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M.O. Full Discography Rate || #1 Revealed

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by boombazookajoe, Jan 18, 2021.

  1. 8.png
    8. For A Minute
    average: 8.3944

    Peak Placement: #7 || Valley Placement: #18

    High Scores:
    11 - @klow
    10 - @scottdisick94 @Murdoch @Runawaywithme @fleisch @Doodvid
    @Crisp X @Phonetics Girl @2014 @Subspace88 @TRAVVV

    Low Scores:
    6 - @Butterfly @Duppe @rubirubi @londonrain
    5.5 - @jawow_

    Boombazookajoe Score:
    7.5 - @boombazookajoe

    And with #8, we say goodbye to our last of the “early era” singles, Miss For A Minute. Honestly, werk! I was a bit surprised this one reached as high as it did, in comparison to some of their other early singles like Wait Your Turn, Hot, etc. but in hindsight, I’m not really. This is quintessential M.O. in all of the best ways.

    Written by alleged hit maker Jess Glynne, this anthemic bop is all about the girls telling their new beau “Slow down, we’ve only known each other for a cute minute. I’m not staying the night.” I can literally hear Jess Glynne all over this track, like if I work hard enough I can hear this being a Jess song. I don’t want to, but I can. But honestly? It’s the one golden nugget in her musical (if I can call it that) output.

    @Runawaywithme: “Hands down the best thing Jess Glynne has ever been involved with. Again with this song everything just clicks. It’s slightly less experimental than some of their material from before now, but definitely still feels distinct to M.O. It sort of reminds me of TLC. The middle eight is once again completely flawless and they all sound absolutely fantastic on this. If there was any justice in the world it would have ruled the airwaves in Spring 2014 and been their breakthrough moment. A terrific bop.”

    @Utopia: “This single release is when the MO VEVO account was set up and I thought it meant they were about to breakthrough. Joke’s on me. Either way, this is song is the only good thing to come from Jess Glynne’s career.”

    @Sugaboy: “I resisted the temptation to mark this low because of the involvement of a, ahem, certain writer. But the boppiness is undeniable.” Ddddd shady bitch. I live.

    I gave this a 7.5, but I do still love this. I think my main issue is the “when you only know me for a minute” bit is the chorus, but it really feels like a pre-chorus that builds to … nothing? Like that would be cute for a first chorus, but then on the second chorus I feel like you keep expecting it to lead to a proper chorus, and it doesn’t really. BUT. That pre-chorus: “Stop, don’t be too quick to judge me, I’m not easy just to take for a ri-ide.” Spill, Nadine! The vocals and melody are infectious as fuck. Others found themselves enjoying this banger:

    @Crisp X: “How wasn’t this a hit? Another one that could’ve been used for a Netflix show or something.” It was! Well, sort of. It was their first song to chart, reaching #103 in the UK Charts and #6 in the UK Indie Charts (is that like the Bubbling Under? Inform my ignorant American ass, UK huns.)

    @Holly Something: “The first M.O. song I heard, not their best but was enough to grab my attention and make me check out more from them.”

    Some were less enthused:

    @londonrain: “Is this nice? Yes. Would I actively choose to come back to it? No.”

    @OspreyQueen: “This was actually the first song I heard by them, and...frankly it wasn’t the best introduction. The rhythm just doesn’t really hit like it should.”

    And I’ll end the commentary on some 11 and near 11 voters:

    @TRAVVV: “Almost had to give this my 11, because I know yall are gonna do it dirty. Everything about this track is euphoric, the wordy chorus, the cheap but effective video, the Christina Milian b-side vibes.”

    @SiduousIII: “This song is always going to have an incredibly special place in my heart. It was the first song that made me discover them and it's also the first song that made me properly discover the Popjustice Forum! Super random, but the Popjustice main page's post about them popped up on my Facebook newsfeed, I clicked on it and was lead down the world of M.O. I truly am a sucker for brassy, pop-R&B. Their vocal harmonies sound amazing, the bhangra-lite beat that pulsates through the song, and the unabashed coolness it exudes. For A Minute is that girl!!!” Wow, her impact!

