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M.O. Full Discography Rate || #1 Revealed

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by boombazookajoe, Jan 18, 2021.

  1. Finally! Now this is a top 5 I can support.

    The rap part is actually the only part of this song I enjoy.
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  2. I went to a gig of theirs in London in October 2018 and Not In Love wasn't on the setlist, I wasn't happy about that.
  3. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

  4. 5.png
    Too Good
    average: 8.7133
    Peak Placement: #2 || Valley Placement: #9

    High Scores:
    11 - @Conan @Doodvid @TRAVVV
    10- @Runawaywithme @Utopia @scottdisick94 @Phonetics Girl @fleisch
    @lushLuck @Murdoch @Mr.Arroz @Nicole! @sesita @rubirubi
    Low Scores:
    6.6 - @saviodxl 6.5 - @2014 @Verandi 6 - @londonrain

    Boombazookajoe Score:
    9.5 - @boombazookajoe
    I’m not going to lie y’all, when doing this rate, I had a feeling both “Too Good” and “Man Enuff” would be done dirty. Not that M.O. had … you now … “albums” … but I thought these two tracks would be treated kind of like “good album tracks that some people loved but didn’t make enough of an impression on others” and end up in the 15-10 range. So the fact that we are entering our Top 5 and losing only the first of them, “Too Good” is honestly a major success.

    And that’s exactly what this song is: TOO GOOD. After the mammoth thrill of Who Do You Think Of?, the fact that it’s followed up with some of their most exciting and inventive musical moments is just *chefs kiss.* Imagine if we ever got a fully fleshed out album that was all of a similar ilk to those three songs. Would’ve been a proper moment.

    “Too Good” succeeds in a lot of ways. Lyrically, it might be their best song. Not because it features one of Annie’s signature metaphors, but because of its’ sincerity, honesty, and vulnerability. The song is still universal enough to be appreciated by anyone, but for once, it tells a very specific story. Here, the M.O. ladies find themselves head over heels in love with a newer relationship, but struggling not to sabotage it by assuming he’s “too good to be true.” It’s that classic tale of being burned too many times in the past to trust the good that you have now. It’s a simple, but deeply effective tale. Others agreed.

    @OspreyQueen: “No one’s listening to M.O for deep lyricism, but this is actually surprisingly touching.”

    @Runawaywithme: “This is absolutely lush. I love the ethereal production and how emotive the vocals are. I love how it's so meaningful and emotional but also a stone-cold banger at the same time. It's just a perfect song to listen too and float away with.”

    @MusicalMelody: “I've always liked the sentiment of the lyrics. The part near the last third of the song where they're all singing the chorus together gets me every time.”

    The song is also a major vocal moment for Miss Nadine, who absolutely devastates with her vocal delivery in the pre-chorus.

    @TRAVVV: “Nadine’s vocal on the prechorus makes this an instant 11.”

    @BSpearsFan: “the pre chorus and when the beat comes in WHEW.”

    @Doodvid, who gave their coveted 11 to this track, offered some deep commentary: “Ready for a considered and thought-provoking deep dive into the reason for choosing this luscious track as my #11? Here goes... I LOVE IT. #insight” Sometimes it doesn’t need to be more than that. Sometimes a song just smacks you with its’ brilliance and there’s no need to say more! @Holly Something loved this “rate discovery” and @berserkboi got sucked in “despite reservations towards some of the production elements!”

    Only @londonrain provided some mixed commentary. “What is it about “if I should die before I wake” as a line in pop songs? Are people genuinely expecting to randomly die in their sleep in their 20s?” Sis, is that london rain getting you down? But honestly, sure -- the “if I should die before I wake” is a bit … overused … I’l give you that, but I do think in the context of this song it works well and helps establish the story.

    This EP was peak M.O. for me, and this song brings me so much joy. We may not have much, but we do have these songs, which will cement M.O. as one of my favorite acts of the 2010s.

    Sadly, I couldn’t find a single live performance of this, so under the official audio, I’ve included their cover of SO GOOD by Destiny’s Child, because why not?

    Frankee Era Songs Remaining: 4 out of 19 (16 eliminated)
    Chanal Era Songs Remaining: 0 out of 10 (10 eliminated)

  5. Ah I knew it had to happen sooner rather than later but thanks @boombazookajoe for such a well-deserved write up for the song that first caught my attention to the group.

    I like when my girl bands go a bit brooding/low-tempo/electronic and 'Too Good' gives me everything I need in that area. Forgive the completely off-kilter comparison but it kinda reminds me of the feel of 'Echo' by Girls Can't Catch and there's something in the chorus - where they do the 'you're too good, you're too good, you're too good' refrain - that recalls an 80s/90s track (and frustratingly I can't put my finger on which one) to the point that I originally thought this was a remake*. Great song though and whew what a top 5!

