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M.O. Full Discography Rate || #1 Revealed

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by boombazookajoe, Jan 18, 2021.

  1. Shit! Not intentional. Copy & paste error! Sorry bb. <3 <3 <3 I'll add it now (helps that it easily slates in with a commentary section dddd.)
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  2. @SiduousIII what a gorgeous commentary! I just rewatched the official video and got a little emotional.
  3. I do plan on posting #2 and #1 today, just finishing the last write-up. Will post them later today. I do wonder, I've seen some rates that post #1 before #2. I get why, because at that point it's like "Gee, I wonder what #1 is going to be" but then I almost feel like that means #2 doesn't get it's proper recognition. Thoughts from the crowd?
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  4. I think Who Do You Think Of? Is going to top the list, as it should.
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  5. I personally like to post in order, so 3, 2, 1 but I can kind of see the logic in posting 1 first.
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  6. 3, 2, 1!
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  7. I feel like this is a recurring theme with them, but if they'd have just stuck with that one sound – in this case, UK garage, which the pop gals weren't doing at that time – they might have rode the wave long enough to actually have it be their 'thing'? An album of garage throwbacks from a trio of really cool girls like that would've been legitimately incredible, and hit just at the right time in terms of nostalgia. Anyway, bop!
  8. @boombazookajoe sis you've been doing an amazing job, I stan, I do, but every time I see you use "<" instead of ">" with the averages I have 1-second long war flashbacks of my math teacher in high school ddd

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  9. Zdfjghdjgzhhl and the funny thing is, I’m actually pretty good at math! It’s definitely the “cook” that I would cross off that list. Definitely fucked up on the post though. Thanks for dragging me pointing that out to me, sis! Lemme go and fix that real quick.
  10. I can't drive well
    one of the members of M.O can't either. Don't report me.
  11. I can't do any of those things. Help.
  12. Dance On My Own was the first song I ever heard by them and I was shook.

    My scalp still hasn't recovered. I literally had no idea it sampled Flowers though ddd, the only thing I heard in it was It's Over Now.
  13. 2.png
    2. Preach
    average: 9.2822
    Peak Placement: #1 || Valley Placement: #7

    High Scores:
    11 - @Crisp X @fleisch @sesita @Subspace88 @bestinase
    10 - @Sanctuary @RUNAWAY @scottdisick94 @Murdoch @FINISH LINE @SiduousIII @Conan @2014 @saviodxl @londonrain @Verandi @Remorque @OspreyQueen @Doodvid @Nicole!
    Low Scores:
    7.5 - @jawow_ @Butterfly 7 - @Scaper 6 - @Redout

    Boombazookajoe Score:
    10 - @boombazookajoe

    The score between this and “Dance On My Own” was really close y’all, but in the end, Little Preachers won, because “Preach” is our #2 on the M.O. Full Discography Rate and honestly? This song would be #1 for like … any other pop girl act and that’s not hyperbole. This song is that good. An obvious 10 for me, and my 2nd of 3 potential 11s.

    Fun fact: “Preach” was the first M.O. song I had ever heard. I was curating some playlists for work and stumbled upon this song somehow. I can’t remember how, but dear God am I glad that I did. This is probably the best 90s R&B cosplay song that I have ever heard. This song should have put the girls on a map in a huge way.

    This song just nails hooks so brilliantly. The verse? Iconic. The “I don’t know what you want me to be, but I want you to be happy,” pre-chorus? Iconic. The way the bass pumps up in the chorus for “So come on PREAACCCHH.” Iconic. And the “I. don’t. Feel. your. Touch. Don’t. Feel. your. LOOOOOOOVE AH AH” post-chorus? ICONIC.

    And yet, none of those things compare to the most brilliant bout of lyricism to come out of the 2010s. Taylor Swift out pen-gammed. Fiona Apple found opening a thesaurus.

    A beautiful catastrophe
    Drama to a tragedy
    Happened so casually
    I told you once, I ain't gonna tell you twice
    You say you wanna rock for me

    But you don't know geology
    You're drying up the treasury
    I said it once, I ain't gonna say it twice

    @soratami this is what we were all talking about.