    @klow: “My introduction to the group, and for me, still their most joyous moment. I remember looping the video constantly, obsessed with the fact that Annie looked like Jessie Ware in a "throwing shapes" mood, the way that all of them seemed to need to do little more than nod in time with the beat to convince me of their superstar power. Its high-hats and hollering and general Rich Harrison-ness is pure klow catnip. Should've been a song of the summer that year slash every year since. BANGER.” Sorry your 11 is gone sis.

    The video is super fun. Frankee proves herself as one of our greatest hat wearers, and the gals’ styling is cool and fresh and fun. I never realized quite how many videos involve them doing little more than bopping in a dance circle, but this is one of the best examples of it dddd. Also including and two live performances of this track. Honestly, they did a lot of acoustic renditions of this track a ton, clearly the first time they had any sort of team booking them promo, which is great. I chose the two where Nadine is sitting in the middle because they literally never do that so it’s fun to see them in a different configuration.

    Frankee Era Songs Remaining: 6 out of 19 (13 eliminated)
    Chanal Era Songs Remaining: 1 out of 10 (9 eliminated)

  2. A mess! The pre-chorus is an absolute MOment.
  3. The styling in the For A Minute video is just everything, and it's really something they lost once Frankee left. Grey joggers, a sports bra and Tims? A total serve.
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  4. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    For A Minute was such a re-discovery doing this rate. WHEW.
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  5. Revisiting the early M.O songs and videos and being reminded of when people thought Nadine was Justine Littlewood. Scream.
  6. I always thought early era Nadine looked like Sammi Sweetheart ffff.
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  7. Screaming
    Cannot unsee this now
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  8. I guess we're going to have an epic top 3: Preach, Not In Love and Who Do You Think Of
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  9. Which is why Ex at the Party was so refreshing!

    And wow, RIP For a Minute. I'll echo many of you and say this is when I discovered the group (thanks to @Popjustice). Frankee's lows on the acoustic are a highlight - I should've mentioned in my commentary! And I'd love to know what they were giggling at approximately 1:30
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  10. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    @boombazookajoe the UK Indie chart is the regular chart with all the major-label releases removed. This results in some slightly odd results since XL Recordings, for example, isn’t considered a major label, which means Adele is eligible for it.
  11. 7.png
    7. Bad Vibe - Summer Vibes (with Mr Eazi)
    average: 8.5822

    Peak Placement: #5 || Valley Placement: #10

    High Scores:
    11 - @Scaper
    10 - @Runawaywithme @fleisch @Conan @SiduousIII @BSpearsFan @Nicole! @Redout @Holly Something @Remorque @Voicething @Butterfly @Duppe @jawow_
    Low Scores:
    6.5 - @TRAVVV @RUNAWAY 4 - @Verandi

    Boombazookajoe Score:
    9 - @boombazookajoe

    I’m not going to say that I manifested this, but the second Bad Vibe was released, I began putting out in the universe that I wanted a solo version. And we got ALMOST THAT. Honestly, Bad Vibe - Summer Vibes takes everything that makes the original good and improves upon it. Obviously, the beat and instrumentation are present. The chorus is still popping. And they even left in Mr Eazi for his cute bridge, but instead we got a proper “introduction song” for Chanal with Summer Vibes.

    The added verses have the girls singing about going out for the first time having been homebound and cooped up for two weeks. Honestly? RELATABLE. M.O. predicted the lockdown and quarantine. Ahead of their times queens. Maybe this will be the 2021 anthem after we are all vaccinated. (I just got my first shot yesterday!) @Runawaywithme echoes these sentiments: “I've got so used to the main version that hearing this feels a bit weird, but still bop. Also them moaning about not being able to go out for two weeks is a bit of a scream when we all haven't been able to let our hair down in months. God, I miss the clubs and the pubs, and my friends, and strangers who I become best friends with for a night. I miss being on a wave. Ugh.” I miss being on a wave too.