    *EDIT: I've remembered (the chorus)

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  6. This top 5 is Too Good.
  7. 4.png
    4. Man Enuff
    average: 8.7822
    Peak Placement: #4 || Valley Placement: #11

    High Scores:
    11 - @Remorque @OspreyQueen @RainOnFire
    10 - @Runawaywithme @Utopia @scottdisick94 @Phonetics Girl @lushLuck @Murdoch @Mr.Arroz @FINISH LINE @Sanctuary @BSpearsFan @SiduousIII @slaybellz @Robsolete @Sugaboy
    Low Scores:
    6 - @soratami @Verandi (sis what songs did you like dddd?) 5.9 - @saviodxl

    Boombazookajoe Score:
    9.5 - @boombazookajoe
    And just like that, we say goodbye to our other “album” track from Who Do You Think Of? - EP: the immaculately crafted and gorgeously performed “Man Enuff.” While not reaching as high as "Too Good," it proved staying power and eeked out the win in the final leg of the voting period. “Man Enuff” is the definition of an ear worm, a total girl group anthem, that showcases M.O. at their sassiest and most fun.

    Here, the girls are basically telling off a man for not being good enough for them, while encouraging and thanking their girlfriends for always “keeping it real with them” and not letting them stay with a no good punk. Simple as that. Girlfriends are the best. Fuck men. Pretty much sums it up, yeah? If this were on a Wikipedia page, I would probably say: “Upon review from Forum Dot Pop Justice Dot Come, “Man Enuff” received universal praise.” Y’all ate this one up, and DESERVEDLY SO!

    Some called for this to be the single that never was. @BSpearsFan: “a. F***king bop. Should have been a single.” @Runawaywithme: “A classic sounding sassy girl band anthem. Would have made a great follow up to Who Do You Think Of?” @Sugaboy: “Brilliant. The way the ‘gotta go hard, or you go home’ kicks in at the end. Ooh yes. That’ll do. As much as I love Not In Love, this would ~probably~ have done more for them if it had been pushed as a single. Can’t think of any reason for it to be less than a ten!”

    This song succeeds by having iconic hook after hook after hook. The verses, “So what if I wanna have fun” fly past you like a rocket ship, followed by the slow build of Frankee’s “I don’t wanna sound like I’nm being ruuuuude” to the euphoric pre-chorus: “Want all my GIRLS to keep it real with me, that boy ain’t man enuff, he fools around cuz he don’t love you” to the bursting chorus “For me, for me, ain’t man enough for me” every section of the song tops the last. @lushLuck was overjoyed: “If I could give this entire EP an 11, I would. Literal perfection from start to finish. If we got an entire album for this era, it would easily be the best thing to come out of 2016.” @MusicalMelody underscored it despite the praise: “I have a huge soft spot for these kind of Forever21 instore playlist circa 2012 EDM-lite tracks. This a fun one! 7, but a high 7. I just remembered that you gave us the okay to do percentages but I don't wanna go back and fuss with my ratings hhssgsk” @londonrain had jokes: “If the woman Toni Braxton was singing to had a song of her own, this would be it.” And @Holly Something provided our only mixed commentary: “I like this, just not as good as the other 2 songs on this EP.”

    Just when you think the song has hit it’s peak, it pops into that BALLER post chorus “Gotta go hard, or you go home, Gotta get yo' ass up out that door.” It’s one of those iconic pop song chants that I can only imagine screaming in a crowd of 1000 strangers at a gig. @berserkboi: “What a bop!!! Especially that outro!!” @Crisp X compliments the cool down bridge as well: “Another standout, the bridge with that classically R&B laden guitar followed by those synth stabs into the final chorus is life affirming.” @SiduousIII agrees with the good vibes: “I meeaaaan....I meeeaaaaaan. I MEAN??? What kinda electronic 90s R&B banger is this??? One of the many ones that got away in their discography.”

    Leaving off with @OspreyQueen, who awarded this their 11: “As soon as I saw this rate I knew this would be my 11. Didn’t even have to think about it. It’s an utterly joyous song, bursting at the seams with little hooks, harmonies and ad-libs, like a cornucopia of pop perfection. And just when you think it can’t get any more wonderful, that gorgeous middle 8 comes in and it almost HURTS to be listening to such a euphoric song. It’s a staple of my summer listening every single year and never ages a day, and listening to it right now makes me long for a happier time I so incredibly hope we can all get back to.” Woof. Same, sis. Same.