    I mean, how utterly witty, playful, ridiculous, and stupid. It’s the type of insane simile that Katy Perry tries to come up with every other song but then gives us trash like “Your words are like Chinese water torture” and makes me cry. It’s perfect. Y’all agreed.

    @MusicalMelody: “It all comes down to the "You say you wanna rock for me/but you don't know geology" line. I said it once, and I ain't gonna say it twice.”

    @Runawaywithme: “Iconic bop. Some of their best lyrics are on this, “You say you wanna rock for me, but you don’t know geology” literally genius. I love the little post-chorus moment, it’s one of those little moments of pop genius that really just do it for me. Once again, a flaw-free middle-eight.”

    @SiduousIII: “This song is just so cooly un-cool, isn't it? "You say you wanna rock for me, but you don't know geology" is RIDICULOUS, but the girls just make it work. What is there to say about Preach? In my mind, this song kinda cemented them as the Sugababes to Little Mix's Girls Aloud. They felt so exciting and fresh and represented a sound that was yet to catch on in the UK music scene.JUST imagine releasing For a Minute - Dance On My Own - Preach back to back....the power that has. This is genuinely a girl group CLASSIC and that middle-8 is still one of the best things I've ever heard.”

    @Sugaboy: “Stunning. I’ve put this just under a 9.5 because it doesn’t quite give me the ‘tingles’ of their best work, but goodness me it’s good. Magical post-chorus. Lyrics about geology. Stunning video too. Probably the best they’ve looked. This was the time when it felt like things were really going to happen for them…”

    @Utopia: “I’m ready to have the conversation about how “you say you wanna rock for me but you don’t know geology” is one of the best lyrics ever.”

    When could the other girls give us so much life over a single lyric?And then we get they ingenious “Being satisfied isn’t good enough” bridge. Whew. The perfection. Far too excellent.

    Elsewhere, the love for this song continued to flow, unlike the dried up treasury.

    @Crisp X: “I couldn’t imagine any other song taking my 11. This came out at the perfect time for me, and hit me right away. I remember being blown away by the fact that it has pretty much two choruses, and it all flows perfectly! Their harmonies reach Sugababes levels of perfection. The synth sweeps during the actual chorus… so lush.”

    @OspreyQueen: “I distinctly remember hearing this for the first time on 4Music and THAT was when M.O all made sense to me. The head-bobbing beat, the chanty first chorus, the surprise second chorus, it instantly clicked. I still don’t understand why it missed the top 40 because I remember the label miraculously did quite a good job at promoting it.” Totally! I remember this song was lowkey everywhere even as a U.S. ho who only peripherally kept up with UK Charts.

    @Subspace88: “One of the best pop songs of the 21st century. I will fight to the death over that.”

    Even those who didn’t LOVE this song still gave it its’ flowers.

    @Holly Something: “Gave an extra point for the "Say you wanna rock for me, but you don't know geology" line. I don't love this as much as most on here appear to.”

    @londonrain: “This could have been a single from the first Little Mix album, couldn't it? Still slaps (even if it's a little bit dated now).”

    @sesita puts it beautifully: “I had trouble deciding who to give my 11 to, but I decided to go with my gut and give it to this behemoth of a song. To me, it perfectly encapsulates all that M.O was about. So casually cool, with a massive bridge and a chorus that's just pure joy. I have so many summer memories attached to it and it feels like such a moment, it deserved to smash and help them break through as a proper act.”

    The ladies serve 90s girl group excellence in the music video, dancing and bopping in denim, blazers over bandeau bras, all around an abandoned amphitheater, a dimly lit indoor basketball court, and empty swimming pool, and MORE! I love when they randomly will do two seconds of choreography and then stop. It's all so cute and cool and casual and effortless.

    My favorite rendition of Preach, and probably my favorite acoustic rendition they've ever done. The acoustic guitar works so well with this song, and their harmonies are out of this world. It's excellence across the board.

