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M.O. Full Discography Rate || #1 Revealed

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by boombazookajoe, Jan 18, 2021.

  1. Count me in, sis!
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  2. I remember seeing the Dance On My Own music video on TV what seems like an entire lifetime ago, a shame that despite some moments of success they were never quite able to ‘make it’. Anyway I will be participating and already know where my 11 is going (it’s not Bad Vibe or Who Do You Think Of?).
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  3. We stan Preach in this house too!
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  4. Alright y’all — I think I’ve tagged everyone who was frequenting the MO thread in 2020 (unless you beat me to the punch and expressed interest on your own accord) so it’s off to the races! Just about 3 weeks to submit your ballots. <3
  5. Attention ladies!

    Don't waste an 11 on Bad Vibe!

    Use your power to help these classiques!

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  6. Not In Love deserves an 11 for its outro alone

    Also did Chanal choose this video thumbnail?? Someone did Frankee wrong
  7. The outro for Not In Love is INCEDIBLE.
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  8. I think Not In Love killed the momentum after the success of Who Do You Think Of.

    The bside Too Good was the perfect choice as a single in that moment.
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  9. I love Not In Love but yeah it was released at the wrong time.

    Pretty sure Annie and Nadine both dislike it too from a couple of comments I've seen over the years
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  10. I love when artists have crap taste in their own material ddddd.
  11. Their output is shockingly strong for the sit-com worthy level of a career they've had.
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  12. Their career is OK for me. They just needed to release an album at least.

    And tell the fans why Frankee and Nadine left. Because we want them all back with new music!
  13. I started listening earlier today (with no prior knownledge of M.O., I literally thought this rate was going to be about the Danish singer before it opened ddd) and they're kind of giving me Sugababes, Mis-Teeq, All Saints put in a blender, with a touch of Destiny's Child. Definitely here for it.

    @berserkboi you should give this a go if you have the chance, I think you'll like them!
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  14. Yes we love recommending other queens here!

    And I love that you are just discovering them through here! They are definitely like “cool girl group” vibes so your references are spot on.
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  15. The way Running serves Fat Joe feat. Ashanti circa 2002

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  16. Alright queens. A few ballots have come in and I'm already pressed about the results, so this will be a fun mess! A little under 2.5 weeks to get them in! xxx
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  17. Only 28 songs? Consider it done!
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  18. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Bad Vibe should be the first out t b h.
  19. Throw out ha ballot @boombazookajoe !
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