    I gave this song a 9, honestly only because I wanted to differentiate it from everything that’s left (which are all 9.5s and up) but this song is absolutely a banger of the highest order. Nadine’s ad-lib into the chorus and all of the backing ad-libs in the chorus are magnetic. I love the way the song starts out like a slow simmer and just continues to build.

    @Subspace88 didn’t provide commentary for this one, but DID pop up on genius.com when I was looking at the lyrics. Work, sis! Dddd Thanks for the info!

    Screen Shot 2021-02-23 at 10.27.21 AM.png

    Lots of commentary on this one, so let’s dive in!

    @londonrain: “This isn't THAT different from the main version, is it?” Only two additional iconic verses and less men, sis.

    @berserkboi: “A bit more fun than the other namesake!” A BIT INDEED!

    @lushLuck: “This version has more M.O, which automatically makes it far superior. A defining summer bop.” I bopped all summer to this one.

    @Holly Something: “This is the version of the song I use, properly goes off.” Bad Vibe found rotting (but charting).

    @Scaper: “The superior version. I wonder whether, if they’d release some of their earlier bops after this, they’d have been huge?” The woulda coulda shouldas we’ve had to endure with these gals, FAR too much.

    @Sugaboy: “Annie and Nadine own this. And, to be fair to her, Chanal’s verse is cute and does add a little something. An undeniable bop, but not quite as good as their best (best) work.”

    Not all of you were on a wave here.

    @OspreyQueen: “Removing Lotto Boyzz but keeping Mr Eazi was...a weird move. Why not just have a proper solo version and sell it as such? Or better yet, get a female rapper to replace his part and have a proper all-girl anthem?” You know what? Hard agree! A totally solo version would have been fire, but now I’m imagining a version with Ms. Banks, which could have a total summer girls anthem. Or even better? Get a US girl for a crossover hit. In my opinion, M.O. had the vibe and the music that I feel like could have properly smashed in America in a way that the more bubblegum sound of Little Mix and other British acts sadly never would. It’s too bad they were never afforded the chance.

    @RUNAWAY: “I have no idea why we’re rating a nearly identical version of this song.....but having to listen to this incredibly average song a second time in a row really brought down my score.” Well okay then.

    I’ll leave you off with @SiduousIII who wrote a beautiful novel of this one:

    “Bad Vibe (Summer Vibes) is the definitive version for me. The single edit with Mr Eazi and Lotto Boyz is great, but as it’s probably going to be mentioned, the girls sound like a feature on their own song. Hearing the girls’ verses fully fleshed out only deepened my love for the song — their playful, flirty delivery (Chanal sis….I’m not gonna lie you really knocked it out of the park here), the effervescent chemistry, the unbridled joy that this was, indeed, shaping up to be their biggest hit.

    More broadly, I look back at ‘Bad Vibe’ quite fondly for how it fit into the wave of Black British music that was surging between 2017-2018. For years, it seemed like the faces (and voices) of Black music in the UK were duly white: Adele, Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, Amy Winehouse, Paloma Faith, Joss Stone etc…. These artists, for however monumental they were to their contributions to British music, built their entire artistic/vocal personas on Black art.

    In a way, that short come-up in 2017-2018 felt restorative for the Jamelias, Alexandra Burkes, Estelles, Misha Bs, Alesha Dixons who didn’t receive the flowers they deserved and watched as White artists pantomimed their styles, voices and aesthetics conquered the world.

    Between the come-ups of Stormzy, Dave, AJ Tracey, Not3s, Yungen, Miss Banks, RAY BLK, Stefflon Don, RAYE, Mabel, Jorja Smith, be the voices behind the songs on the radio. And of course, there's definitely a conversation to be had here about who are the faces of this kind of music, given how colourism is still an incredibly insidious mechanism in the music industry and still continues to shout out dark-skinned Black women while upholding mixed-race or racially ambiguous artists as viable "commodities". Still, for what it was worth, it was fulfilling to see Black and mixed-race artists take control of the music they were creating.