    And we have to talk about this. Probably the best music video recreation. I've ever seen. The fits! The location! The post-chorus choreo! Nailed it, ladies. I hope Frankee, Nadine, and Annie saw this sdfhjksdfhdsfsd.

    Frankee Era Songs Remaining: 1 out of 19 (18 eliminated)
    Chanal Era Songs Remaining: 0 out of 10 (10 eliminated)
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    Who Do You Think Of?
    average: 9.7689
    Peak Placement: #1 || Valley Placement: #4

    High Scores:
    11 - @scottdisick94 @SiduousIII @2014 @londonrain @Nicole! @Sugaboy @Mr.Arroz @BSpearsFan @Runawaywithme @Voicething @Utopia @lushLuck
    10 - @bestinase @Sanctuary @Murdoch @FINISH LINE @Conan @saviodxl @Remorque @Doodvid @slaybellz @RainOnFire @Robsolete @Holly Something @MusicalMelody @Duppe @jawow_ @Scaper @Redout
    Low Scores:
    7.5 - @Crisp X 7 - @Verandi @OspreyQueen

    Boombazookajoe Score:
    11 - @boombazookajoe

    I mean, was there ever any doubt? If there wasn't, there shouldn't have been. There was a cute moment in the first wave of votes where this didn't quite have it's foot on every other songs neck, even going so low as to 4th place, but by about Voter #10, "Who Do You Think Of?" was so far ahead in the race there was never a question where it would end up. I was actually gunning for a 10 average with the number of 11s it received, but alas, here we are.

    "Who Do You Think Of?" is M.O.'s seminal bop, highest charting song (#18) with Bad Vibe, second highest viewed music video, and definitely the fan favorite.

    Fun anecdote: The summer that this song came out, I was doing a literally horrendous (but fun) regional theatre production of The Wedding Singer in Upstate New York. The production was so bad. The theatre was so low budget. It was all quite a mess. But we had a goddamn blast and the cast was a ton of fun. I would go for runs through the mountainous back roads blasting this song on repeat nearly every day. No one in my cast had ever heard of them, but I played this song so often, that by the time we were performing the show every night, this song became our casts' pre-show ritual. We'd blast this and scream "WHO DO YOU THINK OF WHEN YA LONELY" across the dressing rooms to each other. Truly a magical moment, and I made at least 20 M.O. converts who could at least identify this song if it came on in the club. My power.

    Here, the ladies sing about an on again off again relationship, maybe not the most healthy one, but a cat and mouse game of leaving and coming back and always being the one to reach out to "when you're lonely." It's flirty and sexy and moody and boppified.

    Considering the absolute lashings Good Friends received for those pitched up vocals, it was brave of the gals to start this off with the same effect, but it speaks to the songs power that it don't hinder this perfect song. It actually enhances it! Frankee opens the first verse over moody, underwater production, a bubbling undercurrent before Annie smacks us with the "Cuz every time every time I leave" pre chorus.

    This song came out during the peak of the tropibop trend, and it's a shocker that it doesn't come across as reductave or trend chasing, but as like, the best example of the genre. It helps that it has these three girls' charisma and voices, that absolute hook of a chorus, as well as the insane build in the bridge. We've got a ton of commentary to dive into, so let's hear it!

    @Holly Something: “This is probably going to win, which while predictable, would certainly be deserved.” Hey, when it's right -- it's right.

    @Scaper: “How this wasn’t huge I don’t understand.” I blame heterosexuals.

    @Utopia: “Wow, what a moment summer 2016 was when we got to watch this song smash. It’s a girlband classic.” How exciting was it to see this song succeed, right?

    @BSpearsFan: “The first song I ever heard from them and what made me pay attention, such a tune. I had to give it my 11.” What an introduction to them! Shame they never matched it after.

    @londonrain: “THE M.O. bop. They got it so right with this one.” It really was beyond a serve, huh?

