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M.O. Full Discography Rate || #1 Revealed

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by boombazookajoe, Jan 18, 2021.

  1. londonrain

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    My 11 and my sole 10 making it to the top five? We love to see it.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Violet <3
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  3. Gooped and gagged that Chanal is gone

  4. Ya'll are a mess.
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  5. WAIT @berserkboi being bottom average for something?

    I must be entering my Good Girl Gone Bad era! Ddd
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  6. I got this straight away and read it in Violet's voice ddd.
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  7. That video lives in my head rent free nn
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  8. My lowest mark in the top 6 is a 9. My taste really won in the end.
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  9. [​IMG]

    6. Not In Love (featuring Kent Jones)
    average: 8.6856

    Peak Placement: #1 || Valley Placement: #6

    High Scores:
    11 - @jawow_ @saviodxl
    10 - @Runawaywithme @Conan @BSpearsFan @Holly Something @Remorque
    @Utopia @scottdisick94 @FINISH LINE @Phonetics Girl
    Low Scores:
    6.5 - @slaybellz 6 - @rubirubi @Verandi @MusicalMelody

    Boombazookajoe Score:
    10 - @boombazookajoe
    It’s fitting that we enter our Chanal Free Top 6 with Frankee’s M.O. swan song, “Not In Love.” It’s as if she was saying: “Bests of luck, sweetie!” (I kid, I kid.) “Not In Love” is also the 2nd of only 4 songs to Reach #1 on the Esteemed Forum Dot PopJustice Dot Com M.O. Full Discography Rate. Difficult to get, not everybody has that etc etc. Released in late 2016 as a follow up to their monster (for them) smash “Who Do You Think Of?” “Not In Love” actually proved that the girls had good little bit of good will and momentum behind them. “Not In Love” reached #42 on the charts (and #75 in Ireland!) and gave them probably their most “expensive” looking music video to date. Work sissies! (Kii that that all the girls are introduced by name at the start of the video only for fans to … never see Frankee again dddddd).

    Over a groovy reggae beat, the gals sing about being over a messy relationship and wanting to announce it to the world. It’s that joyful moment when you realize: “I deserve better, I am better, he ain’t shit, and I’m going to dance down the streets and shout about it so everyone can hear it!” Love that for them.

    When I was doing my write up for Ex At The Party, I said there were three songs that I was considering for my 11. Honestly, this would have been the fourth. This song is absolutely euphoric. Nadine enters the gate spitting venom in the first verse. Annie slithers in with gorgeous, lush harmonies in the pre-chorus, and then the chorus slow builds into a beautiful rush where the girls proclaim: “I’m no-t in love, no more, and I wanna shout it, and tell the world, I-I-I love it, I’m not your girl!” Three note range chanteuse Frankee absolutely annihilates her second verse with the iconic: “I gave you me, but you pay me NO TIME NO NO TIME NO LOVE RIGHT NOW YOU WANNA TURN TIME.” If I could put emojis in this writeup there would be a hand clap after every word there.

    I won’t waste everyone’s time, but similar to a song like The Boy Is Mine, this is a song that I could write an entire three page analysis of every ad-lib. They are THAT GOOD and they are all over the place. They start in the 2nd chorus with Nadine’s falsetto run, Frankee continues with some smooth alto call and response ad libs, Nadine slays this “with youoouooouuouou yeeeaah” before Kent Jones enters with his bridge. And then they even get more explosive in the third chorus, especially Frankee’s additionally iconic: Wanna shout it, Imma tell the world, I l-l-l-love it!” Ugh. So good. And then the outro takes us out like a sweet little “Fuck you” from Annie.

    Kent Jones provides a solid guest verse in the bridge that, in a rare occurance, actually adds to the song considerably! Work, boy sis!

    Let’s dive into the commentary, shall we? I’ll start with the less than stellar critiques because eww.

    @MusicalMelody: “I remember when this song came out and I was rather lukewarm on it. I'm still not really sure what it's missing - I do think it's lacking a little bit of bite with the omission of the original "I fucking love that I'm not your girl" lyric in favor of "I-I-I love that...." but that's to be expected with radio singles. I think the guest rap is a bit too toothless? It feels like a lesser attempt at replicating Gotye's Somebody That I Used To Know in terms of back-and-forth narrative. A solid 5.” Hmm, largely disagree dddd but I 100% was disappointed when the song first came out and the “I fucking love that I’m not your girl” line had been replaced. (For those who don’t know, they performed this song live a time or two before it was released officially and hoM.O.sexuals had been bopping to a shitty concert vid of this for a while).

