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M.O. Full Discography Rate || #1 Revealed

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by boombazookajoe, Jan 18, 2021.

  1. The perfect ending to a great rate!

    Thank you @boombazookajoe for doing this and with so much detail too! Made my first rate a lot of fun.
  2. The sheer quality of the top 5... Thanks for doing this @boombazookajoe, it's been an absolute blast and a complete joy to revisit their discography fresh.

    More than anything it's made me realise just how much damn longevity these girls have had. I'm so used to groups who don't trouble the charts just imploding after a couple of years, so for them to (possibly stubbornly) stick it out and give us nearly a decades' worth of bops and features? That's quite something.
  3. Thank you boombazookaM.O.

    Great rate, and a great winner.

    (If you like short discographies, please run the Samantha Mumba rate next xx. It's what she deserves.)
  4. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Thank youuu @boombazookajoe, Who Do You Think Of is legendaric and highly deserving!!
  5. One of the best-run rates I've ever seen! I salute you @boombazookajoe!
    Thanks for motivating me to revisit and reappreciate the M.O discography!
  6. Thanks all for the kind words! I’ve already figured out ways to make this easier and more seamless for me on whatever rate I decide to do next. Y’all have been a blast to kii with, and I’m so proud of the gals to manage 45 voters for their measly 29 songs. Legends, to be honest. It was awesome to spend some time with their tunes, and fall in love with a few of them more than I already had. You all definitely know geology, because I want to rock with you all.
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  7. Not my ideal winner but still a bop! and at least it's not Bad Vibe kii. I love an easy breezy fast rate yes I do thank u @boombazookajoe
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  8. My 11 actually won! This has never happened before! Thank you @boombazookajoe for this iconic rate. It's been really fun.
  9. Great hosting @boombazookajoe! It's really impressive how efficiently the rate was run. Even if the song list was one the short side, the way it was over not even a month and a half after it started... that's professionalism.

    I'm glad I decided to participate despite having no previous knowledge of M.O. They really do have a great little discography, and it's been a pleasure discovering it.
  10. There were some upsets earlier in the rate but I feel that top 10 is 100% accurate.

    Now I want some new music from them? Come on Annie & whoever is left in the band still.
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