    @lushLuck: “In a year where we were spoiled with gifts like Lemonade, Into You, Anti, Glory, and Work From Home, somehow this still remained the greatest achievement in pop music in 2016.” I mean, tea. We got a lot of great music in 2016, but this was maybe the best song released of the year? At least the best pop song.

    @OspreyQueen: “Despite it being one of their two actual hits, I’ve never been all that keen on this song. Those weird 2016 processed vocals were bad enough at the time, and they’ve really aged like fine milk since then.” Hmmm. No. <3

    @Sugaboy: “ABSOLUTELY.



    My favourite girl group single of all time? Quite possibly. Absolute gold! I’ll stop there before I write pages on the topic.” It's okay sis, our next three commenters wrote enough for you. <3

    @MusicalMelody: “This song makes me so emotional every time I listen to it, in the same way that I get all weepy and feel-y when I watch a really impressive dance routine or acting performance. The girls' vocals are so triumphant and bursting with joy, and just....ugh. It's such a superb track, and I'm so glad that it was the one that ended up putting the group in the limelight (for however short a time it may have been).” Isn't that crazy when songs that aren't sad at all make you want to cry just from how much joy it brings you? This is definitely one for me too.

    @Runawaywithme: “I imagine this will be a popular choice for 11 but it is literally perfect so I can't imagine giving it too any other song in this rate. In my opinion, it is an excellent example of a perfect pop song, and one of the best singles of the last decade. The vocals are brilliant, Nadine’s verse, in particular, is a highlight to these ears her adlibs at the end are pure brilliance too. The production is polished and funky but quirky enough to stand out (more songs should have steel drums), and it's just so uplifting. There's something about this song that makes it impossible to feel sad or anxious while listening too, it makes the world feel like a less scary place. It just makes me want to get up and dance and throw my hands in the air with careless abandon, and I think that is the most important ingredient in this perfect pop song formula and what makes this song so magical. It’s just a perfect fusion of elements that I never get bored of. In an alternate (perfect) universe, it was the runaway summer smash of 2016 and was number one for a month and the girls are now superstars, and the Sugabab’s to Little Mix’s Girls Aloud.” I definitely echo the sentiment that I can't feel anything but pure euphoria when I listen to this song.

    @SiduousIII: “Well, well, well.....if it isn't the song that was single-handedly responsible for the premature balding of me and my friends. What is there to say about Who Do You Think Of? that hasn't already been said? It's a lightning in a bottle type of a song. A song that felt like it much a much bigger hit than it was and certainly the moment for M.O. This song came out in the summer of 2016--arguably the last time where I recalled any sense of "normal", a time where temporalities were shifting radically--amongst other great releases, Lemonade, Dangerous Woman, ANTi, Hotter than Hell...., and it sat comfortably amongst those behemoths. There's a careless ease about the song that so perfectly blends their pop sensibilities with their R&B edge. The production is flawless and those steel drums will never not bop. It's unrelenting too, with every mechanic of the song building off the next before exploding at the end. I'm wistfully nostalgic when this song comes on shuffle for it represented a time where things were so shitty, but we found a way to dance through it. This song soundtracked my nights of escapism after I booked out of my army service, drunken conversations with clandestine lovers, days with my friends when we were much more hopeful than we are now. I hope the girls know how well they did with this song. If anything, they should know that they allowed for us, however temporary, to breathe again.” The way multiple name dropped the great classics of the year and easily place this amongst them. M.O.'s POWER!

    The video features Nadine debuting her new icy silver hair (SERVE) while the girls bop in a laundromat, only to go through the dryers to reveal a secret underground rave. It's honestly such a colorful blast of excitement, and looks like their most expensive video to date, despite still being very simple. I've also included a remix and two killer live performances.

    Frankee Era Songs Remaining: 0 out of 19 (19 eliminated)
    Chanal Era Songs Remaining: 0 out of 10 (10 eliminated)

    And we've done it folks! The full M.O. Discography Rate is over! Be on the lookout for Round 2 in 6 years with 3 new songs. Or something.

    And some Frankee stats for you!