    There’s no proper live performance of this one either, but here’s some shaky iPhone footage if you want to get your life.

    Frankee Era Songs Remaining: 3 out of 19 (16 eliminated)
    Chanal Era Songs Remaining: 0 out of 10 (10 eliminated)

    I may spend tomorrow doing all the write-ups for our last three tracks and doing a full reveal of the three on Monday, but if I can get my act together -- it'll be tomorrow. We are left with Dance On My Own, Preach, and Who Do You Think Of? What order do you think this will go down?​
  8. Little Preachers let's form a prayer circle for tomorrow's rundown, or whatever cig voodoo alternative you prefer

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  9. Would have ideally wanted a Who Do You Think Of/Man Enuff/Not In Love top 3 but I’ll take this.
  10. This is a gorgeous Top 3. ~perhaps~ Man Enuff could have replaced Dance On My Own but that’s just a minor niggle dd
    I’m honestly happy with any order, but in an absolutely ideal world:

    3. Dance On My Own
    2. Preach
    1. Who Do You Think Of?

    edit: actually I’m being way too diplomatic here... WHO DO YOU THINK OF NEEDS TO WIN
  11. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    This top 3 is literal perfection - my preferred final order would be

    1 Who Do You Think Of
    2 Preach
    3 Dance On My Own
  12. I really want Who Do You Think Of to win this, which means it will get 2nd and Preach will take the crown.
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  13. My 11 made the Top 3!! Love it!!!
  14. I expect “Who Do Ya...” to stomp, but it’d be nice to see “Dance On My Own” in the top 2 - the Sweet Female Attitude flip is really well done.
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  15. Well my prediction was right, now let's see if I got the order right too.
  16. Very happy Too Good and Man Enuff were able to make top 5 though. Ideally Bad Vibe or Going Out Of My Way would have been in there too but what can you do.
  17. My ideal ranking would be:

    1 Preach
    2 Dance On My Own
    3 Who Do You Think Of

    which will never happen nn

  18. My feelings on M.O's singles literally shift day by day ddd when I was originally doing my rates, Man Enuff was super high up there, but my reaction to it was a lot more mellow by the time I submitted my writeups...if memory serves, my original commentary on it was "omggg I hate them for not performing in America so I could shriek the lyrics to Man Enuff drunkenly at some music festival" or something to that effect. Oh well, my three eternal faves made it to the final round! Whichever wins the #1 spot, it's deserved!
  19. 3.png
    3. Dance On My Own
    average: 9.2788
    Peak Placement: #2 || Valley Placement: #5

    High Scores:
    11 - @Sanctuary @Robsolete @berserkboi @Holly Something @RUNAWAY @MusicalMelody
    10 - @Utopia @scottdisick94 @lushLuck @Murdoch @Mr.Arroz @FINISH LINE @SiduousIII @slaybellz @Conan @Crisp X @fleisch @sesita @Subspace88 @2014
    Low Scores:
    7.5 - @TRAVVV 7 - @Butterfly 6 - @rubirubi

    Boombazookajoe Score:
    9.5 - @boombazookajoe

    We enter the Top 3 (whew, what a fucking good Top 3, am I right?) with this mega bop: “Dance On My Own.” While previous singles had gained them a cute little buzz, and “For A Minute” managed to crack the Top #100 (almost, with a #103 placement), “Dance On My Own” was the first proper M.O.ment for the ladies, reaching #49 on the UK Charts, their 4th highest charter (behind Who Do You Think Of, Bad Vibe, and … ahem, Family Tree). Work ladies! Also, Dance On My Own is our first track with a >9 average. Slay!

    “Dance On My Own” interpolates a killer sample from mega-bop and garage anthem “Flowers” by Sweet Female Attitude. It uses just enough of the song to make the song feel nostalgic and nod to the original without feeling like a retread.

    While the similarly titled “Dancing On My Own” by Queen Robyn is a crying and fighting through the pain by way of the dance floor anthem, M.O. take a different route, instead finding the joyful catharsis in a solo dance floor groove, while their former paramour looks on from the side and (hopefully) seethes. Since the dawn of time (or ya know, since the birth of Disco) there have been songs about letting it all out in the ballroom, but this song perfectly captures the lightning in a bottle feeling you get when the perfect song comes on in the club and, no matter your mood, you can’t help but get up and let the music and the lights and the bodies all around you take over.

    Let’s dive into the commentary. @berserkboi felt deja vu: “This feels like I knew it before? Maybe it’s that structure? Very Sugababes!” Maybe you know “Flowers!” @RUNAWAY stanned the harmonies: “This song is the hit that never was. How this wasn’t huge is still a mystery to me, but always and forever it’ll be my favorite song of theirs. The second verse with the “standing out from the crowd” harmonies SENDS ME.” And @TRAVVV longed for this to have the success of a sister song: “I remember thinking this was going to be their MOMENT. If only this had the success of Bad Vibe.”