    I'm not saying M.O. reinvented the wheel by any means with this song, but I think that it's nice knowing that there was a time -- however brief -- where the British music industry finally seemed to catch up to M.O.” TEA.

    This one didn’t receive a video treatment, but I have included a cute Acoustic rendition of this one which was released before the song came out, and likely was the reason people were championing for a solo version in the first place. And since it’s Chanalegend’s last song in the rate, let me leave you with some Chanal song stats: (and my favorite messy Chanal Insta story yet)

    ddddddddd sis.

    Frankee Era Songs Remaining: 6 out of 19 (13 eliminated)
    Chanal Era Songs Remaining: 0 out of 10 (10 eliminated)

    Chanal Era Tracks
    29. Pon Me (with GRM Daily, Sneakbo, and Abra Cadabra) - 4.9356
    27. Family Tree - Remix (with Ramz) - 5.3900
    20. Feelings (Wifey) (feat. Yungen and Crazy Cousinz) - 6.8789
    19. With You (with DUSK) - 7.0244
    15. Choose Sides (feat. AJ Tracey) - 7.6722
    14. Going Out Of My Way (feat. Mr Eazi) - 7.7778
    12. Wondering (with Chip) - 7.9078
    10. Ex At The Party - 8.2378
    9. Bad Vibe (with Lotto Boyzz and Mr Eazi) - 8.2489
    7. Bad Vibe - Summer Vibes (with Mr Eazi) - 8.5822

    Chanal Song Average - 7.266

    1 @FINISH LINE 9.08
    2 @slaybellz 9.0
    3 @Runawaywithme 8.7
    4 @Mr.Arroz 8.65
    5 @jawow_ 8.55
    6 @Holly Something 8.5
    7 @SiduousIII 8.45
    8 @Remorque 8.325
    9 @BSpearsFan 8.25
    10 @Redout 8.2

    36 @2014 6.5
    37 @boombazookajoe 6.475
    38 @londonrain 6.4
    39 @Utopia 6.15
    40 @TRAVVV 6.05
    41 @berserkboi 5.94
    42 @RUNAWAY 5.75
    43 @Sanctuary 5.55
    44 @Doodvid 5.3
    45 @Verandi 3.35

    We've got 6 tracks left.

    Dance On My Own
    Who Do You Think Of?
    Too Good
    Man Enuff
    Not In Love (feat. Kent Jones)

    Which one is going next?!
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  12. A top six without Chanal? We love to see it. Bye, sis!

  13. [​IMG]
  14. PretendsToBeShocked.Gif
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Sis how does this work out??
  16. Wait at all of those averages getting hella fucked up HOLD please. The order is right it’s just the averages are wrong.
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  17. Bad Vibes (Summer Vibes) is the definitive version of the song for me, it pops all the way off. One of their absolute best.

    My Top 6 from what is left:

    6. Man Enuff
    5. Preach
    4. Too Good
    3. Dance On My Own
    2. Not In Love
    1. Who Do You Think Of?
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  18. It doesn't! ddddd

    Fixed it. Which make @Verandi Chanal average even more heinous and horrendous.
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  19. *sits in front of the camera*

    I don't care about the Chanal songs

    I don't either but-

    Ok confession. Confession time... Ex At The Party? That song is good. But it's like, I would never admit that but here I am doing it on the film...
    You know what I mean?

    So the moral of the story is, we might not be totally there for the Chanal son-

    I'm never there for those, I'll never be there for those, unless that song comes on and no one's around

  20. Well I now have three 8s, two 7s and one 6 left. I think this must be the first time I don't have a single 9 or 10 in a rate's top 5 dd
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