flood this thread with flowers for our petty anthem, because it’s a banger.

    The video is stunning in its simplicity. The ladies look seriously gorgeous, and literally any still from the video (as evidence in the banner image) would have made a better single cover than … what we got.


    Even better than the video is this Instavideo that Annie shared recently of someone cover this song. I--

    It’s a shame we never got a proper live/acoustic version of this song, but I've attached a cute remix and a live performance below the video for you.

    Frankee Era Songs Remaining: 7 out of 19 (12 eliminated)
    Chanal Era Songs Remaining: 2 out of 10 (8 eliminated)

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  18. You never mentioned that Chanal designed the vomit inducing cover art! A true taste-free queen.

    I was surprised I gave this a 6... I thought I’d scored it lower oop.
  19. Lovely write up, @boombazookajoe!
    And I enjoyed the re-dragging of Chanal for that Instagram post.
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  20. Bad Vibe getting this far is a crime teebs, especially the original version. I guess that's what a platinum certification does to the girls ddd.
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