    28. Running (with USG) - 4.9689
    26. Love The Most (feat. Yungen) - 6.0233
    25. Good Friends - 6.1344
    24. You Don't Know Me Like That - 6.3044
    23. On & On - 6.3367
    22. Come Let Me Show You - 6.4289
    21. On Ya - 6.6544
    18. Hot - 7.1289
    17. Just Another Face (with Hardsoul & Dirty Freek) - 7.1322
    16. No Foolish Love - 7.16
    13. Ain't Got Time - 7.8067
    11. Wait Your Turn - 7.9656
    8. For A Minute - 8.3944
    6. Not In Love (feat Kent Jones) - 8.6856
    5. Too Good - 8.7133
    4. Man Enuff - 8.7822
    3. Dance On My Own - 9.2778
    2. Preach - 9.2822
    1. Who Do You Think Of? - 9.7689

    1 @Mr.Arroz 8.763
    2 @Phonetics Girl 8.579
    3 @FINISH LINE 8.537
    4 @scottdisick94 8.421
    5 @Remorque 8.421
    6 @Runawaywithme 8.368
    7 @Conan 8.289
    8 @slaybellz 8.263
    9 @2014 8.237
    10 @Subspace88 8.211

    36 @Nicole! 7.053
    37 @londonrain 7.000
    38 @Murdoch 6.526
    39 @TRAVV 6.500
    40 @Redout 6.421
    41 @Duppe 6.368
    42 @Butterfly 6.237
    43 @rubirubi 6.000
    44 @Scaper 6.000
    45 @jawow_ 5.711

    1 @FINISH LINE 8.724
    2 @Mr.Arroz 8.724
    3 @slaybellz 8.517
    4 @Runawaywithme 8.483
    5 @Remorque 8.388
    6 @Phonetics Girl 8.207
    7 @Conan 8.172
    8 @SiduousIII 8.103
    9 @Holly Something 8.052
    10 @scottdisick94 8.000
    11 @Subspace88 7.931
    12 @OspreyQueen 7.828
    13 @Vasilios 7.793
    14 @fleisch 7.769
    15 @CrispX 7.741
    16 @MusicalMelody 7.724
    17 @BSpearsFan 7.690
    18 @Voicething 7.690
    19 @soratami 7.655
    20 @2014 7.638
    21 @Robsolete 7.621
    22 @klow 7.466
    23 @boombazookajoe 7.388
    24 @Sugaboy 7.348
    25 @RainOnFire 7.310
    26 @saviodxl 7.214
    27 @bestinase 7.207
    28 @Utopia 7.207
    29 @sesita 7.190
    30 @lushLuck 7.179
    31 @Nicole! 7.069
    32 @Redout 7.034
    33 @Sanctuary 7.034
    34 @berserkboi 7.031
    35 @Doodvid 7.000
    36 @Murdoch 6.966
    37 @RUNAWAY 6.853
    38 @londonrain 6.793
    39 @Butterfly 6.716
    40 @jawow_ 6.690
    41 @Duppe 6.655
    42 @TRAVVV 6.345
    43 @rubirubi 6.310
    44 @Scaper 6.310
    45 @Verandi 5.793
  15. This rate is just bursting with popjustice!
    It wasn’t #2 in my ranking, but I’m really happy Preach has done so well.

    edit: so happy with the winner! Predictable, yes, but also the best girl group single of all time so, there’s that.

    Thank you so much @boombazookajoe for doing such an incredible job with this rate. You did the girls justice!
    Let us hope for a Frankee, Annie and Nadine reunion one day <3
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  16. Yaaassssss the right winner!
    Good job @boombazookajoe! That was a swift rate, wasn't it?
  17. Thanks! I know I could’ve spread it out a bit more but I wanted to show a bit more efficiency than the Chanal era, ya know?
  18. Not a complaint!
  19. Well well well would you look at that. Looks like my top 3 prediction was spot on. Also yes at me being the 3rd top scorer.

    Thank you for hosting this @boombazookajoe. You did a fantastic job!
  20. The best song won... not every rate has that. Well done @boombazookajoe on doing a great job.
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