    Lots of you commented specifically on the sample and had mixed to positive feelings on it.

    @londonrain: “Apart from the Flowers sample (which always makes me want to listen to that instead) they pretty much nailed this, didn't they? The beginning of the chorus gives me strong vibes of It's Over Now, originally by Deborah Cox and covered by Big Ang and Siobhan in 2005.”

    @Crisp X: “Like many, this was my introduction to M.O. At a time where it seemed like a UK Garage revival was on the horizon, this instantly appealed to me. It’s just a deluge of hooks, with the production emulating Sweet Female Attitude in the best way possible.”

    @MusicalMelody: 'Flowers' is one of my favorite songs of all time, and this song does such an amazing job of building on the sample (ntm that live performance the girls did at Soho Lights where they incorporated the middle 8 of Flowers into this track, what a great -and unintentional - send-off for the original lineup.) it's such a radiant song! It earns my coveted 11 ranking for sure!”

    @OspreyQueen: “The Flowers sample...kinda devalues the song? It’s a banger in its own right, it doesn’t need a leg-up from another garage hit.”

    @Sugaboy: “The sample does a lot of the heavy lifting here, but I don’t really care. This was the first track that recreated the magic of the debut for me. And who doesn’t love a Frankee first verse moment.”

    @Runawaywithme: “This is a great vocal showcase for them. Frankee opens this song so strongly, with Nadine stepping into the slay that opening pre-chorus, and then Annie coming in with her delicious tone in the second verse. The sample I think really works here as well. They sell the attitude needed on this song brilliantly too. I remember being gutted this wasn’t a cute lil top 40 for them like the midweeks suggested it might be. Should have been a summer smash.”

    And even without name-dropping the sample, lots commented on the garage resurgence and this songs dip into it!

    @Scaper: “Garage queens - wish they had done more songs like this.”

    @Holly Something: "Dance On My Own (11) One of my 3 11 contenders. I had to go with this one in the end as UK Garage is my shit. What a bop!"

    @lushLuck: “A seminal bop of our time. Perfectly encapsulates the garage-influenced dance music of 2014, and honestly should have been one of that year's biggest success stories. Countless artists were doing something similar at the time, but I don't think anyone did it as well as M.O.”

    @BSpearsFan: “This should have been a smash hit.”

    I’ll leave you with commentary from @SiduousIII who perfectly describes how this song, and others of the same ilk, were a beacon of queer joy. “I think we can agree that "DOMO" was the first of M.O.'s several (excellent) singles that almost-happened. I remember refreshing the iTunes chart multiple times a day to check if they were rising...and at one point it appeared that they might've had a top 20 hit on their hands! Alas, it wasn't, but what it was, was an absolutely incredible song. Between the cleverly interpolated sample, the dynamic vocal performances (especially Annie!), and the garage-revivalism of it all - it was such a triumph for M.O. Very much their "we're here" statement. I also think that this song does self-empowerment so well without it feeling ham-fisted or saccharine -- again, there's a blaze acceptance of their own confidence, an already fortified affirmation and commitment that they'd dance on their own. At the time the song came out, I was in my final year of high school and was really feeling the weight of my accumulated unrequited loves. Navigating queer attraction in spaces that were so anti-queer left me feeling desolate, hopeless and really, really lonely. I'd see my crushes make out with my best friends at clubs, lay their heads on each other after a night out, and dance together; dance without the weight of their bodies. This was something I felt would never come true for me: dancing with someone -- in the open, in love or lust, without fear. So, I'd have "Dance On My Own" on repeat, as an affirmation for myself that I didn't need to wait on anyone but myself to take me to the dancefloor.”

    The video, well the video looks like every other M.O. video, but it’s elevated by slightly higher production, excellent styling, and a killer song to go with it. Here the gals bop and dance around in an abandoned parking garage, and end with a fun dance party on the top floor. They really perfected their 90s R&B denim fantasy here, though. Also included a fun remix, as well as three EXCELLENT live renditions of this one. When they do it acoustically, they always include a cute little nod to “Flowers” in the bridge, and honestly, it works beautifully.

    Frankee Era Songs Remaining: 2 out of 19 (17 eliminated)
    Chanal Era Songs Remaining: 0 out of 10 (10 eliminated)
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  20. Poor my commentary being left out again, for my 11 no less!

    Dance On My Own (11) One of my 3 11 contenders. I had to go with this one in the end as UK Garage is my shit. What a bop!
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