    @OspreyQueen: “I really liked this back when it was released, and it stands up pretty well today, but I never realised how awful these lyrics are. The videogame lines feel borderline misogynistic.” I mean, cringe lyrics have definitely been a theme this rate, so are we that surprised?

    @Crisp X: “Not gonna lie, I wasn’t a fan when this came out. At that point, I think I had already checked out, sadly, but I blame my own misplaced expectations about them. In retrospect, I regret it because this turned out to be Frankie’s swansong. This is probably the song that screams “hit” the most.” This is when you checked out? Not … 2 years later … when … ya know? Ddddd

    The rest of y’all lived.

    @berserkboi: “I KNOW THIS SONG!!!! I bopped to it at Spin Class before (I think?)” The way I absolutely pedaled my ass up the steepest hill at FlyWheel screaming “I’M NOT YOUR GIRL!”

    @Runawaywithme: “Again, what a fantastic bop. I love the reggae-light beat here. The production on the song is absolutely perfect, I love the way the beat amplifies and goes a bit crazy during Frankee's solo. It's a song that really gets me going and makes me feel really empowered. I've never actually broken up with someone but this song makes me feel like a sassy empowered gay who just chucked a no-good suitor. The outro is also perfect.”

    @Holly Something: “really should've been a cute hit for them.”

    @Utopia: “The outro is beyond iconic.”

    @Sugaboy: “Underrated bop. I felt this was a decent follow-up single to WDYTO. Okay, it doesn’t reach the heights of its predecessor, but it tries bloody hard. And the video features a flip phone, so points for that. Kind of sad to listen to knowing that it was Frankee’s last song with them... but what a run!”

    @Scaper: “The fact Frankee left just as they were peaking in terms of bops… now that’s the definition of hom.o.phobic.” True sis.

    Attached below is the cute video, two excellent acoustic renditions (one of my favorite of theirs), a hilarious Nickelodeon Slime Concert Performance WITH CHANAL and brand new lyrics ddddd, and a bop of a remix.

    Frankee Era Songs Remaining: 5 out of 19 (14 eliminated)
    Chanal Era Songs Remaining: 0 out of 10 (10 eliminated)

    Don't want to rush through these last write-ups but also wanted to finish this up this week. I think I'll be posting two more tomorrow and then the final three on Friday!
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  10. I’m loving that Man Enuff has hustled her way to the Top 5!
  11. Not In Love not even in the top 5? The GP fails them to get this top 40 in the UK, but I thought PJers knew better!
    I love this track, my most listened to track of them according to my last.fm, so it must be true.

    Like said by many in the comments, the reggae touch gives a special flavor to it! WHAT A FLAVOR. And the ad-libs make you wanna be one of them girls when singing along.

    Some of y'all never wanted to shout the world "I I I love it, I'm not your girl" and it shows.

    Now expecting that Who Do You Think of sweeps this.
  12. I'm pleasantly surprised my 11 got to #6. I didn't know there was so much love for Not In Love in the forum.

    It's obviously my favourite track of the band, that just got elevated with the acoustic version - the vocals!

    I hope this fixes some of the damage I caused with my Wait Your Turn score.
  13. I discovered them via Not In Love, checked it out purely because of the pretty thumbnail and I was blown away. Definitely my favourite Frankee song, she left on a high.
  14. Who Do You Think Of is probably the obvious winner but I'd rather see Preach or Dance On My Own take the crown.
  15. Thought this would have outlived Too Good but honestly what a song this is. I was sad to see on Frankee’s story the other week that the girls didn’t like the song much because it’s in their top 3 for me.
  16. Was it the girls who didn’t like it? I was under the impression it was just Frankee who didn’t care for it.
  17. I wish I’d taken a screenshot but I think the question asked if it was true the girls didn’t like the song and Frankee said yes but then addressed her own feelings towards it.

    They seemed to drop it from their set list pretty quickly too.
  18. I have no idea what this refers to nn. Most of the Chanal era is new to me.
  19. Haha. I just meant that Not In Love was right after Who Do You Think Of? And therefore their peak, as opposed to two years later during the Chanal era when a lot of OG fans checked out.
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  20. "I hope you have had a lov-er-ly night, with your video games and your excuses" is one of the worst lines in their discography but the rest of the song remains cute.

    The way Kent Jones was literally never heard of again after this song though. Impressive!
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