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M.O. Full Discography Rate || #1 Revealed

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by boombazookajoe, Jan 18, 2021.

  1. One of the commenters did! Dddd
  2. That's my 11 gone. It was a nice change of pace after the singles that had preceded it and it's one of my favourite vocal performances from the Chanal days.

    As distasteful as the 'leak all of the pictures' line is, I let it slide a biT because that's something that disproportionately happens to women at the hands of men and not vice versa.

    I always liked the cover art, I don't see what's wrong with it apart from it reading a bit like Ex Party At The.
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  3. Lowkey agree! If this was a boy group singing that line I would be sent into a blind rage, but for some reason coming from them, it just kind of seems like a petty line not to be taken too seriously. Even if it’s in hella poor taste.
  4. Just come across this! Looks like Annie was originally singing the opening of Ex At The Party instead of Nadine. Interesting.

    In another case if changed solos, I remember Frankee originally had the opening verse on PopJustice M.O Rate Top 3 worthy Not In Love, too:

  5. Ah , my 11! I still play this daily and love it as much as I did when I first heard it. It made such a welcome and refreshing change from the material they had been putting out after Bad Vibe, every release prior to this one seemed like they were trying to chase the success Bad Vibe had. Nadines vocals on the track make it for me, and songs like this make it very difficult for me to envision M.O without her. Love the simplistic video too, the original video was supposed to be set in a club but it was scrapped, probably due to budget. So yeah, Nadine carries the song and video for me.

    For anyone interested, Annie and Chanal performed the track whilst Nadine was away.

    Note they changed the original lyric before release, "You're just lucky I dont f*ck this b*tch up!" to "It's just crazy cause' it used to be us"

    And rumour has it this in Nadines replacement. But you didn't hear it from me x

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  6. Why do they always drop their chorus cursing? (I guess this one is a little more aggressive lol)

    I'm no-ot in love
    I'm no-ot in love no more
    And I wanna shout it
    And tell the world
    I fucking love it
    I'm not your gi-i-rl
  7. I fell in love with Ex At The Party from the second they played a snippet of it in that one live. Waiting months for it was painful but i'm thankful we did get it in the end.
  8. Ex At The Party making the top 10 and even being at #1 at one point... I guess there's room for everybody (except the new girlfriend)
  9. Actually this is a place for legends, okay?
  10. I missed that! Thank GOD I voted!!! Dddd
  11. Seethe, wench. <3

    9. Bad Vibe (with Lotto Boyzz and Mr Eazi)
    average: 8.2489

    Peak Placement: #5 || Valley Placement: #16

    High Scores:
    11 - @FINISH LINE
    10 - @Redout @scottdisick94 @slaybellz @Mr.Arroz @Murdoch @Runawaywithme
    @Conan @OspreyQueen @jawow_ @Scaper @sesita
    Low Scores:
    6 - @Phonetics Girl @Sanctuary @2014
    5 - @Subspace88 @TRAVVV
    2 - @Verandi

    Boombazookajoe Score:
    7 - @boombazookajoe
    So ladies, I’m quite thrilled that Bad Vibe is leaving the rate before it’s younger sister Summer Vibes. Partly I find the one with M.O.re ladies to be better, but mostly because that write-up will mostly be about how it improved on the original, so best to talk about the original first, right?

    After the smash success of Who Do You Think Of? And the bubbling under success of Not In Love, it came as a complete shock to all 8 of M.O.’s fans that Frankee decided to depart the group to focus on herself. Having been in the industry for quite a while, Frankee wanted to take care of her own well being, despite there being no ill-will towards the other girls. This was made even more evident in her recent AMA on IG, where she answered a plethora of M.O. related questions, sharing her favorite stories and behind the scenes photos, and showing constant love to her sisters Annie and Nadine.

    When Frankee left, fans knew there would be a big, curly haired void that needed to be filled if the girls were to continue. And they took their sweet ass time delivering on that necessity. They stayed super mum on social media for quite a while, even performing quite a few times at festivals and shows with new member Chanal before announcing her officially. Finally, the time came, Chanal was welcomed into the group, sort of, lol, and their new single was announced.

    (Though she clearly never felt welcome, based on this post.)
    I do live for her unintentional self drag of "I've been in the band for 3 years. We've had like ... 8 songs."

    Anyway. What did we get? Well, we got Bad Vibe, with UK rap acts Lotto Boyzz and Mr Eazi. Now, there are certainly things to like about this bop. Firstly, it brought the gals their highest watched music video and second #18 song, so technically, their biggest hit to date. And, despite the girls being relegated to hook girls on their own song, it do be known to bop, with its' infectious “Go away go away go away” chorus and the tropical beat.

    @berkserkbo: Pleasant but the melody is super basic!

    @Runawaywithme: “I love the Lotto Boyz opening verse here. It sets the mood really well. Then, of course, that chorus is absolutely killer. I love the way the production builds and builds in the Pre-choruses. I remember this song getting played at all the parties when I first moved to university and was 17 so I couldn't go out to the clubs. It always went down well and would get everybody really hyped. It also goes down really well In Da Club the few times I've heard it on nights out. I do kinda wish they had given themselves a verse or a proper bridge on this version of the song, but oh well, it's pretty banging as it is. I was so happy to see them finally get another hit. It was so satisfying watching it slowly climb the charts.”

    @OspreyQueen: “It feels a little weird to be giving a 10 to the version that has LESS M.O on it, but I really do see this as the definitive version of the song (and not just because it was the only one available for months). Yeah, the group feel like hook girls on their own song, but the three artists complement each other really well and it feels like a party. The Summer Vibes version feels...almost lonely in comparison.”

    @Scaper: “The M.O. bop that caters to both straights and gays at the clubs. Inclusive queens. We have to stan even if it has one too many rappers.” But the question is, do straights deserve to be catered to?

    @Sugaboy: “An (unexpected) bop. Like others, I’d largely given up my hopes for them in the two years or so between Frankee leaving and Chanal joining, so Bad Vibe was a nice surprise. Not enough M.O for my liking (not enough Annie and Nadine, to be specific), but I understand the commercial motivations behind having the two featured male acts. Last chorus goes off.”

    Others were left largely indifferent.

    @Holly Something: “I prefer the version with more of the ladies featured but this is still a bop.”

    @londonrain: “Kind of lacking in personality but it's fun.”

    @MusicalMelody: “A very generous 7. The girls just barely exist on this version but it's still a great single.”
    @Subspace88: “The Lotto Boyzz verse(s)… it’s like anti-ASMR for me. That falsetto goes straight through me. Please no more.”

    The music video is shot well, but it’s a glorified behind the scenes clip of them basically jamming in the studio recording the song. Meh. The James Hype remix ups the BPM and gives the song a healthy dosage of boppery. And the live version posted starts with them fucking it up and needing to restart dddddd. And then through the rest of the song, the DJ keeps cutting the track for the audience to sing a long but every time it sounds like an accident. Honestly, it’s not worth watching.

    Frankee Era Songs Remaining: 7 out of 19 (12 eliminated)
    Chanal Era Songs Remaining: 1 out of 10 (9 eliminated)

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  12. The tasteless brigade is just too strong on this forum oh well.
  13. You will not be pleased until Not In Love is gone, will you ddddd.
  14. I’m pleased this gave Annie and Nadine their biggest hit, but this result is fair!
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  15. Well on one hand yeah cause it's my only score under an 8.5 left. But on the other no, cause these results are a mess!
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  16. That tropical disaster doing better than Wait Your Turn still hurts. Hopefully this means that the alternate version is following it swiftly.
  17. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I don't know why it always kills me that Chanal's face is covered by the logo in the screenshot but you can clearly see Nadine and Annie.
  18. Chanan: "Yas can't wait to be on my first music video and profit from the gays"

    Also Chanal:


  19. I think maybe the issue I have with a lot of the M2.O stuff is it feels so faceless. Bad Vibe is a cute example of that: nice melody, nice beat, nice bop, but they're essentially just relegated to feature girls and not much more. There's barely anything to get my teeth into as a fan. It's pleasant but there's no identity (or ~vision~ as Chanal likes to put it above) shining through in the way there might have been previously.
  20. Unashamed of double posting. Next result on the next one. ;-)
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